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  1. Sorry I should have said "He/she/it" singular, The only place the final cylon can be is on earth because if the final cylon was on the basestar then the number 3 would have already found that person out and got that person to join the cylons
  2. I've thought about the last of the final 5, why can't they be one of us? a survivor on earth, yeah sure the surface is a nuclear waste but i wouldnt put it past humanity to have survived underground or something
  3. "The Cheesecake Queen"!!! Oh I love this show so much, and the great thing is, its intelligent comedy
  4. .....I was right...... I've been saying it since the end of season 2.....just watch it
  5. Tablet

    AVGN - Star Trek

    It was going to happen eventually but The Angry Video Game Nerd has reviewed some of the old star trek games; Here's the link http://www.gametrailers.com/player/35049.html (Warning foul language)
  6. Well Enterprise ran on macs.....explains a lot :cyclops:
  7. I payed 20 for mine too but i got mine signed so I think the price tag was worth it :D
  8. OOO recent purchases, which in my current financial state shouldnt be happening Robotech the complete saga - I'd heard people on the IRC channel go on about this and i thought at £20 how can i go wrong, I'm on disc 3 of 14 right now and really enjoying it. I honestly recomend anyone who hasnt seen this to at least youtube it.
  9. Hey hayden snap i'm 20 too, I did grow up with sunday morning re-runs of Dr Who on UK Gold (and blake's 7 too) Reccomendtions, only one i can give is if you like the original hitchickers tv show, you'll like the original Dr Who as they share many things. Oh and did i tell anyone i met Tom Baker and got him to sign a copy of Genesis of the Daleks? :P
  10. Aww happy B'day QS, have yourself a great day
  11. And as per ususal i was right and no one listened to me, tut tut
  12. *shouts from afar* TETSUO!!!!!
  13. *Shouts from afar with a megaphone "You're making a mistake!" Indeed you all did, if you had read the Kyrans killed post you'd know that the killers are new and haven't been killers before, I did in the last game. Well one more villager down, at least I'm safe. *Stares at Tet from afar*
  14. I vote for TetsuoShima...again