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  1. humm i picked up a samsung q45 for around £550, not bad has vista HP, 1.66 c2d, 2 gigs ram, 250gb hdd, 1.3pxcam, upto 6hrs battery. down side is well its small (1.9kg), 13" screen oh yeah it has an intel onborad graphics... (well you didn't say you wanted a gaming platform!) :p
  2. humm hu??? what i just checked now and its the finale... well it wasn't me......
  3. i see that killerav is getting abit pekkish.. eh?? OOooooOOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOoo :O
  4. haha lowest 35%... theres hope for me yet...
  5. HAHA nothing still....?
  6. whoa, only saw it now lol, i liked it when it flipped on of the lions! silly moo, next time he'll run faster!
  7. :?: twas a joke, just imagine someone watching alien and thinking it was a documentary..lol
  8. i haven't gone on hols... oh sh..... :O
  9. thats not new, wern't ppl using robots to load cargo in that alien documentary.....?
  10. hang on theres two of 'em.....
  11. Fools! Hayden was inocent! [move]MoooHaaHaaaaa.... [/move]