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  1. Oops. I guess I missed out on this one. I'm glad it's still around somewhere. :D
  2. You know it's really strange, but I can't even remember whether I listened to these or not. If so, they must not have made much of an impression. I will have to go look and see whether or not I have them. ::)
  3. Thanks for your interest. :D I didn't even get an honourable mention, darn it! >:( I don't think I'll try them again, as I don't think their taste matches mine anyway... Then again, I never know what I'm doing. ;D
  4. She was certainly good in Excelis.
  5. Yes, I wish they would, but with the new series on TV, I don't think they are going to. According to their site, that's all there is. :(
  6. Unfortunately, three seasons was all they planned for. :( I thought the TimeLords' demise was covered elsewhere. Can anyone confirm that?
  7. From your avatar, I'd guess it's too late for that now. ;)
  8. Neither of these made that much of an impression on me. The Wishing Beast reminded me of Arsenic and Old Lace.
  9. I thought 100 was a mixed bag. Some of it was good, some not so good, and some rather silly.
  10. I like Erimem, but I suppose that too will end soon. I thought the timing on the exit of Doctor Seven's current companions was just right.
  11. Wow! Thanks for all the input. :D Would you believe the CD drive on the thing just went down today, or at least it's not reading CDs for some reason. Hence, the thing may be on its last legs anyway, as I doubt I could get a replacement on such an old machine. Have you got any regular RAM? I need a couple of sticks of 256 for my desktop. I haven't got the specs on me right now; so, I will have to check back in later.
  12. Gall-goshy. It sure is quiet in here. Anyway, does anybody know anything about Wyzo? Is this any good? http://www.wyzo.com/about/
  13. Yes, well, it's all my desktop computer will take, and I'm not alone. There are lots of us out here, not to mention all those who don't have computer access at all, and in the circle I travel that's most people. As for dr_strekge, you sure know how to talk computer talk, but I'm afraid my knowledge of these things is appallingly limited.
  14. You know, at this point I barely remember the last ep.--that's how much I thought of it.
  15. Parts of that were well done, but I started to lose interest towards the end of it. Then again, I think I was in the middle of moving at the time.
  16. I tend to agree. I'd like to see more of Spock too.
  17. I like this part of your explanation. I think it does make some sense, since some words have become so recognizable that humans use them. This happens all the time with many languages. Many English words are derived from other languages. An example would be the word entrepreneur, which is fairly obviously a French word (meaning contractor, in French), but is commonly used in the English language. Another example is the word possible, which is spelled the same way in French as it is in English, but pronounced differently. Then there's the word gestalt, which is German, but is used in English as well, and there are many more examples.
  18. My family tends to prefer classic movies and mysteries. When I was a kid, I watched TOS with my brother, but that's about it.
  19. I've had some people tell me that Acer is not too good, and there was a problem with Samsung too, but I forget what it was. It might have had something to to do with the cost of replacement batteries.
  20. My, my, what a diversity of opinion. Decisions, decisions. I already had WIN ME, though I don't have the CD for it, and so far, so good. There's also other software on it that I don't have copies of; so, I'm not sure how I could ensure that I can keep that if I changed the OS.
  21. I think I may have found a solution, but I will have to wait until next winter to find out. Somebody in my building discarded one of those big plastic mats that are used under office chairs, to allow the wheels on the chair to roll easily and protect the carpet. Hopefully that will cut down on the static. It's amazing all the useful stuff people throw out.
  22. No it's not using a USB port. I seem to be have been getting zapped a lot generally on every piece of metal in my place; so, I suspect it's not the computer. In fact, before I thought of using the static cling remedy, I had been touching a piece of metal before I touched the computer, and youch, that hurt! :o It's been getting warmer the past few days, however, which has caused the problem to go away for the time being. I'm keeping the fabric softener handy, though, in case it gets cold out again. ::) I have tried wearing different shoes, with limited success, but nope, no wool undies. A wireless mouse might not be a bad idea either. My computer would probably appreciate it. ;D
  23. Thanks for all the feedback. I forgot to mention that it only has a 5 Gig hard drive on it. What difference does that make to your recommendations, if any? It's also got, if you can believe it, only a 33k modem on it, with no wireless card. The manual I found online seemed to say that 64 MB was the limit, but I'll do some more checking.
  24. Somebody gave me an old PII laptop with windows ME on it. It only has 64 MB of RAM, and I'm not sure whether I can upgrade that or not, since it's SDRAM PC-66. My question is, is WIN ME better than WIN 98, as in more stable, for example? Or, would it be better for me to go back to 98. My impression is that there isn't that much of a difference, but as my other ancient machine has WIN 98 on it, I was just wondering, if those are my choices, which is better? Incidentally, this is my first laptop; so, I'm quite happy to have it, and it comes with a nice little bubblejet printer, though I haven't tried that out yet.
  25. I can't believe it, it happened again!!! This time after it happened I got the message that there was no mouse attached to my computer. I finally had to resort to putting one of those anti-static sheet things you put in the dryer with your clothes underneath the mouse. I just touch it before I touch the mouse or any other part on the computer, and then I don't get a shock. I hope this continues to work, because I'm running out of mice. ::)