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  1. Okay, so what happened is I watched literally the first scene, realized that in tone the series has nothing to do with the old Sabrina series, stopped watching it right away, and cancelled my Netflix subscription, also right away! I am not exaggerating, that is exactly what happened! So I could not tell you whether the series goes anywhere or not.
  2. Okay, sorry, I'm doing this all the time, let me explain myself! The original Sabrina-series was a comedy series targeting mostly teenagers. It's not bad, it's just that it feels to me like Riverdale, or True Blood, or the other young adult horror/drama series they make these days. I was disappointed because I loved the original Sabina, so much so that I stopped watching it after seeing the first scene of the pilot. I haven't seen Riverdale, but you see one of these young adult series, you see them all. It felt like Smallville with horror. I don't want to ruin anybidy's fun, I would recommend you to watch the pilot and than decide!
  3. The move was basically my last option, I could not get a proper job in my country. I only regret not doing it a few years earlier! I am proud to say that I am a tax-payer since two weeks after I arrived, I'm not here to live on benefits! I love fish and chips, that's the best food ever, the pizza is a bit expensive, but I order a lot through their app from Domino's. I want to go to Stonehenge once in my life, otherwise I'm not really a tourist kind of guy.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybKUX6thF8Q Guys do you remember the TV-series Sabrina The Teenage Witch? It was a cute and silly little comedy series back i the nineties. I remember watching it a lot, and loving it. It was a nice, light little series. Well, the new one has nothing to do with it. It's basically like every young adult fantasy series since Buffy. The original one, not Riverdale. Am I getting too old? Why do they have to remake everything into retarded young adult/teenage drama bullshit?
  5. dBLOOD

    Game of the Moment?

    I am absolutely crazy about Warframe. I put 1000+ hours into it. There is a new expansion coming in November, you will be able to roam freely in another large open area (the first and only one currently is The Plains Of Eidolon on Earth), they will introduce a hoverboard. The game is free, you can grind out almost everything you are able to get in the game, there are even alerts with otherwise purchasable skins as rewards. The main story and the lore is fascinating in my opinion. Beautiful environments, greatly optimized, with interesting mechanics. Check it out guys!
  6. Hi, I'm a Hungarian guy living in England for the last five years. People who know me can probably that I'm not an easy-going guy, I get a bit too enthusiastic about certain things, but I believe I have a good heart, I just don't express myself the proper way! I like sci-fi, Doctor Who, video games, and I'm getting into an age when I start to feel that things were better 'in the old days'. I'm closer to forty than thirty. My forum nickname comes partly from my teenage, edgy period, partly from being bullied because my weirdness and my unusual voice from high school.
  7. I bought a quite powerful gaming PC from pcspecialist a few years ago, I updated some stuff in it, it's still quite good. I bought a PS4 for FFXV and Persona5, a Vita for Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 The Golden (yes I wrote the full name, because its that great, Chie4ever!), and recently a 2DSXL for Fantasy Life, so I guess I'm still pretty much a gamer, now that I have the money to be able! I mostly play Warframe these days though, check it out guys, it's a great game, and its free! You play as a space ninja!
  8. dBLOOD

    Doctor Who

    Yeah, the three companions remind me of the classic series, and I love that. And the fact that the new Doctor is a woman!
  9. I don't know how much you know about this, I haven't even heard about it either until it was shut down (although I'm not interested in VR), but there was a fan-made VR-game/experience called Stage 9. This thing recreated the interior of Enterprise-D, it was similar in look to the VR game "Star Trek: Bridge Commander", and it got Cease and Desisted recently by CBS. Here is a short video about the game and the C&D from Nerd3.
  10. Yeah, sorry about the inflammatory tone by the way! Anyway, I would love to watch new, proper ST again, I'm afraid they cancel Orville!
  11. I thought I saw a message from you saying that you close down the forum. Do we know which universe is it going to happen? The original, or the pandering to PC-sheep universe?
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    You mean she is a botch?
  13. OMG WHAT? :o http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_IT_Crowd It is about 2 guys taking care about computers in a basement of an office. :D
  14. Basically it is the US version of IT Crowd. But I like it.
  15. It is about two nerds, and The Babe, who moves in...
  16. Yeah, it's a great show, I hope season 2 will come soon...
  17. OMG! (me just watching) Finally a great ep! :D Is it a Moffat episode? Hmm... it was interesting without the TARDIS...
  18. I have AMD and nVidia too, never had any BSOD with SP3...
  19. big suprise: data loss in UK... :D
  20. Queenie you hear?! Last chance for the wedding! :o
  21. thinking in stereotypes... how typical... As I said, I like her character, not her boobs... She had balls, she did when she had to what she had to... I am watching it for the story, only for the story, for nothing else.
  22. I only care about watching Rose again, for me she was the only sidekick with balls! :D
  23. I voted good, I like it more than any the previous eps... It was really good, except of those sentences about the stopper at the end...
  24. Wow! I am impressed. Actually good episode. I like the story, it is connencted to the Torchwood itself, the sexual content seems to be logical (alien seducing the babe :D). I would like to see more eps NOT about the Torchwood characters, rather about Torchwood cases...
  25. Yes, good point, Star Wars has a simple story, there is good and there is evil, they fighthing, good wins, evil loose, period. Star Trek is more about the human factor, more complex stories, harder decisions.