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  1. Just wanted to make everyone aware that the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in the 2007/2008 season. Hooray!!!
  2. Those look cool, no pun intended. How much more space do they take up in the mounting cage? Or do you have to put them in a bay with that attached? Hayden, Not sure is this helps you any but a couple years ago I setup a Dell Power Edge 1300 for a home server. It's got dual PII SEC 450's and 1 Gig of RAM. The boot drive is a 8-9 Gig SCSI. And I have 4 500 Gig IDE's in it used for storage. It connects to my LAN via a standard 10/100 card that's integrated on the system board. As a backup for my data I use a mix of the original media I've ripped to it, DVD backups and several external drives. I do have a SCSI 6 tape DLT drive that'll hold I think 250 Gigs per-tape, but I don't have any software to support it and I'm too cheap to buy it. It runs great and is fast enough for all my media serving needs. (Music & Video) I don't stream anything I just connect via SMB shares to my Modded XBox or any of the PC's in the house. I also have a Power Edge 6400 sitting in the house with Fiber Cards in it I've been meaning to replace it out with but I've been to lazy to switch them out since everythings been working fine.
  3. :o It was just a joke, I didn't know. But I did find this: Full Story
  4. Pushy, pushy, pushy. :cyclops:
  5. He sure was! He was playing his own Great, Great Grandfather. ;D
  6. Yes, as soon as you can look past the fact he's on a Mac. :P True. ;D
  7. Totally agree. ;D Too funny!
  8. Funny, but I haven't heard anything about it before now.
  9. Who else spent time with her off-camera? I would think any number of the guards could have. Also, isn't this the 6 that came from Pegasus? Where she was repeatedly beaten and raped?
  10. USWhoFan

    Your favorite hero

    Very true Hayden, gotta give credit where credit is due. :)
  11. No doubt! Too big for there britches, or own good.
  12. I have seen the movie and enjoyed it, but how couldn't you with Charlton Heston in it. I sure hope we don't get to the point they did.
  13. I've seen most of these and would tend to agree. Guess I'll have to make a point of seeing the rest.