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  1. I'd have been too young to participate in any meet-ups back then. I've done it since with people from other forums so I'd be down for any opportunities to do so with the people here!
  2. Hi! Yes, I'm planning to watch in order including the films, and when I get to the right point I'll check the correct ordering of NextGen/DS9/Voyager episodes to make sure the crossover makes sense. I was going to avoid the animated series but I may change that based on your recommendation!
  3. I love what we've had so far! The latest episode (Rosa) especially.
  4. The first episode has happened and it was great!!!
  5. On the first forum I joined I called myself flicky, after the Sonic characters. Since then I've embraced the whole blue bird side of it.
  6. Hi I'm flicky. 26 years old, English, gender undetermined. Favourite sci-fi is Doctor Who, but if you don't consider that real sci-fi then I also like Asimov. Favourite book series of all time is Harry Potter. Favourite TV shows other than Doctor Who include Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Once Upon a Time. IRL I am a software analyst. On the internet I am a small bluebird. *chirp*
  7. i heard that Hogwarts Mystery game was terrible.
  8. Probably mostly PC (both home and work), but very often phone too. And occasionally iPad.
  9. flicky

    Doctor Who

    Three companions is traditional for Doctor Who, of course, but it's not been the norm for some time. And I've only ever seen Bradley Walsh as a game show host too - as well as The Chase, they're repeating his season of Wheel of Fortune at weekends at the moment.
  10. flicky

    Doctor Who

    Yeah, Peter Capaldi was a really great Doctor! Then again, I find it hard to dislike anything to do with Doctor Who.
  11. Currently reading: The Long Earth

  12. Nice! I've not got around to the "starting a family" thing yet but I've had a job for five years as of the Sunday just gone, which seems incredible since it really doesn't seem that long.
  13. Is there an option to allow us to edit our posts? Or am I just not seeing the button? EDIT: Works now, thanks!