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  1. and there all the same panel just glued somewhere else! lol! nice!! the bottom one looks reallly good!
  2. WORD: Treknobabble INFO: trek·no·bab·ble [trek-noh-bab-uhl] –noun DEFINITION: "incomprehensible technical language or jargon used in the Star Trek world" EXAMPLE: "..all we have to do, is repolarise the phase variance of the warp mainfolds to 47.7 tera-cochrens, then re-align eps conduit 22 alpha, to a narrow bandwidth......" this topic was inspired by Tenebrae's post entitled, "Janeway's Third Way" which can be found here. Read it. Its good.
  3. I love Trek! anyone who "knows me", here or anywhere else, knows that. But let's face it, that pretty much sums up the basic forumla for writing a trek-like story/scenario. granted, voyager did it the morst, but they all used that basic formula. kinda sad, but true. none the less, you/we love it, or you/we wouldnt be here, reading posts like this! nice post! kinda deep! @tenebrae you have inspired me to start a new topic. look for it! -b33z
  4. nah... nut good stuff though! well done! i believe the youtube uploader is the creator as well
  5. and i guess AI isnt really trusted all that much. less data of course. like on voyager, "prototype" , torres was kidnapped by a ship full of robots. was just on tv here yesterday!
  6. ya, some of those were tough. i think i got lucky
  7. Whoa... That's a little harsh maybe, but honestly, if there ever was a bitch, wesley took the cake, and ate it too!
  8. thats right. but wasnt that like a prototype, or alien, or could hurt kill her or somethin like that? either way, still the most adv interface tech SF had come up with (and like above, maybe SF didnt even come up with it!)
  9. not always true. i myself have witnessed three fires (two VERY large), one tornado, and one police/swat shoot out! in all instances either me, or me mate, had a camera. and in all instances, i (we) instisted on getting closer.... i admit that we were not the smartest group around, but the footage we got! better than porn! but, i suppose thats all pretty rare tho... nevermind. ur right! lol! we have a winner! ding ding ding! i completely agree. thats always, always, always been the issue especialy with scifi.
  10. what happend hayden? you shoulda destroyed me! lol
  11. forgot about that. nice! dude, ur like an uber-geek! all hail! exactly what im sayin. wow.. i just notice that voyager is on tv! its 9am! guess im not usually up this early! hahaha.... Paris just hit warp ten! transwarp! oooooooooo! if they can get it to work they might get home! hehehehehe...... im an ass...lol
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVmWXxvB7_E the youtube bbcode doesnt work for some reason (for the record, i suggest AutoEmbedVideoCode_v2.2 since it doesnt require you to use any bbcode. its automatic!) so i just posted the link. NJoy! -b33z edit: oh yes it does. :p [yt=425,350]CVmWXxvB7_E[/yt]
  13. by Anthony Pascale - June 4, 2008 - Filed under: Star Trek (2009 film) Source With the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie still eleven months away, is it too early to be talking about a sequel? Apparently to Paramount Pictures the answer is ‘no.’ Star Trek co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci has revealed exclusively to TrekMovie.com that the studio is already perusing the new Trek team to nail them down for a follow-up. In yesterday’s article about JJ Abrams views on Spoilers, Orci dropped by the talkback section and interacted with the fans. Although Bob expressed his backing of the Abrams ‘no spoilers’ policy, when pressed for some spoilers (including showing him the Queen of Diamonds from The Manchurian Candidate), Orci let the following out of the bag: After reading that TrekMovie.com contacted Mr. Orci to get some more details. Orci first wanted to clarify that Paramount wants ALL of the Trek team back, or as he has dubbed them: ‘The Supreme Court.’ This would mean the return of co-writers/exec producers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman, producer Damon Lindelof, executive producer Bryan Burk and director/producer JJ Abrams. There are no detailed discussions yet, but Orci tells TrekMovie “they would like to lock us down” for the sequel, but he points out: It has previously been reported that Paramount has signed all the major actors with options for two additional films, which is also standard practice. It should also be remembered that the first talks between the Abrams team and Paramount about the 2009 Star Trek feature were in early 2006. That being said, all indications from TrekMovie sources are that Paramount is very enthusiastic about the new Star Trek and the team behind it. The move of the film from Christmas 2008 to the Summer 2009 season was a big indication that they think Trek can join Tranformers (and now Iron Man) as one of their stable of tent-pole franchises. If one were to guess, then the likeliest timing for any sequel would be 2011. Paramount seem to be spreading their franchises out with two year gaps now like with the 2009 Transformers 2 and the talk of a 2010 Iron Man 2. Of course finding time on the busy schedules for the Abrams team is always an issue. Abrams has multiple TV and film projects in the works as a producer and there has been some talk of him directing an adaptation of the Steven King’s Dark Tower following Star Trek (he will at least be producing it). For their part Orci and Kurtzman have a number of projects going, most notably now the aforementioned Transformers 2, but also nine other films as either writer or producer. Orci, Abrams and Kurtzman are also spending a lot of time on their new Fox TV series Fringe, premiering in the Fall of 2008. Orci notes: Of course since we still don’t know where Star Trek ends, it is difficult to talk about what the sequel would be like (except we know it would retain much of the same cast). When asked if he and Alex have put much thought into the sequel, Orci states: But what to call it? Of course one of the bigger issues they will have to deal with is what to call a sequel. Star Trek II is already taken. TrekMovie.com suggests finding a name like The Dark Knight, the sequel to the Batman reboot Batman Begins. There is no reason that ‘Star Trek’ needs to be in the title. This year we will see the 22nd film in the James Bond franchise and not a single one has had the name ‘Bond’ in it.
  14. no no.. i know that part. i read the book and have the movie. (vhs!) what a trip that was. i was refering to the sudden rant! hehe.. say, wasnt that roughly the same time the ghost in the machine movie came out?