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    The media definitely doesn’t help. But what’s worse is SOCIAL media. Did you know 50% of Facebook users are Virologists, and the other 50% are legal experts? so many arrogant pricks thinking they know the lifecycle of the virus and how to stay safe (or thinking it’ll just give them a mild cough so no need to worry about staying indoors). i want to get rid of Facebook so much... but just can’t bring myself to do it. I must secretly enjoy the negativity. I hate people.
  2. TFMF


    How is everyone coping with the current crisis? I’m still working as normal (my company supplies food to vessels so quite critical) but my partner and son are both off indefinitely. Thankfully no one we know has caught it yet but the UK is definitely getting more severe. Is everyone ok health and job wise? One our biggest suppliers (very big UK foodservice operator) told us they have £5m worth of stock going out of date very soon - it could break them. 😳
  3. Season 3 did have a couple of cringe worthy episodes/moments, but it was great to me. It was the first time since the dominion war that we had a proper story arc. When enterprise was first aired, I don’t actually think I watched it properly until season 2 - that’s when I felt they were making it more “Star Trek” and less something new and different. (Which always fails if you don’t look after the older fans too) Minefield and Regeneration were awesome. Our first taste of the Romulans and Borg in one season! Season 4 was definitely very strong. The mini-arcs, I loved. I wish they did this more before.
  4. Although part of me hopes they do resurrect the Borg and repair some of the damage Voyager did to make them look weak.
  5. Spoiler tag added! So, 3 episodes in. I'm very pleased so far, although pacing is a little slow in places with episodes 2 & 3. I was hoping to see more previous cast by now - 3 episodes in and they just kind of dropped Hue in there with little introduction... :S But it was still nice to see him. I'm really liking Doctor Jurati's character - I hope she sticks around. (photo below if you're like me and still having to google the main cast to remember their names) I'm curious to see how the whole Borg thing turns out. I can't quite tell if they're going to be a main component of the season or if they're just using the borg cube to house the Romulan storyline.
  6. Ahhhhh! 24 hours! (For us in the UK) Unbelievably excited! 😄 😄 😄
  7. This may only be for UK users currently. Britbox (a BBC/ITV collaboration - their attempt at a Netflix style platform) have just added 600 classic doctor who episodes for online viewing. https://www.britbox.co.uk/doctorwho I thought this was quite exciting - first major attempt at (legally) deploying the back catalogue of Doctor Who online for streaming. 🙂
  8. Is it really that Borg themed? We’ve seen the cube once but as has been theorised, this could just be 7of9’s toy rescued from when the Borg collapsed in voyagers finale. Lal is a good theory - I just watched that episode of TNG. Great potential there.
  9. I could not be more excited about this. It could be Patrick Stewart sitting in a chair talking for an hour and I’d still love it.
  10. Hmmm, I suppose that is a possibility... but if they could just bring back the Borg completely that'd also be pretty great. 😃 B-4 with all of Data's memories. There is hope!
  11. TFMF

    New Series Announced

    Ok, not exactly the biggest revelation... but exciting!
  12. Hi Tetsuo! Hope you're doing good. 🙂
  13. Yeah, I’m not exactly captivated with the new season. I’m finding it difficult to like any of the characters too and I can’t tell where the story is going. You think after all this time with no ST show they’d manage to come up with something decent. Here’s hoping for Picard.
  14. Is anyone watching the new series yet? I'm holding off until I finish my run of Voyager. Any thoughts so far?
  15. TFMF

    Star Trek Word Game

    Apocalypse Rising Star Trek DS9 season 5 premier. This is the season things proper start to kick off with the dominion, as they infiltrate the Klingon empire. 😎