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  1. lol, spam a little more. it'll get your points up. :cyclops:
  2. I could have googled that much; but, thanks. B) It does seem to be similar idea to Big Bang Theory except that the nerds work with her instead of live across the hall from the girl and the Big Bang guys are scientists instead of tech support. Reading that wiki page it says so it might/might not get picked up as a U.S. series. Some do and don't get very far. The Office is doing well. Coupling did not. It sounds like something I'd watch if it was shown around here. maybe BBCAmerica will pick it up one day.
  3. no, she's a call girl.
  4. I've had no computer or online time since Friday morning. PC problems so I'm just getting back to a normal routine as well.
  5. lol, whatever your thoughts on Billie Piper's Rose, what do you think of her new character Belle on her new show on Showtime? hint, hint some people will think she fits the character perfectly.
  6. since this is about the Big Bang Theory program perhaps you could explain what the IT Crowd is so we can actually compare the two.
  7. technology is highly involved in most social gatherings now. texting is almost as common or moreso than talking on the phone. only the more isolated areas don't use tech to give party info or set up meetings.
  8. I had to look this one up on Google myself before it came on tv. There seem to be, at least, 3 main alternate universes. Betaverse is ours with Cape Town. Alphaverse has Cape City and more technology and pollution. Gammaverse may not even have cities. Charlie Jade is from Alphaverse and is trapped in Betaverse. There is someone else from Alphaverse also trapped. She caused the explosion that trapped Charlie. She seems to be a terrorist or freedom fighter. There is a company trying to gain power in all 3 universes. She fights them. A guy named O1(oh-one) seems to be able to travel between universes all by himself. He's a serial killer and a (little?) loony. ;) The creators of the show also tinted the scenes so you can tell which universe you are watching by the the overall tint. Green(alpha), blue(beta) or red(gamma). Probably helped them figure out how to keep things separate themselves. Charlie Jade also seems to be able to travel or see multiple universes but thinks he's suffering hallucinations.
  9. okay, I'm not sure if the girl with pointy ears actually had surgery or if the photo is faked but the cat lady is a real crazy person. Jocelyn Wildenstein. look her up on the web. she wanted her hubbie to be more attracted to her so she had her features altered to be more feline. ruined a perfectly normal face. not because she wanted to look like a cat but because she thought her husband might like her more if she looked like a cat. one scenario is strange but the other is weird. you should never modify your body for someone else.
  10. Did you ever see his episodes of Murphy Brown? Traveling photographer that everyone but Murphy seemed to know? WOW! MURPHY BROWN! now your reaching back! ha! i do actually! Peter Hunt was his name. he did a lot in the 90's. .. wow amnot, you must be as old as me! (or older, heres hopin!) http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0065169/ Murphy Brown is still shown on cable but yes, I'm one of the older members here. In age and membership, lol. Kyran beats me in both.
  11. dang computer did its kiss me kill me thing again (upgrade then crash) so I've been offline since Friday or I'd have posted about this episode by now. EARTH IS NUKED? That's wack, dude. It looked worse than Caprica after the Cylon attack. Now, we wait six or more months to see what they do with a dead planet. I hate it when SciFi grabs me by the short and curlies and then yanks.
  12. Most walkthrough's are copies of Brokaliv's and don't seem to mention Beauty Line. SO, I have no idea what you need but I found this: http://faqs.ign.com/articles/840/840492p1.html and this one does mention Beauty Knots in Whitecross. http://www.mycheats.com/view/section/3139172/20207/hellgate__london/pc
  13. you ate his last jelly baby? so sad. :'(
  14. Many people outside of the UK never grew up with it either but here in the States we did get to see a few episodes now and again on public tv. Tom Baker! yes! stupid hat and scarf made him the Doctor to remember.
  15. lol, I forgot to mention that we also have people who just like to read our comments and browse. They don't write much but they are here.