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  1. You thought you were a geek? Think again! Here's a REAL geek test: http://www.innergeek.us/geek-test.html It even takes geek stamina, just to finish it!! ^_^ My result: LOL, how do they come up with this stuff. :D ____ Edit: btw, this was my 5000th post. Special occasion indeed, rofl.
  2. I got 69%, would that be significant? :cyclops: (lol, a quickly google boosted me to 86%, I guess that's cheating though)
  3. At the end of the year a new version with a built-in blue-ray drive will replace the current models of the xbox360. A subsidiary of asus has been found in preparation for the assembly line. The drives themselves are supposedly build by Lite On. The introduction will mean 'old' models will get a significant pricecut. Microsoft obviously denies it all, as it would seriously cut sales if they openly admitted to planning this new feature which would instantly make all other xbox versions near obsolete (slight exaggeration :p ). In any case, if you were planning on buying one, I'd hold for half a year. If you've already got one, you may consider selling it within half a year, before the masses become aware of the introduction of the new version. :cyclops: http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20080331PD214.html http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20080502PB200.html http://udn.com/NEWS/FINANCE/FIN1/4323974.shtml (and for those who require translation: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fudn.com%2FNEWS%2FFINANCE%2FFIN1%2F4323974.shtml&langpair=zh%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF8 )
  4. http://baesystems.com/Newsroom/NewsReleases/autoGen_10832814523.html FYI, BAe is a British company that specialises in defence projects. In any case, I wouldn't want to be a soldier on a future battlefield filled with autonomous robots. These miniature, spy versions could very well become crucial in future warfare, if they can make them small enough. But even without military use. The prospect of usefull robot miniaturisation combined with some form of ai could have tons of good uses.
  5. What kind of extra's I find usefull on the forum: - rename topic button - show topics by user - treasury and sidebar indicator - users online today - new topic button (yes, smf 1.1 doesn't come default with it O_O ) - report to moderator - stars-mod (just for uniformity and looks) - recent topics in the sidebar is usefull when there's only been a few replies since last visit I probably forgot a few things I like. The most usefull non-trivial... Hmmm, not sure, I could do without most, would just take more effort to do things. I guess I'd have to take recent topics. In case of a forum-reorganisation, I'd strike the entire sidebar though, it just takes up room. The treasury indicator can be put in a different spot on top, the recent topics can take the place of recent posts on the bottom. Seems to me like the easiest solution.
  6. That's a thing I've heard mentioned many a time, but no-one has ever been able to show it to me, as my computer miraculously does not have that 'problem', I don't use that "ConservativeFileSwapUsage" switch either. As such, I've needed to conclude that this statement that I keep hearing from lots of people is a load of bull. Sure windows uses some 5-15 MB of swap all the time for god knows what, probably something that's never needed but needs to reside in mem anyway. Truthfully, my active swap never exceeds 15MB, not even when I have 950MB of RAM in use. These 15MB that just resides in the pagefile won't make a difference in new computers. I presume they may be related to the 'some apps won't run properly without a pagefile issue'. In any case, starting from win2k (I've very little experience with NT4), excessive pagefile usage has never been a problem on any system I've used. Win9x, well, it was reasonably fast and efficient if it worked at all (it had numerous memory management related problems, among others), but let's all just forget about it, since it's no longer relevant.
  7. Approximately eh... right... Anyway, I'm affraid simple logic won't do, not as simple as you put in anyway, but that's something for another time and another thread. ;D
  8. Actually, the number of writes allowed on flash are so high by now, that you won't even end up having used them all in the next 50 years. All flash drives have build-in balancing which means that the same sectors are not used all the time. Because of the incredible access speed compared to hard disks, files do not have to be contiguous. Aside from a whole chip failing at once, it's much more secure than hard disks. Then again, who needs a pagefile if you've got 4GB of ram... Sure, you can make one for compatibility reasons (some progs just don't work properly without one), but I wouldn't expect it to actually see some use. I've got 1GB in my old computer and even that one NEVER actively uses the page file. If it would, I would instantly shut down some apps, since paging means too much speed loss.
  9. It depends on what you use your laptop for. Some uses see big improvements from a faster hdd, others see hardly any. Personally, I always choose size over speed, reason being, the bigger the hard drive, the faster it becomes, in terms of max throughput (within the same generation), though access times usually suffer a bit (if you're into large files (anything over a few dozen MB), access times hardly matter though). However, if you don't care about noise and power usage, and don't have a need for very large hard disk sizes, then a 7200 rmp hdd would always be the better choice. For me, noise and power usage are big issues however. You could always go for one of those new flash drive thingies (only costs $600 for 64 GB or so, LOL), if access time is your thing. :D
  10. You know, that kind of thing (if a user has a prob with another user's sigs etc...) should really be put in pm's, instead of polluting the thread...
  11. Well, something I hadn't heard of before, but Safari is not nearly as fast as it was made out to be. I just ran into this link on a review about Opera 9.5 bèta 2 which explains why it's not nearly as fast as most tests show it to be: http://www.howtocreate.co.uk/safaribenchmarks.html In addition to that, Safari security flaws keep popping up on a steady basis, they can't plug the holes fast enough it seems: http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/2008/04/28/researcher-discovers-spoofing-security-flaw-in-safari-3-1-1 Opera on the other hand currently has 0 outstanding known security flaws, if there are holes, they are plugged within the week and 9.5 bèta 2 is about twice as fast as 9.27, easily beating FF 3.0 bèta 5: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080428-hands-on-opera-9-5-beta-2-improves-speed-adds-features.html The author of the review does openly admit being a fan of Opera however, and not all other reviews I've seen indicate the same speed difference, as such, it's probably fair to say, FF 3 and Opera 9.5 will be strong contenders for 'best browser' and personal preference is likely to be the decisive factor in adoption of either one. Personally, I'm likely to stick with Opera, I've become so used to the interface, that switching would take too much effort (sort of the same reason that keeps me on windows XP, instead of switching to Linux permanently, since I hardly ever play games anyway). :cyclops:
  12. hmm, this episode really wasn't my thing, I found it boring, slow, full of plot holes, yada yada. Why do geniuses always have to be incredibly stupid? This episode was the worst of the season so far imho. It's clear I'm probably going to be alone in this, still wanted to voice it. Only one moment of joy, followed by a moment of horror, when it seemed Donna was leaving, I was thrilled, only to be horrified half a minute later. Some of the Doctor's humor is getting old too, always the same kind of silly jokes... Maybe it just isn't my day or so.
  13. That was a very nice article/story/video. I still find it amazing how progressive they were, back in those days.
  14. It could even be as simple as a badly seated video card. Though, the mouse that stops working, seems to indicate something might really be wrong with the motherboard (as long as drivers and such aren't the issue). A quick visual inspection should at least satify whether or not there are leaking capacitors. Appart from that, you'll have to go with trial and error, if you suspect hardware failure.
  15. ehh, can you run that through a msg4real translator for me. o_O Seriously, I've no idea what you're talking about or even what your problem really is. ^_^
  16. Well, one thing that happens quite frequently with Avira, is server overload during business hours when they release a bigger than usual update for their scanner. No idea if avg has a similar issue. If you update during the 'quiet times', it usually goes quit fast. A few things you could do to test if your hard disk is near death: - Run a disk check from the disk manager with both options ticked, you'll be asked to reboot and on reboot it'll check your hard disk for errors and try to repair them, at the end of the task, it'll tell you if and how many logical errors were found/fixed/unfixable, you have to be really quick to see it though, since it immediately reboots, you can press pause to get a longer look. - Find out what brand hard disk is in your laptop and run that manufacturer's disk utility to scan the drive's functionality. - Run a simply SMART check utility to see if your hard disk's smart tells you something usefull (not very often though, SMART pretty often fails to report most of the problems, even when it should be able to) - Take your hard disk out of your laptop and whack it really hard with a hammer.
  17. Happy birthday kyran! :) (bit late tho, sorry)
  18. Pretty sure it's not a new insight (considering how much discussion about this on the internet), but one thing that came to mind when reading your post was the time scale: On Star Wars you pretty much have millenia of basically the same war, it's easy enough to pop in a new storyline somewhere in the middle of all that time (cfr kotor), while in case of star trek, mostly everything is pretty well *cough* defined in a fairly limited time period (compared to sw, it's only a couple of centuries after all), so creating a new and interesting storyline in that time frame seems quite hard to me, without messing with continuity even more (we all know people hate it when the authors have messed with continuity again, be it voluntarily or not).
  19. You sure about those lives? Mind you I'm a Dr. Who n00b, but I've seen the movie some time ago, didn't they say he had only 13 lives? I checked on wiki before posting, there's also a reference about him having only 13 lives, I only skimmed it though, so maybe there's also a reference about the limited number being 'corrected'. I'd appreciate it, if any of you could point me to a respectable trustworthy source. :)
  20. Rose had balls? :o eeeeeewww O_O :cyclops:
  21. hmm, yes, the doctor's song must end? Could I read Tennant's last season in this? Another doctor next year? If so, they're starting to run out of lives for the doctor...
  22. True enough, let me expand on what I meant with that comment though: if they have all their money in cash in a safe at home, it would seem pretty certain to me that they didn't pay all their taxes correctly in the previous years, not that it's impossible, it just seems unlikely to me. (maybe I'm just too suspicious of human honesty where money is concerned)
  23. That's easy, Star Wars is all about exciting things with individuals, while Star Trek is much more often about 'the team', it's harder to make a good game about an individual in a team (where the team is the most important thing) than it is to make one about a heroic individual. (imho)