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  1. Just started watching this for the first time ever... WOW! Awesome! The aliens are amazing as well. I'm almost through season 1, but if the rest of the seasons are as good, this could be one of the best Sci-Fi shows around. We should have a forum just for this show. :D
  2. Alltight... there's gotta be something to the focus of sex on this show... Chick sleeps with Baltar here in season 4 and something just changes... The 3 was sleeping with Baltar (and 6) and something changed in her... The 6 (in captivity) had sex with Baltar and is passionately in love with him and leaves all behind for him... Athena sleeps with Helo (sp?) and abandons her Cylon counterparts for him... ANything else I'm missing? There's gotta be some tie in. Something about sex with a human that counteracts their programming. Ideas?
  3. You know, all they have to do to make a great script is find a massive Trek geek (preferably who still lives in his mothers basement) and ask them to go over the script and give insight.
  4. If you really want to follow up on the post Dominion War DS9 world, the books are very good (well, most of them are). The one to start with is the "Avatar" series - 2 books. This takes place immediately (1 month) after the series finale. ~~~~~~ On a side note: Another book which was really interesting is called "A Stitch in Time" and tells Garaks entire back story. This book actually came out before the series finale. In fact, in the tv episode Bashir is reading a letter that he claims is from Garak - that is this book!
  5. "Timeless" is one of the best episodes. Season 5 I think. I have to say thought that Seasons 1 & 2 (especially S2) were probably the best season. (although season 5 was quite good also). While i love Voyager, the seasons got progressively worse ... not that any were BAD, but they changed. For a short reason of this: After Season 2, Michael Piller was kind of pushed out of influence on the project (in short, they didn't like where he wanted to take it - more focus on the conflict between Starfleet and Maquis crewmen, etc... ). As far as I'm concerned, that was THE turning point of the Trek TV Franchise, as Piller was a Star Trek genius. After Season 3 (which was fairly good), Jeri Taylor left the show.... Around this time Ronald Moore was (basically) pushed out of the Voyager creative team (as well as the Star Trek franchise) by an insecure Brannan Bragga (barf). It makes for some interesting reading to find an interview with Moore about why he left Voyager ("A hollywood ending to a Cinderella story"). Anyway, at this point the franchise was left in the culpable hands of Bragga (and Berman). I don't blame Berman as he has an amazing history of Trek behind him, but Bragga.... Anyway, IMO, Voyager went down-hill after these 3 people left. Don't get me wrong, i love Voyager... but the show basically got into lame politically correct episodes , especially in season 6 & 7, with many episodes being as well "the same predictable thing". There were some gems, but a lot of cheese as well. On (another) side note - the best thing that has happened to the trek franchise is when Bragga was fired after Enterprise flopped.
  6. With as much as everyone is down on ST these days I can't imagine they would every make a DS9 movie... I'm actually wondering where the movie franchise will go... if it they will continue with the pre-quel stuff (i.e. Enterprise, and the latest movie). It seems that if they are going to spend money and time on making a pre-quel movie that they will most likely stick to that for a while. Shame... I would like to see post Dominion war series... guess I'll just have to keep reading the books. :)
  7. gjnave

    DS9 Seasons 3 and 4

    You can get the seasons for under $50 now - which is still a ridiculous price in my opinion. Cures you KAAAAHNN!! Check E-bay also...
  8. Better a mini-series then a weekly show. Looking forward to it!
  9. Totally lame[br]Posted on: March 08, 2008, 09:32:49 AM Ok.. now having gotten my little one-liner in with the subject line and the opener: I was very dissapointed with Torchwood after being totally taken in by Dr. Who. I was expecting a lot more... main problems: 1) Does Jack have to kiss everyone? In fact, does everyone have to kiss everyone else? I feel like the police women has been taken in by a weird cult where everyone has sex with everyone else - kinda like "Friends". 3) The Cyber-women epsidoe ... ::) 4) The show is interesting in some of it's stuff... but the main thing we end up saying after watching an episode is .. "Wow... that was lametastic". Sorry for all of you who like the show. Admittedly I'm only thorugh like 5 episodes, and will most likely end up watching them just because I have them. However, to get anyone else in the family to watch is not easy and they are low on my priority list. Sorely dissapointed. Does anyone feel the same? Does it get better in Season 2? Cheers
  10. Thanks bones! Yeah... i'm living in Africa now .. been here for the past 3 years so dont get to check in much. Nice defiant avatar! :D
  11. It costs $15 (aprox) to get the bottom of the line modem. Then not only do you pay for your dial-up internet connection ($20 a month), but you have to pay per minute for the phone call as well. My phone bill is around $80 a month JUST for internet, not including normal phone calls. - the horror!
  12. I'm just finishing off my Tom Baker episodes (actually the only "old" doctor I've seen) and am wanting to get hold of Pertwee and/or Davison. Does anyone have these episodes that they could post to me? I would of course pay for your DVD's and shipping costs. Since I'm in Africa and on dial-up (the horror) it's impossible for me to get hold of them. I actually have family coming from Oregon to visit in a month so if it was shipped to them then they could bring them. Thanks
  13. So what mini-plots were the bad ones (leading up to the big one) he's talking about?
  14. **SPOILER** Okay... we've just finished watching the first four episodes of season 2. I cannot tell you how incredibly disappointed and lamed out I am that they brought back Sylar. ARGH! I was really looking forward to getting past him and onto the next bad guy. *sigh* Allright.. on with the season.