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  1. That it won't be on until 2009. According to stuff I read on the net I'll at least be able to see some new 24 in the fall.
  2. I watch 24. The tension in the show is really gripping. They may have a hard time topping a nuke attack in the new season.
  3. That game was good. I enjoyed it for say a year or two. It was very story driven though and when I found better games like Armada I don't think I ever switched back. About Klingon Academy, how was it? Does it work on XP? I've become more and more curious about this game. I heard it was very buggy though.
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    Sounds good to me.
  5. you can find some old ones on the home of the underdogs website. Some of them are good but many require DOSbox to run.
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    I guess a big question is how long do you expect to need it? and for what? If it is games and heavy graphics then a laptop may not be the best bet unless you are prepared to spend big. Budget laptops are fine depending on what you're using it for. If it's just word processing, older games like Unreal Tournament and watching movies then a budget laptop should do fine.
  7. Myself I'm waiting to get an iphone.
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    PSP Modding

    Nope. Never knew you could mod a console like that. Is it like computer programming?
  9. FailFox? I've never heard of that before.
  10. Do you think it's just this administration or do Americans get to look forward to this for the foreseeable future?
  11. I'd say the monopoly of IBM clones and Apple was complete by the 90s, maybe even earlier. How much earlier is hard to say. I much prefer buying a computer today than say 30 years ago. Cost notwithstanding, I prefer buying a machine that is relevant in the market than some startup computer that is incompatible with nearly every other computer in the industry. No offence to startup computers. Congratulations to the old x86 for turning 30!
  12. They announced this one some 4 years ago I think? It was supposed to be out this year I think but they keep pushing it back. Pushing it back post may 2008 might be a risky thing to do. I agree with the above comment that things aren't looking too good for this film. After all, it's only called 'Star Trek', how original is that? Not very. This game might have been better off if they had just got the game complete and out on the market by now. Waiting for some big break to happen is a bad move and can really hurt and tarnish any future trek game productions. Based on what we've seen so far I'd have to say that their approach is uninspired, weak and doomed to failure. It's amazing that with a universe so complete as star trek, that they would have creative problems getting this game completed and us buying and enjoying it. Making good games is not that hard, just look at star wars. They've been making these games for what 20 years and still going strong. The way gaming technology is nowadays they can make amazing star trek games off of a rich, vast universe we've enjoyed for over 40 years.
  13. I felt it made sense that he would be Worf's grandfather. I wonder how far he rose in rank? Maybe he became say vice-chancellor of the high council?
  14. I have never seen these ones at all. It's interesting to see though. Stephen King certainly has a good imagination.