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  1. umm tommarrow passed whensa the ending
  2. oh 36 hrs thats a long time to 72 would be better
  3. Current votes 1 TetsuoShima (Hilander72) 1 Ulysses (Killeravocado) so vote now rember you have till 12(gmt) pm tommarrow (20 hrs)
  4. Hilander72: 2 (Voted by Hayden + Kyran) Hayden: 2 (Voted by Hilander72 + QUEENSPOCK) QUEENSPOCK: 2 (Voted by Ulysses + TetsuoShima) TetsuoShima: 1 (Voted by Tablet)
  5. ok I think posts are missing [br]Posted on: May 06, 2008, 06:35:31 PM next time you update/upgrade back up the db FIRST. and
  6. I think it comes out on the 22nd correcton it does come out on the 22nd
  7. thers also Mafia death
  8. [2:06am] <&Tablet1> Has TFMF given a start date for it? [2:06am] <08+chef> yep the 5th [2:06am] <&Tablet1> hmmmm [2:06am] <&Tablet1> i'll get TFMF to add me [2:06am] <08+chef> yay [2:07am] <&Tablet1> it'll have to be later TFMF's at work