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  2. Romulan Warrior Nuns! Wait what? Yes, you heard that right! ROFL Edit: Well, now that I've finished the whole thing. My brief thoughts: it was alright. I enjoyed watching most of it. Some of the new graphics they're using certainly need getting used to, but the content and story and characters were quite nice for the most part. I was not a fan of the final two episodes. I felt very anticlimactic to me. I think they could have done more with it, make it more believable somehow. I can't really compare it to the old trek, as it's quite different. It is much better than discovery though, much much better. While I would not recommend anyone to watch Discovery, other than out of sheer curiosity and to be able to say you've watched all trek, I certainly would recommend people to watch this show. It's worth it imo. The full first season is currently streaming for free for non-subscribers on CBS All Access for the duration of the "shelter at home" policy during the COVID-19 outbreak.
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  4. Season 3 did have a couple of cringe worthy episodes/moments, but it was great to me. It was the first time since the dominion war that we had a proper story arc. When enterprise was first aired, I don’t actually think I watched it properly until season 2 - that’s when I felt they were making it more “Star Trek” and less something new and different. (Which always fails if you don’t look after the older fans too) Minefield and Regeneration were awesome. Our first taste of the Romulans and Borg in one season! Season 4 was definitely very strong. The mini-arcs, I loved. I wish they did this more before.
  5. Bit of a necro-post but didn't want to open another topic so... -- So, I've been re-watching a lot of Trek the past few months. And even though there was so much malcontent about Enterprise back in the day. After watching it again, over a decade later, I have to say it's actually fairly well thought out, when compared to what came after, it's an absolute masterpiece. If we compare it to say, for example Discovery, it would be like comparing a swan to a turkey, or something like that. I was never a fan of the 3rd season, I'm still not, but it's not quite as bad as I remembered, the 4th season has a lot of excellent episodes in it, the 1st was generally ok, the 2nd season was the poorest of the bunch imho. For those of you who were ambiguous about Enterprise in the past, considering a lot of the other drab that's been released since, it might be worth revisiting, you might actually be pleasantly surprised.
  6. I just rewatched the episode, and it's amazing how prophetic it was. The 'younger, edgier' version is basically sci-fi series in 2020, or the CW channel, since it exists. :D
  7. Yeah, dammit, I have to say, I love the music during the Voyager Borg Cube heist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgzQN_pOo2Y Oh yeah and Agnes is a fucking great character, and not because that was the name of my sister.
  8. Although part of me hopes they do resurrect the Borg and repair some of the damage Voyager did to make them look weak.
  9. I bet you that at some point the Borgs are going to wake up. That would be so ridiculous, and I'm afraid they can't stop themselves from puling that bullshit. Otherwise I'm in with Picard, I'm just scared that it will turn into the new Star Trek series.
  10. Spoiler tag added! So, 3 episodes in. I'm very pleased so far, although pacing is a little slow in places with episodes 2 & 3. I was hoping to see more previous cast by now - 3 episodes in and they just kind of dropped Hue in there with little introduction... :S But it was still nice to see him. I'm really liking Doctor Jurati's character - I hope she sticks around. (photo below if you're like me and still having to google the main cast to remember their names) I'm curious to see how the whole Borg thing turns out. I can't quite tell if they're going to be a main component of the season or if they're just using the borg cube to house the Romulan storyline.
  11. subspatial

    Doctor Who

    dBLOOD FYI: I did watch it and it gave me some hope. But why have they moved a Late season 'story' episode earlier. Do we have to wade through many more episodes until we find the true super narrative..... C'mon! Lets just solve the problem Doctor!
  12. subspatial

    Doctor Who

    I'm a hardcore Doctor fan. And like you dBlood I love the fact that the Doctor is female - I mean, what difference does it make. But I have to admit it has been too safe and littered with way too much exposition by the overburden of too many companions. Seriously... A token to a Planet. C'mon - just leave already. I've actually stopped watching one of my favourite shows because its driving me to spontaneous outbursts and disillusionment in Chibnel's reign. But your post dBlood is the trigger I've been waiting for to start watching again. Lets just hope that ep.6. doesn't drive me bat-shit-crazy with the (overly expositional) dialogue again........
  13. If you're wondering why I haven't commented on the Episodes yet.... Its all just sinking in. And I'm breathing a sigh of relief, while I await a couple of episodes to tie things in. Also don't want to add the spoiler tag yet 😉 But I will say: Picard & Star Trek are Back baby!
  14. dBLOOD

    Game of the Moment?

    How did that waiting for Fallout 76 turned out mate? LUL Update: Beautiful Desolation! It's basically Fallout 2 in point&click adventure game format. I can't emphasize how good this game is! Also had like one patch since it came out, not released in a dogshit state, than one patch every month, as AAA games do.
  15. dBLOOD

    Doctor Who

    Finally a proper Doctor Who episode! Let's hope they don't just spitballing ideas like the writers in Star Wars! Anybody who knows me knows that I am sick of this fucking degenerate PC-pandering bullshit agenda. I like the idea that the new Doctor is female, fuck that, I love it, but just as in Terminator and Star Wars, the agenda drives the story, not the story the agenda, they don't actually do anything with the fact that the new Doctor is a female. The stories were very generic in my opinion. This episode finally brings an interesting story, which I won't spoil obviously. Let me just say there is a lot of fan-service, I hope they will end up with a good storyline! Seriously guys, this (S12x05) was a very good episode compared to the previous one, especially compared to the first Female Season.
  16. OMG, just saw the trailer, beamed the first episode down on my drive (almost wrote hard drive hihi). Praise our lord and saviour Amazon Prime! 😄 Oh, if it's not clear: Picard is on Amazon Prime, you can watch it without paying for it if you have Amazon Prime membership.
  17. Ahhhhh! 24 hours! (For us in the UK) Unbelievably excited! 😄 😄 😄
  18. With only a couple of days to go, here is no doubt the final Star Trek: Picard Teaser. PICARD will air on CBS All Access (US), Space (Canada) and globally on Amazon Prime (for the rest of us). SO EXCITED!!!!! Hold on to your Com Badges people, this is going to be brilliant. BTW: Season 2 is already confirmed 😲
  19. This may only be for UK users currently. Britbox (a BBC/ITV collaboration - their attempt at a Netflix style platform) have just added 600 classic doctor who episodes for online viewing. https://www.britbox.co.uk/doctorwho I thought this was quite exciting - first major attempt at (legally) deploying the back catalogue of Doctor Who online for streaming. 🙂
  20. Merry Picardmas!!! Here's a new Teaser:
  21. The best bits of ST:TNG are now available on Youtube and other platforms, e.g If only they were uploaded in HD... We could easily piece together the episodes. #whattoosoon?
  22. Forgot you text me about this thread the other night. Good idea for a thread though mate. Hopefully one of the mods can get it pinned at top of the page.
  23. i liked battle toads, its just that it got very frustrating after awhile. turtle games werent the best, but i still liked them. My favorite one is probley the one that was at the arcades
  24. My question is this: What is the best sub-1k gaming laptop? i want to take it with me to work since I would use it for work but would like the ability to play games too. I do not have that much money to work with hence the sub-1k. That said, it should be portable so not an alternative ship anchor please.
  25. Taking Picard Fan Fic to the EXTREME! Plus a big rumour....
  26. My "other" was Mass Effect Andromeda. Ive played 85 hours, of which 80 have probably been MP - I just cant seem to get into the SP campaign. Who knows? Maybe Ill try it again this weekend.
  27. EmileGiply

    April Fools

    Victorias Secret said they were coming out with a Mens Line of Panties for Men called "Manties" it was an April Fools Day Joke
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