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    WAR: Vulcan vs Klingon - Who wins?

    Everyone seems to have forgotten that the Vulcans were a vicious and ultraviolent people for most of their history, and only in the last few thousand years have learned to consciously control that aggression. Think about it.
  2. MrDad

    Star Trek Aliens...

    Yes, it a major weakness in the ST universe. The ST universe is overwhelmingly terracentric. Everyone goes into mind numbing detal about the technology, yet a major compoment of the ST universe, it's inhabitants, are little more than an afterthought.
  3. MrDad

    Government confiscate life savings

    Wow!?!?!?!? I didn't know keeping a large sum of money in one's home was evidence of criminality. How much cash should they be allowed to keep at home to avoid suspicion?
  4. MrDad

    Starship Voyager

    A common theme in shows with a ship named Voyager.
  5. MrDad

    Red Shirts die more.

    Silly? This man does not think so.
  6. MrDad

    I like Neelix

    This could be said of all the Voyager personnel/characters.
  7. MrDad

    I like Neelix

    I really do, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I don't understand why everyone despised him so.
  8. MrDad

    All about the conflict? (Long)

    Star Trek has always been about conflict. Conflict is not just violence or war, it's also the collision of opposing ideas, philosophies and moralities. It's too bad the writers and producers forgot.
  9. MrDad

    Religion and alien life

    The vast majority of those who believe extraterrestrials exist have never encountered one and no one can provide incontrovertible evidence of such beings. Such belief can only be called faith.
  10. It's been consistently inconsistent in it's plot, characterization and storyline.
  11. MrDad


    I'm going to the drive-in to see it tomorrow with my children.
  12. [yt=425,350]deUHWKnRmEU[/yt]
  13. MrDad

    Dr Who S3-E13 'Last Of The Time Lords' (FINALE)

    It was the Master who ridiculed the idea as 'prayer', just as many of you seem to be doing. Neither the Doctor nor Martha claimed any such thing. They merely stated the mental energies of the entire population of Earth were being channeled into the Doctor by way of the Archangel system. Apparently, the Doctor deduced the signal was a two-way street. It had never occurred to the Master that his system could be used against him. There is one mystery, though. The Doctor reversed the effects of the Master's laser screwdriver with the energies he received from the Earth's population and restored himself to normal size and appearance. How did his tiny suit expand to fit him as a full sized humanoid being when it was tailored for a tiny, Gollumlike creature? After all, his usual suit did not shrink with him. This, in my opinion, was the major plot hole in the episode.
  14. MrDad

    Dr Who S3-E12 'The Sound Of Drums'

    I'm not heartbroken about the goatee and hair. He seemed zany and wacky, more like a parody of a villain than than a sinister evil mastermind. He was more like Dr. Evil than the Master.
  15. MrDad

    Dr Who S3-E12 'The Sound Of Drums'

    Am I the only one just a bit disappointed with the Master? I expected him to be more rational, not like the Joker from the old Batman TV series. He seemed just plain crazy, not at all sinister or intimidating.