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  1. Just finished watching all 3 seasons. I like the 1st season most. I miss both Eccelstone and Rose... mostly Rose...
  2. The planet was destroyed probably in the war (not like vanished in a second, rather destroyed "slowly", because the war was going on the planet too), and the Doctor was probably fighthing somewhere else. And if I remember correctly, the doctor mentions, that he destroyed the Daleks, and the Time Lords with it. Maybe the Time Lords found a way to lure the Daleks to the planet, than the Doctor had to activate the "Time Vortexual Hyper Dalek Destroyer Mechanism (or whatever :D), with all the Time Lords on the planet (except him). Maybe someone was needed from outside of the effective range to activate the Ultimate Time Weapon.
  3. I miss Rose... :( She had some "innocence of a child" in her personality... Do not take it in the wrong way... It is just that Martha represents the adult modern intelligent woman, I do not like her character that much...
  4. I do not really like scary movies, especially not horrors, but I like this (remember, horrors some years ago were not such a retarded bloodshed as these days). This episode was something really thrilling, playing only with imagination, no moving, only still standing figures...
  5. I know this type of problems with ISPs. In my country, they doing such things too. First you should take a look at your contract, and to something called like General Controact Conditions. I Do not really know how this called english, sorry. Probably youre Personal End User Contract refers to it a lot of times, usually the actual "version" can be downloaded from the ISP's site. By many ISPs, there is a Fair Use Policy limit, that says how much you can download "fairly". If you find nothing like this in neither of those contracts, than it is maybe a more simple case. Usually ISPs doing things (at least by us, in my country) with end users, that is not out of the law, "only" unethical. Just because they can do it. Maybe in your country it is not so, or not common, by us it is. If this is the case, I would advice that you start to search for another internet connection, with another ISP. If they try to fool you once, they will try to fool you more times. Alas, this is the only way for us (end users) to prevent to be threated unethically. Of course this "theory of mine" is based on my experience, so it is probably too much "East-european", so to say.
  6. dBLOOD

    PC Game Cheaters

    I allways cheat in FPS. I am not proud of it, but it is the truth, I do not feel ashamed. Allthough I rarely play FPS these times, I do not really have the PC with the needed hardware. There is one FPS that in wich I never cheated, simply because I could not. It is Halo 1. Still I liked it so much, that I was playing it at least 2 times (easiest level, without cheating). I never play online FPS, but if I were I still would not cheating. What I do in games is my business, as long as I do not disturb other ppl way of having fun. I think those cheaters (as perhaps myself) maybe do cheating, to compensate something missing from their life, maybe they feel suppressed some way in their life. This may be the case too, if they simply like to see someone suffer from their cheating, even someone who would otherwise overcome them in the game.
  7. Probably it is a genre like Battlefield, FPS (yes, it is a genre, though not much ppl realize it). It is called a tactical action-FPS, or something like that... Basically an FPS. screenshots
  8. The Doctor's look was strange to me. It seems to be in contrast with the environment (the modern UK town). It seemed to me that maybe they (The Great Makers, as Londo would say :) ) want to emphasize his alien origin with it.
  9. Just watched it too, I like it :)
  10. I had WinMe, never had problems with it, but I would recommend Win2K, because that is more stable and secure as WinMe. If you are lucky, the install files of WinMe are still on the HDD, WinMe copied all installation files onto HDD during install. Or pm me...
  11. I usually turn the caps on by hitting the 'a' button (typing with 2-3 fingers). There are ppl sometimes using caps on a lot, randomly. Very silly. :D
  12. Allmost the same here as by Tetsuo... trekkiness: 109 This means you're: Commander
  13. Me too :( Though I am trying to get off the habit of doing so...
  14. Maybe it was working that way because some words in alien languages can not be translated into "Federation Language". And/or maybe the UT itself is programmed in a way, that it translates only words and expressions needed in communication on "common language", and do not translates religional words (for example p'tah, or Pagh Daemons, or things like that). Hope I write those words right...
  15. I would take the one in which Janeway says: "This is how I prefer the Borg... In pieces!"
  16. dBLOOD

    DS9 Seasons 3 and 4

    You can order them on DVD on amazon.com ;)
  17. dBLOOD

    Who Are You?

    Hi! I am not so new, at least not the way most ppl are here. Name: Zoltan Age: 27 Country: Hungary Job: Automaton in a firm Favorite things: Star Trek, Fallout (and other) isometric RPGs, Point&Click adventure games About me: Well, in my free time I am basically sitting here, tinkering with my PC, usually doing random stuff This is me. Quote#1: my body in chains, my spirit free Quote#2: Sorry for my bad english, I am from the bottom of Europe
  18. hey! what about acting like a communication-, and thinking-capable man? as i see from S0V's reply, you made lot of trouble here... Try not to do it in the future... It helped by me... :-) And if you still become kicks, get used to it... life is shit, whoever dont likes it, can quit anytime...
  19. Hmm... It's tipical american... they prove from time to time, that America IS the land of possibilities... im only sorry, they do it this way, with such more and more stupid laws... Trust me S0v... They THINK at least, that they have the right to say to any other country, how to do things... But usually they do it with military power... So as long as americans speak about this thing, and not trying to sue me by marching with military force against my country, there is nothing to worry about... nothing for me... :-)
  20. StarTrek IS NOT about fights! It's NOT another one of the lame american film's. StarTrek is about an era, where technology doesn't matter anymore, where people don't kill each other, and the human race can work in unity. And it's a technological sci-fi, but with a lot of personal stories. I REALLY hope, StarTrek won't be EVER, like StarWars, where in the first three epizodes (in the REALLY first three), the best part, where jedis fighthing with spaceships and with lightsabers. I'd like to see StarTrek what it is, a unique universe with philosophy, and ABSOLUTELY NOT as some common trash sci-fi from some unnamed studio. Remember, I have to repeat, StarTrek is NOT some action-series, it's a unique thing, and I hope it won't change...