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  1. I'll be giving it a watch, but i didnt make it past episode 3 of the recent series. What were your thoughts on ST return to the small screen?
  2. I brought a psp about a year back and have probably used it a total of less than 10hours easy, lol. I thought about modding it then and again 6 months ago, and can never be bothered to do so. I finally decided to do it, and this week i brought a datel pandora tool and have an 8gb memory stick on the way so i can trick it out. I basically trying to instill some interest in it. Ive done a bit of reading on the topic and know what i need to do (to an extent) and what some of the better firmware s are and what i can do when i finally install custom firmware on it. N64 here i come!! Just seeing if anyone around here has done this before?
  3. Seems we're not going to have to wait to long after all. Gateworld had an interview with Wright and had this to say... We have been waiting a while for any release info on this show, seems it just around the bend! :P Getting excited, I'd like to know what the characters will be like and who they will be!
  4. Well, as you can guess form the title, the question is: Am i theoretically faster than 2/3 the speed of light. I have been doing some reading lately about the theoretical speed of energy through a wire. Note i said energy, as i have found out electric current is quite slow.. But as i have found out, the energy which powers our electric devices is rated at an average of 2/3 speed of light from what i can tell anyways. Further from that, i turned on my heater at the power point the other day and i had in fact pressed the on button on it before there was any power to the device. I then proceeded to push it again and it turned on. Now from this information i have deduced i am faster than 2/3 the speed of light or at least 1/2, for discrepancies. :P Would you like to challenge my hypotheses? I do feel the theory is quite sound. ::)
  5. Has this happened to anyone else.. Lately on BSG i find my self with a complete loss of interest in the show and have not watched it for about 3 or 4 weeks. I feel they got lost on the story line with this whole religion thing, and it seems like they're just playing off the Islam/Christianity debate atm. To tell the truth its rather like getting a mouth full from the media and I'm not into it. I'm really disappointed about this as before it got to season 4 this show was absolutely amazing. The last episode i believed i watched was faith. Has anybody else had a similar experience with this show?
  6. I didn't really know where to put this, so why not 10 Forward. I was poking around the web as one does, and came across this little video, i thought it was pretty awesome. It's a bit slow for the first minute, then it really gets crazy. He uses an old dot matrix printer as the drums, hdds for the vocals, an old hp canoscan for the bass and a zx spectrum for the guitar. lol soo cool :P Introducing the Obsolete Technology Band! [yt=425,350]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/yt] Theres a bit more detailed info at HackADay.com
  7. I'm putting together a little media server for me at home, and i'm going to be spending most of my funds on hdd's and a fast wireless network card. Anyone got any opinions on this? I was hoping to optimise my space and throw maybe 2 1TB HDD's depending on price and availability. The thing is, i cant really find that many internal ones.
  8. I can safely say that i've never watched an entire episode of Dr.Who. To me it seemed a bit tacky, and quite frankly i can't really take a hero seriously that goes on adventures in a bath robe.. As cool as it is, the only person IMO that can pull this off is Arthur Dent. However, lately it seems to be getting more and more popular and I'm starting to think this Dr.Who character may be what hes cracked up to be and am left with three dire questions. Did i miss something while watching? Is it all that its hyped up to be? and, Should i be watching it? lol :P
  9. These little babies could soon be even more portable. A patent recently found by MacRumors reveals that Apple is trying to obtain a patent for a technology which could provide solar energy for their iPhones. I think this looks amazing, imagine only having to plug our phone to charge in rainy weather.. All you would have to do is leave it on your window sill when not using it.. I wonder how it would cope with heat issues deriving from leaving your phone setting in the sun? There would have to be corrosion issues with plastics, because people would be leaving it out in the sun for longer periods.
  10. hayden

    Who Are You?

    Maybe we should release a new set of SciFi torrents with an altered NFO file.. Please Visit Nitescifi.com for Forum use only, Torrents no longer exist. lol But welcome kaltensiduri & Kwafo Acquaah-Arhin... Have fun poking around!
  11. That would be AMAZING!!!! Soo cannot wait. lol
  12. Very true, i only hope it doesn't turn into a disaster like the recent spin off 'Enterprise' of the Startrek franchise. I keep thinking this will happen to SG, but i suppose they keep proving me wrong. :P
  13. How so?? I was fully enthralled in both the Original film and the Television Series and corresponding film.
  14. I think this situation is exactly the same as the 98SE - Xp crossover.. People kept knocking it until finally, they ironed out the bulk of the problems.. I'd then hypothesise the same would occur in this situation. Unless the new OS windows intends to release comes out as early as they anticipate and is just totally amazing.. Then Vista would be a gigantic flop like ME. Nice paint job, nothing under the hood.
  15. I think thats a bit of an extreme notion.. Perhaps more of an ecological disaster like most things we make these days? :P