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  1. TetsuoShima

    Free sci-fi on line

    Hi fellas. I haven't a clue if anyone has watched this channel or if there are similar venues (not necessarily on YouTube) out there with free on line legal sci-fi (or illegal maybe lol), but sometimes there are pretty good tidbits on the DUST YouTube channel. It's a channel featuring sci-fi short films (sometimes not so short). They release quite a bit of content. Have a look, you may like it (or not). If you have come across anything similar, feel free to share!
  2. TetsuoShima

    Star Trek: Discovery

    I've watched the first two seasons. After the first I wasn't a big fan, but... it's Star Trek, so I figured I'd watch the second as well. Believe it or not, it got even worse in the second season. There is actually quite a lot of potential in the premise, but it's executed so terribly bad. It's riddled with continuity errors. In some episodes by the end of the episode they've contradicted everything the episode was build on. Sarek is a joke, he's not a Vulcan at all, more like a human with emotional expression problems and highly illogical. The story as told rarely makes any sense whatsoever. The characters make the stupidest decisions/mistakes you can imagine. They often spend tens of minutes on highly cringe-worthy emotional overacting while the rest of the episode lacks depth and credibility. It's really like they're making it up as they go along without taking into account what has already happened or how they're going to continue on from what they came up with this week. They even have an episode that continues on a story from a previous episode, but the thing it builds on never actually happened and was probably cut from the final edit or something (as in: "previously on Star Trek Discovery": and then they show some scene they've never aired before and later in the episode they build on that...). The people writing the series don't have any clue whatsoever about science or how to make something that's a bit beyond science sound credible/plausible/acceptable. They make use of the "deus-ex-machina" technique in virtually every single episode to salvage whatever has gone horribly wrong this time and so on and so on... It's quite bad. I really don't have any good words for this show. I'm with dBLOOD on this one, watch it, but don't expect too much. In fact if you manage to watch it all, you probably deserve a fan award. ^_^ All of the above being said, I also have to admit I'm not a big fan of the 'new incarnation' of Star Trek in general either, the new movies I mean. As stand alone movies they are quite decent, but they stand completely apart from everything I held dear in the Star Trek series from before 2008. It all feels very Marvel/DC-ey, very far removed from the original Star Trek feel. Of course, everything is about the money these days, so these movies are probably not written for original fans, but more for the general public. Star Trek had been having image problems for years and with this re-imagining they've straightened that out. Star Trek is cool again with a larger group of people, but unfortunately that is to the detriment of the original qualities in the series. As another side note: I wouldn't have too high hopes for the other new upcoming series either, as they are ordered and created by the same studio and same group of people.
  3. TetsuoShima

    Welcome Back in Time...

    Awesome that you put this place back together. Massive thumbs up! Man... the memories from back in the day. I have no words to describe the feeling of nostalgia, hehehe. After a decade or so, I do feel a bit lost here lol. :-)
  4. TetsuoShima

    Voyager Retrospectives - Homestead

    Remember, they're far from the bones of their people, maybe he forgot some his own bones back there. ^^
  5. TetsuoShima

    Ultimate StarTrek Quiz!

    I always like a good star trek quiz. Must say that this was a hard one, lots of questions about actors and stuff I don't know anything about (I remember general storylines, not details, usually). My results:
  6. TetsuoShima

    mixup - lol - firefox

    There are a few blogs I regularly read. One of them is the virtualdub blog, the entry for june 7: http://www.virtualdub.org/blog/pivot/entry.php?id=207 click the link above to get to the fun part ^^
  7. TetsuoShima


    Hehe, Farscape is a good show, the first few episodes are a bit confusing, but I think that's intentional. Imo, during the last season(s) they kinda lost their way trying to create a more decent 'overall' storyline. The crew switching also seems very artificial. But overall it's definately worth watching. :)
  8. TetsuoShima


    The only way to know which is 'best' is to find some similarly critical people who actually have those models and ask them. From just the specs, I can say the DELL is both cheaper and has a faster processor. The other specs are virtually identical, at least the parts that they've published in easily accessible places. The Sony looks like it's had some more money spend on the exterior design, but that could just as well be photoshop at work. In short, the pure specs seem to indicate the DELL is the better buy, though that doesn't say anything about ease of use and reliability of course. =)
  9. TetsuoShima

    AVGN - Star Trek

    LOL I was wondering whether it really was a game review or a farce the whole time. ^^ twas fun to watch tho
  10. TetsuoShima

    Atlantis: Powered by Windows...

    I'm so unfamilair with that dialog, I always disable that sort of stuff by default.[me=TetsuoShima]hates nagging[/me]
  11. TetsuoShima

    Am i faster than 2/3 the speed of light? ahaha

    LOL, I like your conclusion. You're too fast for my brain to analyse. ^^ Though I do feel you probably forgot to account for mechanical latency (if there's a fan or modern flipswitch involved) and for time for the 'electronics' to get going (depending on how 'advanced' your heater is), without more detailed info on your heater I'm finding it hard to come up with better 'negative' theories, so save for those 2, you probably ARE faster than c/2! Dude, you've got some nasty reflexes, remind me never to play an FPS with you. ^_^
  12. TetsuoShima

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday GorunNova!! :D
  13. TetsuoShima

    Happy Birthday QUEENSPOCK

    yaaaay, happy 28th birthday QueenSpock. :D [me=TetsuoShima]runs away[/me]
  14. TetsuoShima

    Janeway's Third Way

    I've been rewatching Voyager lately and found it more enjoying than I did before. It just depends in what light you're watching the show. I've found that if I pay less attention to 'credibility' and imagine the show being written for the enthousiast 12-year old, that the show becomes much more interesting in this 'new' light. Even Neelix becomes enjoyable. :cyclops:
  15. Interesting observations, though (aside from the 'chemicals' involved) nothing especially innovative (to me at least), since I'd respond quite similarly to what they observed in their test subjects. http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080608-exploring-the-neurochemistry-of-fairness.html