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  1. Were they worth it? I've only seen the first (pilot) episode and missed the next one. I tried to watch it, but there was a lot of sidereal activity happening at my house that night :p
  2. I don't think so. Remember Caprica protected Baltar from the initial blast by standing between him and the windows. Of course, she may have been annihilated after the blast -- opening credits leave so many questions!
  3. Kirk sorta has a beef with Kahn; he really hates the Klingons for killing his only-begotten ;) Non-SciFi shows I watch: American Gladiators Top Chef The Next Food Network Star The Mole Good Eats Uncut movies on TCM Ghost Hunters (it qualifies! it qualifies!)
  4. "Midnight" drove me crazy! I wanted to thrash everybody in that room with the exceptions of Dee Dee and Jethro, who, although a little wishy-washy and brow-beaten at times, had solid heads on their shoulders. I watched the "Confidential" afterward and was totally amazed by the amount of work the sound department staffers went through to synchronize all the dialogue. If not for my espousal unit sitting next to me watching this one, I felt compelled to throw something at my t.v. screen, particularly at Val Cane. What an annoying woman! Actually, I missed Donna in this one. She's so outspoken about the "rights" of sentient beings, it would have been interesting to hear her "take" on the situation. Do you think she would have turned into a panicky sheep like her co-inhabitants? Maybe SHE would have grabbed Sky and hurled the both of them out the door, anything to save the Doctor.
  5. Yeah, the SciFi Channel has precious little on this one. I did a Google search on it and found a lot of stuff, including YouTube videos... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjRHXgJVQcA ...and Wikipedia entries... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Jade Evidently, 20 episodes were aired and from what I've ferreted out, only one season was produced with the fan-base clammoring for a second. Dang!
  6. Just thought of this...we know that Boomer's daughter, Hera, is a mix, but there's another mix, too -- a son, born to Tyrol and Cally. What are the future plans (if any) for these two mixes? The pregnant 6 in the brig isn't carrying a mix (both she and Tigh are Cylons) so her dilemma isn't much of a "woo-woo!" It's obvious that Tigh and she will unite in some way since there's a quiet acceptance between the two factions and the 6 will be (or may have already been) released. Perhaps they're the "first" Cylon couple to procreate and are, somehow, special. Here's a couple questions for you: What if Kara is already pregnant with a third mix? What if the humans get radiation sickness and just die out on Earth because they're too weary (or loathe) to leave? What if the Cylons are immune to radiation and the fifth really is on Earth? Whew!
  7. I saw the first episode of this show on June 6, 2008 and was totally lost. Alphaverse? Betaverse? Gammaverse? I sorta "got it" when the words appeared on the screen, but couldn't figure out if Jade was seeing all these Alterverses (my word) at the time they were happening. So, I decided to do a search on it on the SciFi Channel's website and found out it premeired all over the rest of the English-speaking world in 2004. Now it's here in the US and, well, uh, is it worth watching? Is it still in production with new seasons coming out? If not, did it have a acceptable ending? And what's with the biddies running the experiment? Sheesh! Questions, questions!
  8. Here's a link to what the "official word" is on a BSG continuation. http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?category=2&id=56090 I don't know what the rest of you think, but I really felt jarred with the supposed ending/cliffhanger. I guess, though, that the SciFi Channel had end it this way. Afterall, you can't have a fully-populated planet accept an armada of space travellers without blowing them out of the sky first then welcoming them with open arms later. Cylons? Maybe they rebuilt "our" Earth...hm.
  9. Thanks, Amnot. I've been without power for almost a week and finally am getting back to the game. I was just about to enter Whitecross again and thought I'd check to see if anyone had any info for me. You may have just saved the day!
  10. I'm not sure if anyone else is playing this game but I've run into a dilemma. I've managed to solve chapters 1 through 4 and am working on the "Beauty Line" quest in Whitecross. I've consulted the only walkthrough around and it doesn't even go into the strategy for this one so I can only conclude the author hasn't finished the game. The problem is I don't quite know how to approach this one. There are five beauty line markers that need cleansing. The markers are either (1) surrounded by boils or, (2) surrounded by boils and imp lord troopers. Taking out the boils is no big deal: blast, boom, done. However, destroying the boils alerts the troopers who come storming in and blasting. While this is happening the boils start reappearing. In order to solve the quest you have to remove all the boil infestations from the markers and race back to the first marker before boils start reinfesting the markers. I'm really antsy to get on with this and finish the game (I've got to be close!). So, if anyone has conquered this particular quest, I'd love to hear from you! Help! :grr: (OOPS! Wrong board...MOD, please move to Gaming. Thanks!)
  11. I saw the original movie and both loved and was disturbed by it. Seeing it the first time, I wasn't ready for the punch line. Subsequent viewings, though, never really alluded to soylent green being made from people until Saul's trip to the euthanasia center sort of gave you a veiled hint to that being the case. The only realism I can relate to the current world is the food shortage situation occurring in Asia and India. I can't throw Africa into this mix since they've always had food shortages. It will be interesting to see how the remake is handled. http://www.moviesonline.ca/freeemail/movienews_56/movienews_1741.html
  12. This episode left me feeling that, oh, I don't know, that Adama grabbing a book and a bag of chips to sit in a tin can in space waiting for his lady love to return was a portrait of futility. Not exactly what you'd expect from the protector of what remains of humanity. And...6? Knocked up? Huh? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the whole idea of female Cylons getting impregnated by human males was to unite the two species. Evidently not all Cylons are on the same page! ::)
  13. I hate to suggest authors instead of read-worthy books they've written. As authors go, they have their good days and bad, so recommending just an author isn't really the way to go. One of my favorite sci-fi books is "The Sheep Look Up" by John Brunner, published in 1967. It's the story of a world gone "green" and the horrors such meddling invites. I'll backtrack, here, to revise my first paragraph about suggesting just the authors rather than their works and say that anything by Fredric Brown -- a masterful short story author -- is worth the time. You'll recognize a lot of his work that's been turned into movie and television scripts, especially "The Arena" which was a StarTrek episode featuring Kirk vs. the Gorn. Also, if you can locate them, the science fantasy mystery series penned by Glen Cook is wonderful. You'll probably only find them in book bins or rummage sales, and all in paperback form. I have three of the books (Red Iron Nights, Dread Brass Shadows, and Old Tin Sorrows) and each is fresh, funny and amazing. There are three other books in this series that I'm still trying to find: Cold Copper Tears, Sweet Silver Blues, and Bitter Gold Hearts.
  14. Not to be outdone by all you "children" ;), I decided to take the plunge and try this geek thingy. Oh, wow...no wonder I'm married to "you know who!" +++++ Super Geek....................................?45% <--- This is where I scored. I gotta leave this planet, soon!
  15. :( I wanted to watch it so much but with Comcast's stupid preview guide to, uh, guide me, I was never able to tell when the series started and kept watching the same five minutes in the middle of the silly thing whenver I turned it on. Looked like they aired it all day yesterday (Tuesday) and I managed to miss the whole thing! Gaaaaah!