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  1. I got a romulan lady. Made by a Star Trek gaming lady known as Katie Venra. She's the owner of http://www.startrek-gamers.com/.
  2. Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales used wikipedia to post a message to his girlfriend that he was leaving her. As a revenge, the girlfriend sells his clothes on eBay. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/03/03/jimbo_wales_rachel_marsden/ That's one helluva screendump! :P
  3. Yeah, maybe like the one we saw in the opening of Ark of truth. On gateworld there was an interview with executive producer Brad Wright. He said he was gonna push the network for a budget like Lost has. And since he has two hit series on his back he was fairly confident he was gonna get it too. Because he has proven himself to do a good job.
  4. I have to say it was a great movie, I think it lived up to the Indiana Jones movies of the past that we all know and love despite what others may say. Ford was great as Indy. He hasn't lost his touch at all. It was a great movie from start to the end.
  5. Name: Dan Live: Earth Age: 26 Occupation: Student in a game developer programme! Favorite TV Shows:Stargate, Star Trek(But DS) is the best one), Babylon 5, Eureka, Futurama, Heroes, Knight Rider, Airwolf, A-Team, Simpsons etc... Spare time: Lazy days on a computer. Hobbies: Building computers and tinker around with hardware. (GEEK ALERT!!!!!) Other: I Like Girls, candy, cats and computers. Picture: I'm a fat and sassy kitten :) How did you find NiteSciFi?: a textfile in a ST:Voyager torrent.