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  1. Another one I'd never seen before. Amanda Tapping (Carter) doing some behind the scenes video shooting herself. It's actually quite nice seeing things from a different perspective, shot and commented by a leading actor.
  2. Recently watched this. Recommendation: skip! From the very first episode it's clear why this never went anywhere. The actors acting ability is pretty awful, the characters are awful and not believable, the story is half-assed and poorly executed, ... It looks like it's a made by a bunch of people who've never watched an actual movie or series and completely grew up on poor quality story lines from video games. Maybe made for pre-teens? The visual effects are of lower quality than the ones they were using 10 years earlier. There is one redeeming quality though: you get to watch Connor Trinneer transform from engineer (Trip from Enterprise) to archeologist. I didn't know he was in it and I squirted liquid from my mouth when I first saw him, as I was taking a sip right at that moment. His performance is the best in the whole thing, even if it's not the greatest either. The show is made from 10 episodes of 9 to 10 minutes each. They also made a movie, which is really just all the individual episodes combined into one. I'm serious in my recommendation though. Completely skip it. It's a stain on an otherwise relatively ok sci fi universe.
  3. This is like really old or even ancient news. But as I never knew of this before, I'm guessing some of you didn't know either. It explains why Stargate completely died and what he tried to do to save it and how the big financial idiots weren't interested in the slightest.
  4. TetsuoShima


    All is fine over here. I'm required to work from home most of the time, though at certain times I do still have to go in. The country has been shut down for the most part for a few weeks already. Still more people are getting sick, half of them because they simply refuse to obey the strict interaction rules set by the non-existent government (I'm not joking, we've been without an officially sanctioned government for almost a year now, what we have is an interim government that doesn't have permission to make any decisions without prior house approval). I'm not even joking, people are holding let's get sick parties... Crazy irresponsible mofo's, I'd revoke their citizenship and deport the lot of them, though that would probably require a complete rewrite of the constitution lmao. If there is one thing politics is good at over here is clogging up the system so nothing gets done and if something does get done it's something no one really wants and making certain that as many things as possible are not allowed, so many that they can't even keep track of it themselves. On top of that, we have a rather large immigrant community, coming from countries where they apparently aren't used to obeying laws and where everybody practically lives in each other's house. Among these communities there are higher than average infection rates because they aren't obeying the social distancing requirements. This virus is certainly dangerous in the sense that about 1% of the people who get it die from it provided those that get infected do get proper medical care, if proper care is impossible because hospitals and the whole medical system is overwhelmed (as was the case in for example Italy), the death rate is closer to 10%. In contrast, regular flu has a death rate of let's call it 0.1%. Most of the people dying from it are elderly people who have a prior health condition, though not all of them fall in that category. Other people do have a responsibility toward those elderly though, you can't just ignore the fact the disease is more deadly to them simply because you yourself are not in a high risk group. The idea about the measures currently taken is to reduce the speed of the spread of the infection to such an extend that hospitals can keep up. If current predictions are correct, this virus or at the very least, this type of virus is here to stay. It's highly likely that eventually the majority of the population will get exposed. It's predicted this will become yet another seasonal virus, like the flu. Obviously they cannot implement the measures they have in place on a yearly basis. Even though it's not immediately obvious atm, the economy is being crippled by it. If they would take these sort of measures on a yearly basis for several months each year it'd kill economical progress and at one point or the other decisions will have to be made to keep the economy going as currently expenses are up and revenue is down, that cannot continue for any prolonged period of time without going bankrupt. The incredible early ease of the spread of the virus in Europe and the US can be attributed to mostly two things, stupidity excluded. 1. There areas are not governed by totalitarian regimes, meaning, they can't just keep people indoors and implement a complete lock down. 2. In Europe and the US it's common for people who are sick to just go ahead with life while being sick (and as a result spread their infection all over), instead of staying home for the duration of their illness. In fact, most companies have regulations in place that if you call in sick a few days too often, you can go look for another job when you come back to work, which also forces people to just go to work while being sick, unless they're so sick they can't see straight anymore. The same thing goes for schools. In developed Asian countries it's far more common to stay home while sick and they also have a tradition to wear mouth masks while sick, to reduce the risk they spread the infection they're carrying. When's the last time you saw someone who had a cold wearing a face mask in Europe? Never? On top of that, developed Asian countries are far more organised than European countries, they get shit done, while over here they debate over what to do until the decision has been made for them. South-Korea is a prime example.
  5. Yes, ok, so technically Leonard Nimoy is not playing Spock there. But it's actually the official video for that 80's song. Never knew he participated in that sort of thing. I thought it was a fun fact though.
  6. TetsuoShima

    Doctor Who

    I enjoyed watching season 12 more than I did the previous season. Quite a few nice episodes, though there were also enough that were no good again. Interesting to find out more of the backstory, though it also creates a whole bunch of questions. Plenty of interesting concepts left to explore for future seasons. Funny enough, my own impression seems to match that of the average on rotten tomatoes, though I liked the last episode more than as indicated on the graph, for the rest it's pretty accurate. Obviously it's the blue line, not the white one. 😄
  7. Romulan Warrior Nuns! Wait what? Yes, you heard that right! ROFL Edit: Well, now that I've finished the whole thing. My brief thoughts: it was alright. I enjoyed watching most of it. Some of the new graphics they're using certainly need getting used to, but the content and story and characters were quite nice for the most part. I was not a fan of the final two episodes. I felt very anticlimactic to me. I think they could have done more with it, make it more believable somehow. I can't really compare it to the old trek, as it's quite different. It is much better than discovery though, much much better. While I would not recommend anyone to watch Discovery, other than out of sheer curiosity and to be able to say you've watched all trek, I certainly would recommend people to watch this show. It's worth it imo. The full first season is currently streaming for free for non-subscribers on CBS All Access for the duration of the "shelter at home" policy during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  8. Bit of a necro-post but didn't want to open another topic so... -- So, I've been re-watching a lot of Trek the past few months. And even though there was so much malcontent about Enterprise back in the day. After watching it again, over a decade later, I have to say it's actually fairly well thought out, when compared to what came after, it's an absolute masterpiece. If we compare it to say, for example Discovery, it would be like comparing a swan to a turkey, or something like that. I was never a fan of the 3rd season, I'm still not, but it's not quite as bad as I remembered, the 4th season has a lot of excellent episodes in it, the 1st was generally ok, the 2nd season was the poorest of the bunch imho. For those of you who were ambiguous about Enterprise in the past, considering a lot of the other drab that's been released since, it might be worth revisiting, you might actually be pleasantly surprised.
  9. TetsuoShima

    Doctor Who

    So, I stopped watching Dr. Who somewhere around 2015-2016 when they had that 1 year hiatus. I recently caught up with all episodes and I have to say I'm quite disappointed in this last season. The 11th, is it? I just do not like the general style of it, they completely messed up the intro tune too, drums.. in Dr. Who... and it's not even the War Doctor? Every time I hear the tune I think there's an episode about epic battles coming up, which of course doesn't happen, cuz it's just the tune they f-ed up. Then there is the Doctor itself. I really do not like the acting style of this actor. Every time I see her act I think she's some sort of wizard from Harry Potter or something. It's quite bad. Is she supposed to resonate more with young teenagers compared to the last Doctor (who I thought was one of the better Doctors)? The stories themselves are ok-ish and the companions are fine too. But I really do not like the acting style of this actress playing the doctor currently, it's not very Doctor-like, at least in my mind. I also wasn't a big fan of the 11th Doctor for close to, but not quite, the same reasons. I'm actually kinda happy there are no new episodes this year, so I don't have to go through the horror of watching them. I hope she gets finished off in 2020 and a new Doctor is introduced, hopefully one I will like lol.
  10. Oh boy, they are so busted. 😄 I hope they get fined for millions and the dude gets many many millions in compensation.
  11. I recently watched season 1 and 2 of the orville on your recommendation and I thought it was quite funny. It's very obvious it's heavily influenced by the Star Trek TNG type of Star Trek, but way less serious and hella more funny. I quite enjoyed it. :-)
  12. I hadn't heard of this series, but after reading about it there, I decided to look into it. Oh man that is such a Star Trek TNG rip-off. But boy, is it hilarious. I've been watching it for the past week. It's of a way less serious tone than most Star Trek and there are certainly issues with a lot of the more serious stuff that's in it, but it is clearly aiming more at the laughing crowd than at the serious crowd, so that can be forgiven. I've been lol-ing quite a bit while watching that. A starship captain whose first officer is his ex-wife... A 2nd officer with a porn addiction... Yeh, ... LOL Notwithstanding the fact it's from FOX, I would most certainly recommend watching this series, it's quite fun and entertaining.
  13. Hi fellas. I haven't a clue if anyone has watched this channel or if there are similar venues (not necessarily on YouTube) out there with free on line legal sci-fi (or illegal maybe lol), but sometimes there are pretty good tidbits on the DUST YouTube channel. It's a channel featuring sci-fi short films (sometimes not so short). They release quite a bit of content. Have a look, you may like it (or not). If you have come across anything similar, feel free to share!
  14. I've watched the first two seasons. After the first I wasn't a big fan, but... it's Star Trek, so I figured I'd watch the second as well. Believe it or not, it got even worse in the second season. There is actually quite a lot of potential in the premise, but it's executed so terribly bad. It's riddled with continuity errors. In some episodes by the end of the episode they've contradicted everything the episode was build on. Sarek is a joke, he's not a Vulcan at all, more like a human with emotional expression problems and highly illogical. The story as told rarely makes any sense whatsoever. The characters make the stupidest decisions/mistakes you can imagine. They often spend tens of minutes on highly cringe-worthy emotional overacting while the rest of the episode lacks depth and credibility. It's really like they're making it up as they go along without taking into account what has already happened or how they're going to continue on from what they came up with this week. They even have an episode that continues on a story from a previous episode, but the thing it builds on never actually happened and was probably cut from the final edit or something (as in: "previously on Star Trek Discovery": and then they show some scene they've never aired before and later in the episode they build on that...). The people writing the series don't have any clue whatsoever about science or how to make something that's a bit beyond science sound credible/plausible/acceptable. They make use of the "deus-ex-machina" technique in virtually every single episode to salvage whatever has gone horribly wrong this time and so on and so on... It's quite bad. I really don't have any good words for this show. I'm with dBLOOD on this one, watch it, but don't expect too much. In fact if you manage to watch it all, you probably deserve a fan award. ^_^ All of the above being said, I also have to admit I'm not a big fan of the 'new incarnation' of Star Trek in general either, the new movies I mean. As stand alone movies they are quite decent, but they stand completely apart from everything I held dear in the Star Trek series from before 2008. It all feels very Marvel/DC-ey, very far removed from the original Star Trek feel. Of course, everything is about the money these days, so these movies are probably not written for original fans, but more for the general public. Star Trek had been having image problems for years and with this re-imagining they've straightened that out. Star Trek is cool again with a larger group of people, but unfortunately that is to the detriment of the original qualities in the series. As another side note: I wouldn't have too high hopes for the other new upcoming series either, as they are ordered and created by the same studio and same group of people.