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  1. Well, with nothing new to go on, I guess my vote still remains on my earlier suspicion.
  2. We really do need to find some clues on who's dangerous in our little village. To tell the truth, we don't have much to go on besides the USWhoFan stories, yet, I'm not really convinced they mean anything. Are they just stories, or are they hints? :( I don't want to vote out a villager, but if we don't act, we'll all end up dead.
  3. Now there's something you don't see very often. I'm wondering though, if they'd had a little bit more nerve, couldn't they have better trampled them completely and never be bothered by 'em again. After all, they did try to eat 'one of their children'. Moving it to modern science. :) Nice vid btw!
  4. I so don't have a clue what that's up with that 31 year old Table in the calendar, but the 3rd decade would indicate 20+. Anyway, happy birthday Tablet. :)
  5. Ok episode, not spectacular, but nothing too frustrating about it either. The part were the alien dies to save Martha and the death and resurrection of the daughter were the only 'frustrations' in this episode. They must have something special planned for the daughter, it would have been much more logical to take her with them. And the doctor giving up so soon, what's up with that? O_O Not sure what top think about next week's episode, could be very good, but could also be very lame. We'll see next week I guess.
  6. I was wondering about that too. Maybe there is no mauling tonight?
  7. Well, as I said, I'm trying a new thing. Whether or not it's any good, I'll find out soon enough. I'm inclined to agree that the people who play special roles would like to participate actively in the game, but they could also explicitly choose not to and stay out of sight, untill they no longer can. From what I seem to recall from previous editions, there usually was one loud mouth and one sneaky bstrd (at least on 2 occasions) in the beginning, but as the game moved on that could change. As for bbbb, I have strong doubts that TFMF would be emailing with him about killings, though my admin privilege and site activity might help me make that judgement, I can't be 100% sure of course. Sooner or later we'll find out for sure, but for now my guess is: he isn't emailing him.
  8. Though I respectfully disagree with the credit they give to 'Iron man' for using 'so many real-world technologies', the 5 scifi movies they mention are indeed amongst those that have some pretty good scientific representations. I've seen all 5 of them and can recommend them all! http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn13864-five-science-fiction-movies-that-get-the-science-right.html?DCMP=ILC-hmts&nsref=news5_head_dn13864 Solaris is not for the 'superficial minds' btw, you need some good stamina to watch it and a good brain to grasp all the layers hidden beneath the surface. Have anything special to say about these or other 'mostly scientifically correct films', this is the thread! :D
  9. scifi stuff except dvd's... hmm, I do have a load of books, but if they don't count either, I'm in a bit of trouble, I have a star trek poster, but that's about it. :cyclops:
  10. Hmm, that doesn't sound good, TFMF saying Tablet 'probably' wasn't a werewolf. I must admit I'm happy I'm still in and 'in a way' happy that he's out, since he did seem to have a 'game grudge' against me. But if a villager was voted out, that's always bad news. Not that I was any help either, since I voted on somebody 'known' not to be a werewolf. If I survive the next night, I do begin to see patern emerging, after reading the above and reading the other 'stories' again, I have an idea about who might be a werewolf. Now, here's the tricky bit, will the werewolf kill me because of it, or will he risk I'm bluffing or think it might expose him if I do get killed. Anyway, I'll let you know in advance, in case he thinks he can't risk anything. USWhoFan Now this again, makes 'double play' possible, since if I do get killed, will it mean he is guilty? Or will somebody else be trying to set him up? If I don't get killed, same reasoning applies. It does make things more interesting though, casting a suspicion before the kill, especially for our possible killers. How will they (I'm assuming they, since it seems Tablet wasn't guilty and from the looks of things QS wasn't either, though I'd appreciate TFMF clarifying the 'rule' about werewolfs voted out being explicitly mentioned) respond? Why am I doing this? Well, we're not getting many insights fast enough into possible guilty parties with our seer gone and we're losing numbers every day. If this new thing I'm trying means we'll get some more insights, then I'm willing to risk it. After all, I was already convinced I was a goner earlier today, so every single day I live from now on, I'm gonna put to good use. edit: I must compliment TFMF on his stories btw, he deserves it. Nicely written, though I do feel he could do a bit better on clues, with our seer gone in the first killing we don't have anything but his stories to hold onto.
  11. Tororg lost a lot of good players 'out of boredom and frustration with new leadership'. I'm still in Tororg, but I'm about as active as a Sloth. (yeh, there's nothing new in the world) :cyclops: I have supported SET defensively the last few days though. :) As for 'strong' players, the ones that have been and remain active, should now be at the 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 mark, anything below that and you should review your gameplay, since most likely you're doing something wrong (unless you simply don't want to invest more time, so you can grow that much). That's my take on W10 atm, What I've done with my own villages, is basically downgrade everything as much as possible without reducing my chances to build troops fast and stock everything full D. I can assure you, I'm no longer an interesting target, since my point count has gone down a lot and every village is stacked. Big point players don't like it when they have to send 3 full offensive villages to their death, just to be able to take 1 village, that still needs a lot of work before it can benefit them. Combine that with the fact that they need to take on all of them (or at least fake all of them) or I can reinforce them even more. I know this is just a stopgap measure and I'll get taken down soon enough, but at least it'll cost them dearly and it takes me 0 effort. I've not taken a single village since januari btw. What I love most, is when some people look on tw-stats and see me flatlined and them send a few attacks at a few villages and my D kills them all and I don't need to do a thing except click 'add a couple of thousand troops'. In any case, fun game, but VERY repetitive and VERY demanding, the perfect player needs to be online 24/7. I can't play such games: 1. I don't have the time 2. It becomes too demanding too fast (if you want the be the perfectionist).
  12. yup, what vystral and hayden said, check proxy and firewall, though, from what I remember when I upgraded, my opera rules were not removed from my sys when I uninstalled it and if you simply used the upgrade button instead of a complete uninstall and reinstall of the new version, your proxy settings should not have been affected. I don't have any better ideas though.
  13. :o Well, that was odd, I was certain Hilander wouldn't change it, since I figured, if he sticks with it AND another votes on me, he'll be safe. I was about to come change my vote anyway (I just had a shower and realised (in a moment of clarity :cyclops: ) how counter productive in every single way it was to vote for myself). So I'm going to vote on somebody who hasn't been voted on yet. I know he's NOT the werewolf (you could know this too, it's got nothing to do with admin privilege or so, it's right there on his profile), as he couldn't have known he was one, since he hasn't logged on yet since the game started (so didn't read his pm's yet AND there have been 2 killings, unless of course TFMF 'sort of' cheated and let one werewolf do both killings). So we most likely have one innocent dude here, as such, now that I've told this, I know nobody else will vote for him, since you'd be voting out a villager. This means I'm basically casting a neutral vote, without getting myself killed for sure in the process. The rest I'll leave up to chance and strange(?) strategies. (then again, being unpredicatable quite certainly has it's advantages in this game) Hehe, funny how I managed to find a 'back door', in the no vote is a vote for yourself rule, with (my vote for) bbbb's long inactivity intervals.
  14. Well, if that's what's got to happen, then that's what's got to happen. Given Tablet's will to get me out of this game, and Hilander's will to survive and the other people's lack of involvement and my need to go away in a few hours, I'm as good as dead, so I may as well get it over with. I'm voting for meeeee. :cyclops: Votes for TS: currently 3 (and counting)
  15. That first mentioned what? I'm not sure what you mean there. Anyway, I had totally skipped the old game faq, but it looks like it would have been better if I hadn't. I was hoping QS was a werewolf, but it looks like she wasn't. This means I'll have to redo our odds. :( Given Hilanders vote on 'yours truely' and his previous 'aggressive play', I don't really have any other choice but to vote for him, since: a. I still have not picked up any noteworthy clues clues from the story line b. unfortunately, I will be gone again tonight. And will be unable to change my vote. Seems like I have a busy schedule lately. FYI, I'm goin to a nice BBQ, the weather is good enough too. Roasting me some beef. LOL How inappropriate, given the game setting. :cyclops: Soo, if you feel this might be the remains of msg4real or kyran we might be eating tonight, please, feel free to vote for me. :cyclops: (though honestly, I'd rather you didn't :p)
  16. Haven't noticed any change in speed myself. I'm not usually one to upgrade fast, I prefer to wait and see if it really does what it's supposed to do, I clicked the button anyway (I was tired) and decided to let it run its course. Installation went fine (took quite long tho, a lot of backupping going on, I think the SP makes multiple redundant backups), no problem rebooting, no idea if the sound still works, since in that pc, I don't have any speakers plugged in. From what I heard, most of the problems were with AMD processor pc's and nvidia chipset motherboards. Some minor problems with intel, but they are very easily solved. Good ol' standard intel atw is usuallly most stable anyway, probably since they control over 80% of the market, most testing is done on that platform. There was no noticable speed difference btw, if there is one, it's small enough that it's not perceptible, not on a computer that's less than 1 year old at least.
  17. :o Profanity on the forum. I think is deserving of a demotion. Now, You scrub it yourself, VICE-admiral! :p
  18. ooo, looks like I still made it in time to watch the voting unfold. When's the vote due exactly? Could I still change it?
  19. Hmm, I don't have a grudge against msg myself really. I was planning on not voting at all the first round, untill I get some real clues. I hate pointing fingers when there's nothing to point at. However, since I won't be online the next couple of hours and since, if I do need to vote, I need to vote before the time when I'll be back AND since I just collected a vote and would rather stay in the game a bit longer (if I remember correctly, I got voted out or killed rather early last time), for my personal benefit, it seems better if I do vote now, since if I don't, it'll probably count as a vote against myself, which would make it 2 votes for me already. As such, my chances are best when voting for someone else who already has a vote. Since Hilander72 is way too loud to be a werewolf (unless it's a deliberate tactic, which I plan on finding out during the next few rounds, hiding behind obviousness??) and I feel pitty for Hayden(for having attracted such great opposition so early in his first NiteShire game, though it wouldn't surprise me if hilander changed his vote in a little while to suit his own survival needs), that leaves me with just one name at this time: QUEENSPOCK. I know my tactic might not be the best group-wise, but atm I don't even have the slightest clue who might be in the group, so I'm going to have to try and save my own skin first, before I find out how I might sacrifice it for the greater good. Selfish? Maybe... But given my lack of time and evidence, I see no other course of action than to go that way. See y'all in a couple of hours, or not. :cyclops:
  20. Hmm, that (Hilander's post) might make sense, if I ignore the fact that you could very well be the werewolf... (1 chance in 5.5) As for the grudge against msg, hmm, I can think of some people who aren't overly friendly with him, but a grudge... Dammit, seer out in the first round, how about we do a restart... TFMF care to lose the last day worth of posts again? :P
  21. *Over 2 hours had passed... Some villagers began to suspect the major himself might have come under attack.* "Ah well", this villager said, "at least it wasn't me, I can probably safely go to bed now." ^_^
  22. Webkit simply is the development project that develops the next engine for, among others, Safari. You'll basically just be running a newer version. Maybe an overly simplified reasoning and not 100% correct usage of names and such, but it's what it comes down to.
  23. TetsuoShima

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    Found another interesting game: Planet Defender It's a pure strategy game, no wicked mouse skillz needed. Defend your planet from all kinds of different alien invasion ships, build defenses, research new buildings, make money, protect your inhabitants. I'm not sure if there's a score system, as I got killed before I achieved anything major. :cyclops:
  24. I finally made it, after more than 3 years, some demotions and several more promotions, I got up to Admiral. (if only it were this easy in real life, we'd probably all be admirals then) I expect all of you to salute me even straighter now! Heck, if I'm in a good mood, I might even salute you back. *grin* :cyclops:
  25. Ow, I missed the "mummy" thing. It was better than the 1st part, but still no highlight of creative story writing though. Next week, the doctor's daughter eh? Could be interesting.