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  1. The way I understand it, is that 16 bit apps will absolutely no longer run on xp64. Not that I use 16 bit apps, but once in a while I run some old 16 bit games, just for remembering the old times and so... Still, I will not be upgrading to 64 bit any sooner than the stable release of longhorn. I don't see that much benefit in it all, even more so if you check out the early benchmarks posted on different sites on the web. They all say the same thing: not more than 1-2% speed profit depending on the test used. EDIT: But then again, when are microsoft releases ever stable!! :D
  2. Well, that might be so for you, but I tried getting one and they would only accept creditcards in my case. Don't know whether they just dislike me or dislike my country, but just a bankaccount was not enough. EDIT: Just tried it again just to be sure, last time I tried was over two months ago. It still requires a creditcard, either visa or mastercard. Nothing else is accepted.
  3. Don't have a credit card and am not that interested in getting one solely to get a paypal account. I understand other methods of donation are rather hard to control, so until I need a credit card for other reasons also, I probably won't be a contributor. There are no other reasons not to contribute for me. I really like the site and very much appreciate all the effort Nite and all others put into it.
  4. heh, I actually currently don't have a tv, so that should be easy enough! ;)
  5. So far all star trek has been crew based, I don't know how I would react to suddenly having 1 main character.
  6. Dang, it took me an hour or so and even then I only got it after reading the following: Bill Gates and Petals Around the Rose I do recommend you reed this as wel, since it is rather funny! BTW no spoilers are contained in that text, so you can read it safely. What I do not understand is how a five sided dice can help with the answer (NiteShdw).
  7. Yeah, the whole idea is a bit simplistic. If you buy the stock in small amounts, the idea would work. But the whole point was to buy it all. Simple economics say that if demand rises, prices go up and furthermore, you'd also have to find stock holders willing to sell!! A complete buy-out is also not possible, because you need an organisation to do so, you can't buy them with thousands of people. So, then you have the stock problem again. So all in all a bad idea!
  8. Started using the internet in 1996, had cable then, still have cable now. Problem is, in these nearly 10 years, speeds have only doubled for me. Was incredibly fast then, am quite slow now! :(
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    Oh, man, shut up!!! I'm gettin' hungry!!! :D
  10. The whole US TV/movie-industry is going through a period of lack of creativity. This is partly because so much money is possibly to be gained/lost with it. So they just choose the easy way and try to do stuff that worked before and not try really new inventive things. There are new and inventive things out there, but they just don't receive enough cash to make it work. It's hard to be pushed to creativity, usually idea's just pop up and if financing is found it'll happen. New idea's probably just don't seem to be economically viable enough for the producers...
  11. Yeah but by 1941 the whole world knew it was not. :stare: Yes they did, but not for the reason we all know now and the one I guess you are implying. Untill late 1941 I believe the US was still trying NOT to go to war with Germany. And the only reason they did was because their countrymen were also attacked by the subs. It wasn't untill late 1944 that the world discovered the horror the nazi's had caused.
  12. Not sure whether I would like to be 'put to sleep' with the smell of rotten eggs. I suspect they have a VERY long way to go before any of this can be put to practical use in space exploration. The 'closer' goals they mentioned seem more likely candidates for immediate use. In every case: I don't like the smell of it! :D
  13. Hi to you! Yeah, this site is the best! Welcome to NiteShdw. :D
  14. Has anyone ever tried zoomplayer? I use it for just about anything, very neat little program.
  15. I don't know about this one: TRIP: "You say you want some porn?" I can imagine him saying that! :cyclops:
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    how many...

    Ok, back on topic now! How about 150 million minor fans and 15 million major fans? Something like that I would presume!
  17. The color the officer in question is wearing does not necessarily have to do with his prime/major function on the ship, but more with the function the officer is executing at that time. For example: geordi is chief engineer, that means he has a command function so he should be wearing red, in fact he does also wear red, but only in a few occasions. Since he is usually executing his function as engineer, without the emphasis on the chief and command functions, he usually wears gold. Same goes for data, although I have to admit I never ever saw him wear blue.
  18. Just curious as to how the age groups at nite's relate to each other? The groups seem to be chosen ad random, but I asure you, they are not. If you fall in the older or younger category, please also post your age. And no cheating!!! :D
  19. I think somewhere in between star trek and mad max will be the most likely future. But what I am fairly certain of, is that human culture will absolutely nerver end using some form of currency. So like in star trek, that they don't have money and all, that is in my oppinion absolutely impossible. Simply because of the fact that humans in general are lazy when it comes to doing things with no immediate profit for themselves, therefore money is the ideal way to motivate people. I do say people in general, I know there are a lot of people out there to whom this does not apply, but there simply aren't enough of them and frankly I don't believe there ever will be. As for the mad max scenario, I sincerely hope we will never fall that low!