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  1. BTW is there any diference between the preair and the "official" S01x01 (first ep)? Spoil me if you need to :)
  2. There was a Terminator book, where a unit was sent back too early, to around 1190. That unit has such an "upgrade" too, additional lenses, coming out from the chest area, in case of... ehh... well, loss of the head...
  3. maybe it is suppoused to be a joke...
  4. dBLOOD

    100,000 posts

    Thank you TFMF, and I am sorry if I was too much of a teaser.
  5. dBLOOD

    100,000 posts

    Hmm... strange... Should it not be 1.000.000 :?:
  6. Noone sleeping like you TFMF... :D Insomnia is sometimes the reason of lack of sexual life. :P But to be serious... If your body simply got accustomed to laying down lately, it can be dangerous at a long term. If you feel frustrated or excited about something, or you are waiting for some event to happen, that can cause insomnia too. Even I had such problems. I was waiting for some movie I think... I was so excited, I could not sleep normally. Anyway, when you find the cause, you will be halfway on the road of full recovery...
  7. I like Bannakaffalatta, he reminds me of something, I just do not know what...
  8. No, I do not own anything either... But I really would like to get a sonic screwdriver... :D
  9. Actually, for one moment I really was thinking a Dalek would "step" in, just before max did...
  10. I love it (of course). The way Astrid died remembered me the way Rose gone.
  11. You mean you have problem downloading the skins which I uploaded?
  12. 768 KB down / 96 KB up I do not really care about the down, but up could be more... :( guess why :D
  13. MUHAHAHAHA I got it if you need it. Just tell me and we figure out something :)
  14. Weeping Angels Yes, I know, but I mean... Again! :)
  15. Only one word: Halleluyah! \o/ :D
  16. At least! So the inevitable will come... :D
  17. Well... short... but funny! I would say it was worth the efforts to watch it on net from here...
  18. I have installed it twice, first time it was going well, despite my computer hardware (built-in vga using system memory). Second time it was slow, I did not really understand why, though it was installed on a sata drive, first time it was on pata. I think it would go well on a modern computer though. I like its memory handling, boot was for me faster as on XP, though I have never been playing under vista, so probably this is why I think about it as a good one, I heard it has got problems with games, especially modern ones.
  19. Today! I will watch it as it airs! \o/
  20. Hmm... I agree with you Tetsuo, but I can not and will not accept that bulls### they (Star Trek production team) say why they do not continue telling the future of the Star Trek Universe (they always say, it has become to a too complicated, too complex thing, in wich they can not follow aspects anymore, or something like that)...