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  1. LOl - Hvala! (thanks) Well we met only because I returned to help out with the "help nite campaign" and checked in into the irc channel and there she was and the rest is history :)
  2. Exactly - and hey thanks for all greetings and stuff :) we're having a blast here in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and marriage is soon coming up :) Mateya says it's awkward but she is happy (I can tell haha..and well so am I) - now we're off to watch more Scifi!!
  3. See ya guys - going to Mateya; we're getting married :) in 2 weeks and I leave Sweden for Slovenia tomorrow :D Many thanks to the Niteshdw community - since I met her through this community one could say! Take care everyone!
  4. Mine does for sure; It's Galactus, the Devourer of worlds and the single most powerful cosmic entity in the Marvel universe :D "I bestow upon thee, a portion of my own power cosmic!" haha
  5. Now this is the kind of iniative I've been looking for! :) Way to go! Kudos!!
  6. Happy birthday everyone and especially; Mateya! :D
  7. Yes, all the donations since the "Help Nite Campaign" has strictly been for the case & if need-be, family support (worst case scenario) and the previous donations before that has been to strictly maintain the forum/server/Internet - but I have a lot of faith in Nites idea on how to work with rather than just go straight at in a clash. I think this is a great opportunity to at least try and make some change so this a welcome new turn on things! =)
  8. Please keep this thread at it's intended function - I appreciate your views, but this is not the place for them to be debated - there are several other threads for that. I'm happy to see such response, some ideas and efforts displayed here more than others > I'm especially intrigued by the notions of talking to friends asking them to pitch in, doing garage/bake sales and all that > Mav also had a great run there at trying to do what he could do! That's exactly the thing people! To DO what one CAN, not trying to 'save the world' or anything by oneself > but to reach out within the means availble - again be it money, be it political work, maybe knowing other admins or people or officials out there than can help us - anything basically =) What Nite will now try to do (as can be seen in his blog) is a good idea > I'm going to donate some more myself as soon as I get the opportunity > if everyone keeps adding-to in the same manner as has already been done to a small extent, I think we have a chance of making some change; So please, continue to support Niteshdw as long as you can!! And, make good use of those greycells, I know all the people here have a good number of them and also many here have a lot of potenial now to pitch in and making their voices and ideas heard - not only for the intent of this thread (donations for one) but also, in the direction Nite is taking his case. I really want to stress that point that here's a great opportunity if you can be brave enough to seize it > so as Picard used to say "let's try to better ourselves" and with those words > try to do our best and make a differance! Thank you so much - all people who have so far taken the time to read this thread and also especially for those who have acted on it in different ways!!
  9. Lol thanks - it feels great being 2x100 :D Happy birthday cardnut!
  10. Very well said everyone!!! I'm proud to stand side to side with you people!
  11. http://www.mpaa.justgotowned.com/ Funny things aside, a lot of this topic is already covered in HERE
  12. Oh yeah I forgot: Another interesting thing concerning this community is that shows such as Quantum Leap and Space 1999 etc. not to mention any Trek and others, has already been on TV (at least at my location) easily 4-5 times if not more over the years. As for the real old shows like Space 1999 etc. had it not been for this community, I strongly doubt that they had ever gotten any attention at all since they really were buried and forgotten many many years ago - hell even abandoned by 'the owners'. Other shows such as Lost, Stargate etc. are also airing on TV if not now, they have been - Lost btw is in on its second rerun atm. I don't see a problem with finding them on the Net anywhere when they're already on TV anyhow. =)
  13. Very good - my point exactly but you should have added: The highest cost for a movie = tom cruise or arnold or whoever earning 50% of the entire cost in wages or similar which in fact is nothing different from the "big company crooks" taking home 200 million dollars in pensions while they on the other hand will have to kick 2000-3000 people in order to afford to pay that one boss. And remember... all the "these are the reasons for blabla" is just propaganda - just like the Iraqi war or anything else >> propaganda produced so that people are molded to think what 'they' want people to think - most likeley made by the same marketing guys who made the commercials. But I agree - for some special reasons - this have all had to be moderated, but nonetheless it's the truth and it's time for some revolution
  14. Thanks everone for such a great and rapid response (again)! Keep it up! What Nite would really need is a lawyer that'd go pro bono or take a low fee (which we could possibly cover with the donations) So again I wish to remind to 1) stick to S0v's rules as we're under the "bigbrother supervision" and 2) There are more ways to aid than money alone (I'm at a donation of $50 currently myself - not counting previous donations of course and more will come from me as well within range of my personal economy) Money is good it's a great start > but, also support from the entire BT community and other communites, contacts with officials and lawyers that supports this cause, websites, press anything you can think of > so get those grey cells working - this is afterall a community with a lot of brainy people :) Especially pro-bono lawyers or lawyers that'd support us is a high priority Again, thanks people - your support means A LOT!
  15. I'm glad to see such rapid response already - that is truly reassuring and impressive! My original msg contained some stuff that I believe is important to point out however due to practicality, I had to remove it because we need to honor S0v's request on keeping everything on the floor and while I'm certain everyone already knows of the rules and what we really mean - it'd be advisable to refrain from certain words to keep away from fueling the fire just yet... Please respect S0v's groundrules because they're there for good reason and hey - I'm very proud of you guys and happy to be part of this community! Keep the ideas and aid pouring - can you support our cause by other means such as blogs, articles etc, bring it on! Aid isn't always only about money... =)