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  1. Sorry if this is a repost but I searched and could find nothing about it. The Sci-Fi channel shows 4 episodes in a row of Star Trek TNG on Monday nights now. My stupid cable provider doesn't give me G4 or anything else that might show it but I do get Sci-Fi. So anyway a heads-up if it's an option for you. And again I apologize if it's a repeat post.
  2. J-NUKE

    Star Trek Room

    No I wish it did but I had them too. I actually covered my walls and everything in my room with them so it felt more like a 360 degree planetarium when it was dark. I put up like 5 or 6 packs of them. It was pretty cool. I will haveto remember to use them on the window sections of my room that I'm thinking of doing.
  3. I also have to add that I hate Klinger from M.A.S.H. and Murdock from the A-Team. Speaking of which, why is it that pilotson tv are often portrayed as idiots? Examples: The pilot from the cartoon Ducktales and the one from Rescue Rangers, Murdock was a pilot too if I remember right. I had about 6 or 7 idiot pilots I was thinkin of when I couldn't get to my comp but now I can't hardly think of any. Help me out here; who else was an idiot pilot and why do shows hate on pilots so much?
  4. Thought I'd just go ahead and Mos Eisley this one myself, but I am curious about this one. I have to say that it is Wesley from TNG that irks me the most. Especially in the episodes with his little rainbow stripe across his chest. probably the dumbest uniform in this series. I know you all understand that I have to whine about this type of stuff to you all. My wife just wouldn't understand. It would be like her talking about soaps to me. Anyway what's your gripe about a character in your favorite show. P.S. I also can't stand any of the holodeck episodes like the Dixon Hill stuff.
  5. J-NUKE

    Star Trek Room

    Wow! I need to go visit this dude. That's pretty cool to me. I would do mine TNG but I'm a total freak about it anyway. Surely on here there is someone who went at least a little overboard on a star trek deco project.
  6. J-NUKE

    Star Trek Room

    Does anyone have any star trek themed rooms in their house. I sure a few people have rooms with mostly Star Trek collectibles but does anyone have a room that looks like a set from one of the series? I have always wanted some rooms (or my whole house) to look like a TNG set with all the unique lighting and props. It just looks kinda cozy even with the modern appearing furniture. Anyways post pics if you have a cool Star Trek room.
  7. I think that in 08 before you know it will be almost half over. It will also set a record as most movie/tv series remake in a single year. Either the oldest or youngest president in history will be elected. I will go back to college. Me and my family will all turn 1 year older. And I will join the best forum community I could ever dream of.
  8. Obviously this guy was having a bad day/career before this kid came along. What did he expect? That if some little kid did something stupid it would be ok to attack him? Kids will be kids. I can't count the number of times my jewels have been crushed by my son. It's just in a bad spot I think. Maybe I should have them surgically moved to the inside of my skull.
  9. I don't see how you could love the old ones and not like this one unless you just are tired of the whole Indy idea. It's pretty predictable at parts if your familiar with the old ones and some of the comedy lines were a bit tired but still, I liked it.
  10. I always depends on who's around for me. Since I don't know who may be reading something online I never swear in forums or chats, but around just my friends I will at home or wherever as long as youngsters aren't around. I don't swear in front of my dad even though I'm 28 but that is just out of respect because he is a minister. I don't have a problem crackin a beer in front of him but swearing would be too offensive.
  11. Well I think both girls are equally pretty. :p
  12. J-NUKE

    Big Fish

    Thank you I will do it when i get home this evening, can't access my pics from my work computer.
  13. I see this as being either a really boring series with boring plots or a really big hit it all depends on the stories and characters. I'm definetely interested to see what becomes of it.
  14. I had a huge Enterprise "D" with the littlle fiberoptic cables that lit up the little windows and everything. Spent so much time putting it together as perfectly as possible that it isn't even funny. Got totally smashed when we were moving a couple of years ago. :'( I also had a klingon bird of prey that me and my friend blew up with firecrackers. You know... It was one of those things you do as a kid and never really forgive yourself for.
  15. Wow. What a way for someone's business to get out there. Can I get a divorce like that? Haha just kiddin hun.... (runs away).
  16. J-NUKE

    Big Fish

    My other passion is fishing and I would like to see some of the big fish you have caught if you like it too. As soon as I figure out how I will post mine.http://hosting.nitescifi.com/upload/1212964833.bmp
  17. I'll have to agree I'm sick of Bush and will not miss him. I guess I like McCain but it's hard to know who or what to like, I really believe you can't trust any candidates promises.
  18. J-NUKE


    A man walks into his bedroom holding a duck facing forward away from him and his wife is sitting in bed and looks at him. He says "honey this is the pig I've been sleeping with." His wife says "Harold, that's a duck." He turns all red in the face and shouts "I WASN'T TALKING TO YOU!"
  19. I personally wouldn't call the cops unless they were being rude or unruly and ignored my attempts to get them to go somewhere a little more inconspicuous. But if I had trouble with this group before I would probably just call right away. It really depends on a lot of things, I don't like to be a "rat".
  20. It doesn't really bother me either way, but I guess it would be best just to put emphasis on one word or so to help get your exact point across. But we do have bold and underline, etc. for that type of stuff.
  21. Maybe it's silly but my wife has a pogo account and when I run all out of things to do I like to play some of the casino games on there.
  22. Toasted bagels with tons of cream cheese.
  23. Have to say side bar. Easiest to see/understand and usefull when on a long time to see activity.
  24. Maybe I could be umm... hinted into the right direction.
  25. I say Vulcans. They seem to easily defeat opponents in hand-to-hand combat with no more than a couple of fingers. Their ability to study and act objectively should also be a tactical advantage. It seems to me more like caveman (Klingon) vs. ninja (Vulcan) just no challenge really.