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  1. lol, spam a little more. it'll get your points up. :cyclops: lol yeah ask TFMF about that lol
  2. lol it could be any of them or none of them and something else!
  3. You have a very good point "All this has happened before, and all this will happen again." and the contunity of time in BSG, some how I dont think its a kinda time loop thing a.k.a matrix type, looking at the final scene it would appear that this Nuke war occurred roughly in our time, trouble with BSG you never can really guess how they will take the stories, I know Ive been wrong thinking I knew what the outcome would be. While its gonna be another long wait (why the hell do they do it this way?) I am sure we wont be disappointed in what I will regard as probably the best Sci-Fi show to be aired in many years and beats the pants off almost anything else for sheer drama
  4. Simple I hardly watch anything else....as most of whats on TV is pooooooh!
  5. lol the ISP's are treading in dangerous grounds...surely passing on customer details to third parties could be seen as a violation of the data protection act and privacy laws... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7444390.stm
  6. Lol they have us by the short and danglies dont they lol....for all we know they could of left earth before what happened ...happened lol. Lets not forget there are still alot of unanswered question. 1. How is Starbuck the Harbinger of death? 2. Boomers little kid and what she really means 3. Who is the 5th Cylon skin job 4. What do the cylons and humans do? Thats just three I can think of in a few seconds and there are bound to be more. I also agree if the rest dont start until 2009 really this should of been classed as the end of season 4 (though abit shorter than normal).
  7. From what I have read on the Net this is the mid-season cliffhanger...and wooow what a cliffhanger, sadly we wont see the end of this season until 2009 which is a real shame.
  8. Yeah I have to agree than next weeks does look appealing, hopefully we will get a good ending to this season :)
  9. Yeah I also liked the Pompei episode which in my view was the best so far
  10. I remember watching the first season and always thought they where quite good, really need to get to watch the rest of it at some point.
  11. Was this a terrible episode? yes yes yes, even if i kept my gob shut both my other half, her 11 year old daughter and 17 year old son stated it really poor as well as myself. I like Dr Who as much as anyone else....BUT you also have to open your eyes to when a episode was bad.....and this was not just bad it was terrible...the story was very poor, it was chessy as hell and simply it should of never been screened, damn I could of written that story and directed it.....and the ending was so lame its not even worth talking about
  12. What was that you was saying since season 2.....Vipers have red strips on them lol..... this is deffo a episode you MUST see!
  13. [move]Please hide any possible spoilers using the spoiler tab..Thank you [/move] BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 4 X 10 REVELATIONS Synopsis: The humans' truce with the Cylon rebels backfires when they hold the President hostage in an attempt to lure the final five machines out of hiding. Meanwhile, it appears that Starbuck may be confirming the Hybrid's prophecy by leading the fleet into danger. Also I do beleive there is a mid season break after this episode. [br]Posted on: June 14, 2008, 11:42:02 AM omg!!! [br]Posted on: June 14, 2008, 11:43:57 AM preview.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88IutmwvraI
  14. About the only highlight of this was seeing rose pictured on the monitor and next weeks trailer, other than that it was appalling, almost as lame and crap as the episode of Peter Kay a couple of years ago. If this is only what RTD can come up with then I am only to pleased to see the end of this shite season, all the good work he has done over the first 3 season could mean nothing after this completely appallingly shit season and this episode was sheer proof that RTD is doing the right thing and LEAVING![br]Posted on: June 14, 2008, 09:18:41 AM lol you thought this was a great episode ..........sorry I am in stitches of laughter lol
  15. I agree the voice of davros is equally important as the design and make-up, Genesis was superbly done with the acting and the story.....this could if done correctly be the best of all time dr who...just like genesis was...I just cross my fingers and hope!