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    Manufactured meat

    If I had a choice and if it would be economically viable for a student (me) that, right now, can't afford meat as often as I would like anyways, I would definitely choose manufactured meat. I don't like to cause anything pain, and I've considered becoming a vegetarian, but unfortunately I would probably perish if I tried :P The sad fact is that, though if this would become a reality, many (most) people would just continue eating real meat, just for the sake of it, and making up arguments about it tasting better or it being better like the old days, more natural. Religious people (ie most of the world) would probably claim that real meat is what god intended.
  2. ZaphodiLe

    Recommend a single non-scifi movie

    Thank you for the tip, it was really good.
  3. ZaphodiLe


    Touché, but I can stop time and rob some banks![br]Posted on: February 03, 2007, 11:36:41 AM I don't know, then it may become too powerful, imbalanced towards the others :P I was thinking more, stop time, or make it go slower/faster. Well, I guess timetravel to the future would be possible then :) But going back in time, now that's just absurd! :D
  4. ZaphodiLe


    Yeah, if you could have ONE super power, what would it be? Easy one for me: Time manipulation. Motivation: I can sleep as much as I want and I have a little extra time on my exams :P
  5. ZaphodiLe

    Recommend a single non-scifi movie

    Some movies that I think has not gotten the attention they deserve: Emperors New Groove Identity maybe Amelie from Montmartre
  6. ZaphodiLe

    Something to think about!

    Yeah, we have an expression for that here, "dagens i-landsproblem". But the thing is, just because we are rich compared to other people doesn't mean we walk around on sunshine all day. I consider myself lucky to be born in a rich country with rich parents, but the truth is it's hard to really care about people half-way around the world. I don't want to sound heartless but all our lives we've been bombarded with images of war and poverty, that it's just so hard to even care anymore. But I can promise you that if I collect some small fortune that I don't really need the first thing I'll do is to give some of it away. Right now I'm living on borrowed money so there's not much I can do... What we really need is people like Bill Gates, that give away their multibillion fortunes to charity. I don't know if Gates giving away his entire fortune was some kind of publicity stunt for him and/or Microsoft but it doesn't really matter, as long as the money comes to good use. I hope it becomes a trend :)
  7. ZaphodiLe

    Life on Mars

    Yeah but Tenebrae already filled him in, I didn't want to repeat exactly what he said.
  8. ZaphodiLe

    Life on Mars

    Yes, it's a new show, it's running on SVT right now.
  9. ZaphodiLe

    Life on Mars

    I'm not sure this is classified as sci-fi, but it has some potential time traveling :) Anyway, anyone seen this? If you haven't, see it, it's really good.
  10. ZaphodiLe

    I'm back........

    Well there's noone here :)
  11. ZaphodiLe

    For Sale New Sadam Hussain Shirts

    Killing a helpless person is always wrong... Even Saddam.
  12. Hey!... hey.... socks are always appreciated.
  13. ZaphodiLe

    Begin Wifi Cancer Scaremongering... NOW!

    Aaaw Come On. We're bombarded with radiation from space and the sun all the time, far more "dangerous". It's probably more dangerous to stay out 5 minutes in the sun than an entire lifetime besides a wifi-router. And still parents say "go out and play in the sun". Just old superstition. A little microwaves never killed anyone :P No but seriously, these are really long microwaves, as about 12 centimeters, they won't hurt anyone. They're at the border to radiowaves, and your not freaking out about listening to the radio are you?
  14. ZaphodiLe

    Happy Birthday!

    Yes, Systembolaget for me today, gonna go buy some Punsch, nah not really. But now at least I feel like real person, accepted by society ;) And late happy birthday to you Hilander, I never seem to notice this thread unless it's my birthday :)
  15. ZaphodiLe

    A very revealing radio call-in

    True, I would be scared too if it happened in my country, it is inevitable, but I would not be among those 39%... Well I really don't know how I would react, my country hasn't participated in a war for quite some time. Who knows, maybe under different circumstances I would be a racist.