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  1. This episode was like Wrong Turn 3. Only it is worse than that movie, if it is even possible... Absolutely pointless, with no connection to the main theme (protecting the world from aliens whatever...). I had one good ep till now, and still hope to watch more, I do not give up. :) The fact that sexual content and mindless and/or pervert violence gets higher ratings is really disappointing, allthough I do not know the ratings of the show, nor do I care about it. I still hope that next eps will connect stronger to the main storyline, rather than using the cheap and mindless "sex/violence" trick.
  2. I think it is the best ep so far for me (1 - 4). Cyberboobs was ridiculous, but again something sexual just to increase ratings... pointless for the story... I felt fake the acting of Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones)...
  3. Surprisingly I liked that ep, I like the idea Owen is overwhelmed by the dead girl's emotions so much... And than... Surprise surprise... Gwen had bad luck again... :D This is starting to be ridiculous...
  4. Ep1: I like the character of Gwen... Ep2: OMG... disappointing I will watch the other eps, I hope I will find a good one... Maybe the most disturbing thing is that everyone is kissing everyone else, for seemingly no particular reason. I feel like I am watching some series made for youngsters, adolescent people... For example Gwen has a man - no, it is not a boyfriend - an adult man, looks like around 30, Gwen seems to be a rational adult women too, she seems to taking her relationship with her man seriously... until she steps inside the base. After that she acts like a hormone-overloaded youngster... It seems like the creators thinking sex makes this series more watchable. Which is probably true, but sex is used a lot of times in inconsequent context.
  5. I believe the star wars universe got a lot of fabled things, lot of things are just accepted (accepted by the ppl taking part of the story) but not explained as much. Its calling the child in most of us on a subconscious level. Star Trek is about a utopistic future, it is harder to believe, no matter how well explained it's science is... Just for the record, I like Star Wars too, allthough I like Star Trek more...
  6. you can try to use the install disk to repair windows...
  7. try to switch on some keepalive setting...
  8. I can not understand something... For the record, I can not and do not want to use iplayer for watching UK TV, since I do not live in the UK. Anyway, I simply do not understand why BBC should pay for network-upgrades. I mean does YouTube pay for network upgrades too? Or any owner of such bandwith-consuming service? This is ridiculous.
  9. I do not think it is the second one... I believe I have heared about the Shadow Proclamation more than 2 times... Anyway, I like that too, except Tate showing that typical pitiful human feature not to see farther on like her nose... Notice to Donna: "You can not tinker with history babe! For further details ask your local Time Lord!" :D
  10. dBLOOD

    2008 PC GAMES

    Yeah, Spore will be a good one. :)
  11. Yes, only $600 + display, keyboard, and mouse to use it... Mac Mini on Apple Store
  12. Basically one can make each browser to fit one's needs...
  13. I believe this is not the cause of the high rating. Doctor Who is less geekish as usually sci-fi series are.
  14. Well, I am not sure... Anyway, Rose was searching for the Doctor, it is obvious... Or do you think it is only a coinsidence, that she appears exactly where strange things happened?
  15. Agree. I still want Tate out of the series, but I like her performance in this ep. O M G
  16. dBLOOD

    April Fools

    Well, it is hungarian, but anyway... http://itcafe.hu/hir/apple_jobs_macbook_air_magyarorszag.html It says something like this: Hungarian mac-users wrote a petition to Jobs to make a hungarian (translated) version from the OSx software. Jobs answered them in a press release: "My dear hungarian friends! I find the way you turned to me very touching. We have in deed fallbacks in the central-european region. ... While I can not promise to take immediate actions, as the appreciation towards the efforts and loyality of our hungarian users, Apple is ready to offer 1000 MacBook Air for people proven to know Apple's products and the OSx well." The first 1000 ppl answering corretly gets an Apple MacBook Air. To be part of the contest, one must register (with correct personal data) on Apple's website. The contest starts today at 12:00 AM.
  17. Well... Bethesda has its touch on it...
  18. I think "Rendezvous with Rama" is better than Space Odyssey series, I love that story. I just hope they do not screw it up...
  19. Cyberpunk is much more than silly virtual reality scenes and sparking special effects, as the movie Johnny Mnemonic also. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberpunk#Setting
  20. Yes it is, the alien2 is got a lot from cyberpunk style...
  21. What a surprise... My favorite in the saga was Alien2 because those cyberpunk-military style weapons/things... Since than only B-movies was made in the Alien-Lore.
  22. Generally I think about TV series very differently... I usually do not percieve weak acting in my favorite shows, it must be very much weak for me to realize that. It is especially true for TSCC, because I am a huge Terminator (particularly T2) fan. An interesting information about T3: the two men said in skynex.com's podcast to the pilot, that we should "forget about T3, like it never hapened", although it is an unofficial statement. I wish I could forget about it... :'( I do not think the finale had a soft landing, I am curious about the degree of damage the Cameron unit has taken. If anyone interested about season 2, read this article, it is an interview with Josh Friedman & Brian Austin.
  23. Season 2: Episode 4: Oversight The next paragraph holds information about specific characters in the episode, DO NOT unfold it, if you want to watch it with your own eyes first! 4/7 down, 3 in the wild.