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  1. If you wanted to be pedantic....... Phased plasma rifle. .........we do not know what weapons Hunter Killers use, there has been no reference to that in any films or this series.
  2. Episode 6......what a great episode. We see terminator future wars although I have to say i'm disappointed that different laser sounds effects were used, not those to be found in T2.........also the hunter killers move a lot faster than they should. We learn a lot in this epsiode and this series in my opinion is goes a long way to fill in what was going on in the first two films. Clearly a lot of thought has gone into this.
  3. I never realised screen writers were so important. Its seams producers and production teams cannot even go to the toilet with out writers being there to hold their hands and flush for them. Sorry for the sarcasm but I feel a lot of failures at present are being wrongly placed on writers. I think producers are actualy welcoming the break to rethink where exactly their shows/films are going. Maybe the idea is to make writers unpopular with fans? This excuse is certainly becoming tiresome and now the strike is over they need to stop looking back into the past and concentrate on making their projects great.
  4. Is there a reason given for this? Maybe someone on the production team read my thoughts and they are making the film better just for me ;D I guess it would take around three months to re-do those Enterprise ship building scenes.
  5. Chiggy


    I dont see what the fuss is about this. HD players can still play regular DVD's so its not as if the players are scrap. The media is certainly portraying these players in that fashion. If Sony think I`m going to throw away my DVD collection and replace it all with Blue Ray they go to hell. I cannot afford a fancy TV, I`m still using the regular cathod Ray tube because I`m on the PC most of the time, I dont need a new TV. It would be pretty useless in me buying a Blue Ray player because I`m not going to able to take advantage of superior image quality on a CRT.
  6. Well done Mr Nite. Now you can keep TFMF company during those sleepless nights!
  7. FALSE ALARM ;D It is only the sky channel number that is moving up. Virgin 1 will be staying with Channel 20 on Freeview. I hope no one has taken to the bottle? You may be of been just a little premature! :D
  8. Chiggy

    Mount and Blade

    .......of course I`m being presumptuous.....but where are all the thanks from everyone for telling them about this amazing game!?! ;D Raise your character level, hire your own men at arms to fight by your side, lay siege to castles etc etc. Be a bowman, crossbowman, knight, man at arms, a barbarian bezerker and do much killing! Dispose of your enemies in hand to hand combat. This is a good combat vid and shows how fun this game is: A noble knight cutting down peasants!
  9. Chiggy

    Mount and Blade

    Who has played this PC game that everyone on the internet is talking about? If you havent your missing out. Ever wondered what it would of been like to be in the middle of battle fought in the time of knights and men at arms? The wait is over. Its a game of skill, not some point and click wussy do all the combat moves for you automatically game! Its a first person perspective hacking and slashing game that requires expert timing and knowldge of weapons. Its free to download (150 mb in size)...you play it up to level 6 and if you want to play to level 7 you pay a small fee. http://www.taleworlds.com/ Of couse your going to need a youtube link to check to see if the game looks rubbish......... Hacking and slashing is back! Sadly no multiplayer yet *sigh* so you wont be able to wack TFMF round the head with a mace whilst charging at him on horseback just yet! Shame, that would of been fun. COMMENTS PLEASE.
  10. Ronald D. Moore going on strike, is like Ronald D. Moore getting a gun and shooting himself in the foot. The New Battlestar is his creation, does he really want to shut his own show down and deprive himself of any income at all......I think not. Would BSG be better or worse if new writers were brought into the show? Thats a question we will never know the answer to until it happens and it probably wont. Writers get paid for scripts and any additional consultation they give. No they should not get more money if one of their scripts become successful because they have already recieved a pay cheque for that script prior to production. Yes, they should get a pay rise if they are writing for a show which is constantly gaining popularity.
  11. If it is the these new writers also protesting then I suggest the media conglomerates seek out writers from other countries. I`m sorry but this whole writers strike does appear to us folks in the UK as something exclusive to the United States. The fact of the matter is it is not the writers who have to gamble thousands of millions on their scripts being successful.
  12. Tenebrae I agree with you about most things, but not this time. Allow me to explain....... John goes to school supposidly to make him appear to be a normal child of his age and not to arouse the supsision of the authorities. That is all we are told in episode 5. The fact of the matter is Sarah isnt going to stop Skynet being built just by hiding in the desert, the people who are responsible live in cities and towns so she has to do the same. When she finds a new home it would indeed look supsect to the people who lived around her if her children did not go to school. If she was reported to the Police by a concerned neighbour its game over and the element of surprise is lost. There is no comparison between this show and Buffy. The plot for every episode, in fact several seasons worth of Buffy was not unlike Power Ranger Episodes. Big monster does damage, Buff kills monster, the End. Terminator is moving story tellings us more about the Terminators and how they came to be, with many sub plots.............its a story thats actaully going somewhere. I really enjoyed Episode 5. If the ratings are dropping its because people have high expectations of a Terminator TV series. I like these episodes better than the films because there actually is a story element with out loads of mindless voilence happening. To tell you the truth I`m enjoying this more than Heroes Season 2........a show in my opinion has lost its direction. Terminator is actually building up to something.
  13. The word 'pointless' comes to mind.. I dont live in the US and dont watch US Sitcoms. We get all the US shows years or months after in the UK, it just means we are going to have to wait a little longer. If the Writers arent happy with what they get paid then I would suggest they find another line of work. From the material I have seen from these striking writers I dont particulary think they deserve more money from DVD's and streaming online video. I say give some of the new generation of writers fresh from university a chance and bin the older writers in favour of people with new ideas. Aferall thats how it works in the Marketing industry...........when your marketeers are dry of ideas you find new ones.
  14. I think Virgin are in for a shock. The reason why the attracted so many viewers was because they offered shows which were not available on other UK terrestrial channels. They marketed themselves as the 'the new home of Star Trek', a clever marketing ploy because they knew that they were exploiting a niche. Since every other Sky channel is showing Star Trek there is no niche to exploit. They will probably get even less viewers on Sky, silly really when you consider advertising generates the majority of revenue for the channel. I feel a little let down by Virgin, since I watched every episode of Star Trek they aired.
  15. FALSE ALARM - SEE LAST POST You have probably heard the bad news by now .......but in case you havent Virgin 1 is moving to Sky Channel 121. Virgin 1 is thus destined to become just another Star Trek channel. Every week night was a happy time for DS9 fans and now that is gone. Each episode had around 210,000 UK viewers. Well it looks like I`ll just have to settle with those midnight showings of TNG on BBC2! Do you think DS9 will pull more viewers in the UK now it is with Sky?