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  1. dBLOOD

    Game of the Moment?

    GUYS! GUYSGUYSGUYSGUYSGUYSGUYS! 😭 I'm literally crying from joy! Persona 4 The Golden is out on Steam! Persona 4 on PC!
  2. https://boundingintocomics.com/2020/03/27/star-trek-picard-showrunner-michael-chabon-admits-he-wanted-to-piss-off-or-provoke-people/ This article describes perfectly what the main philosophy behind Pickard is, and unfortunately it's an agenda, as it usually is these days, instead of creating a great Star Trek series. Again, the agenda drives the story, not the story the agenda. Pickard unfortunately is just one of the badly written, woke, PC-pandering bullshit, the same way Terminator: Dark Fate is. Terrible writing, terrible characters. Very disappointing. Oh, I almost forgot: without spoilers the main story-arch is literally the most cliché, most used bullshit we are seeing these days in video games, and the way it was realized is ridiculoous.
  3. dBLOOD


    Yeah, 51% of this whole covid thing is fear-mongering unfortunately. The mainstream media spews back any bad news they can find. The fact that 80% of the people getting sick is recovering, the fact that it is the most dangerous to people 50+ years old, none of those information are getting to the public, mainstream media is knowingly driving people into a fear-induced panic. Ever heard the saying 'divide and conquer'? That is exactly what's happening with the social piss-dancing. I'm the last person who likes or believes in conspiracy-theories, I think people saying the CIA created the virus to do something is stupid and ridiculous, but corporations abusing the situation is obviously a thing. Also there is a reason the US reacted too late to the epidemic, and the reason is money. There is no universal health-care in the US, and the epidemic need global efforts, which means it costs a lot of money to corporations. People in the US don't like to go to the doctor, because it costs them money. By the way it is a similar situation in the UK, not because of money, but because by the time you get to a doctor, more often than not your condition is way worse than when you realized there is something wrong with your health. I pay taxes here for the last 6 years, and I still did not get to a doctor, and my colon is in my scrotum now. The way the virus spreads is directly connected to the general hygiene, and the hygiene culture in Asia, the US, or unfortunately here is way worse than in a lot of European countries. I just saw an announcement at my workplace the other day warning people not to spit on the floor in the warehouse! How savage do you have to be to do that?
  4. I just rewatched the episode, and it's amazing how prophetic it was. The 'younger, edgier' version is basically sci-fi series in 2020, or the CW channel, since it exists. :D
  5. Yeah, dammit, I have to say, I love the music during the Voyager Borg Cube heist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgzQN_pOo2Y Oh yeah and Agnes is a fucking great character, and not because that was the name of my sister.
  6. I bet you that at some point the Borgs are going to wake up. That would be so ridiculous, and I'm afraid they can't stop themselves from puling that bullshit. Otherwise I'm in with Picard, I'm just scared that it will turn into the new Star Trek series.
  7. dBLOOD

    Game of the Moment?

    How did that waiting for Fallout 76 turned out mate? LUL Update: Beautiful Desolation! It's basically Fallout 2 in point&click adventure game format. I can't emphasize how good this game is! Also had like one patch since it came out, not released in a dogshit state, than one patch every month, as AAA games do.
  8. dBLOOD

    Doctor Who

    Finally a proper Doctor Who episode! Let's hope they don't just spitballing ideas like the writers in Star Wars! Anybody who knows me knows that I am sick of this fucking degenerate PC-pandering bullshit agenda. I like the idea that the new Doctor is female, fuck that, I love it, but just as in Terminator and Star Wars, the agenda drives the story, not the story the agenda, they don't actually do anything with the fact that the new Doctor is a female. The stories were very generic in my opinion. This episode finally brings an interesting story, which I won't spoil obviously. Let me just say there is a lot of fan-service, I hope they will end up with a good storyline! Seriously guys, this (S12x05) was a very good episode compared to the previous one, especially compared to the first Female Season.
  9. OMG, just saw the trailer, beamed the first episode down on my drive (almost wrote hard drive hihi). Praise our lord and saviour Amazon Prime! 😄 Oh, if it's not clear: Picard is on Amazon Prime, you can watch it without paying for it if you have Amazon Prime membership.
  10. Star Trek: Pickard trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhBBXHwEsIo
  11. I am still watching STD, its ridiculous! The more I watch the more I laugh. Overdramatized, ridiculous, twist in every episode. The story is insane! I hate most of the characters, the only one I like is the red hair ensign Tilly. Everybody is suffering and crying all the time, every major character has its own agenda, its basically like Game Of Thrones with bad writing, acting, and characters. Do not watch it if you can only do it for money, doesn't worth a penny, but I do recommend Star Trek fans to watch it, just to experience the insanity. My favourite episode without spoilers is when dark matter has borderline magical attributes... If you want something that is more similar to classic Star Trek, watch The Orville. Its somewhat scuffed, but "it's heart is at the right place".
  12. I like both Star Wars and Star Trek, although I'm a STar Trek-fan. The number one difference between the two is that Star Wars is space fantasy, while star Trek is science fiction. Technology in Star Wars is handled in a very mundane way, with a few words, it has no focus, unlike in Star Trek. As Arthur C. Clarke said once "...science fiction is something that could happen - but usually you wouldn't want it to. Fantasy is something that couldn't happen - though often you only wish that it could." My biggest problem with Star Wars - other than the fact that Disney destroyed the franchise - is that until the Disney movies, only prequels were made, no proper material about the actual present of the SW universe.
  13. If you like hard sci-fi, read some books from Stephen Baxters Xeelee Sequence guys! Flux is not that good in my opinion, but Raft, Vacuum Diagrams, and Timelike Infinity is awesome!
  14. dBLOOD

    Doctor Who

    Dear God! I just found this, sorry to anyone who thinks this is old news! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxB1gB6K-2A Reminds me of the time I learned Tate will be the new companion. To be honest, I did not like the idea at all, but I was wrong, she was brilliant playing Donna, she is one of my favourite New Doctor Who companion. BTW guy I hope you know that Twitch is streaming the classic Doctor Who episodes from time to time, like today (08/01/2019) for example! Watch and co-stream them on !