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  1. X-Files seasonal box sets now only 29% of their RRP - £9.99 @ play.com
  2. May as well use this ol' thread... Play.com now have these season sets cheap @ £16.99 each (so 30% of RRP)
  3. Hmm not bad. I too am unsure where TW is going. Is it just going to be constant stream mainly of dealing with Aliens in Cardiff each week? The idea of Jack having his own agenda and keeping stuff from the others might be an idea to pursue - to jack "he IS torchwood" so how would this effect others. Not sure what the sex seen added (apart from making me realise they were face-to-face :-\ ), there is the whole "sex in the work place" that it could have pursued, maybe even looking at insecurities of one of them?? So it ended up still with jack-knows-best
  4. Same here, almost as bad as putting an episode preview in there (which I'm glad they don't), ruins the surprise - though you then think "ooo X is in it, wonder where they'll show up" and you start looking for when rather than it being a surprise. Good opener for a 2-parter
  5. Liked this ep, it was a good all-action episode. Most of the episodes are quite predictable, but this was nice just being able to watch and not bother analysing. Of course now with no midway, will they simply "replace" it or use the fact its gone in future storylines?
  6. I think "but they dont work on my divx player." is worthy of more investigation. Most divx players have a cheap decoding chip (no where in the same league as your computer's CPU) and how good they work varies. Some won't play "packed" xvid, many don't like high bitrates. Nearly all won't handle HD files (anything above 640 wide) even ones with HDMI connections! Then there's Nero MP4 files, most don't like these. Get hold of Gspot that will tell you the codec used, the resolution, whether it has packed bits, etc..
  7. Maybe people know about this, but free who DVD's by collecting vouchers http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/fun/competitions/promotions/article903055.ece So buy paper, pull out voucher, throw paper away, get free DVD. As the paper is 35p (50p sat & 70p Sun) some good episodes for peanuts
  8. quite true, in one breath you have the whole "enlightenment" concept of non-interference and the other of the warring factions. Ok, so you can say one before the other but TBH I think fitting everything into a timeline is easily forgotten if they have a plotline that they deem interesting. btw glad I'm not the only one who can't be bothered trying to find out which episode "x" happened. I've watched them all, got many on seasonal DVD (but not all), and can remember what has happened (and thats more important to me :D)
  9. Yes but as a race working towards ascension they could only do so much. Battling the wraith and developing the replicators as a weapon were stages along the path they realised they had to go.
  10. Teal'c now or teal'c sans hair? Don't forget Teal'c now is old and on tretonin
  11. I thought the season premiered on the 1st??
  12. I still haven't figured out how to activate the widget. Oh, WOE is me! Isn't there anybody here willing to explain the damned thing to me? install yahoo widgets, install the Dalek widget add on Its a pity the dalek isn't like the old e-sheep and react to the mouse
  13. why has it changed. Its okay doing comments like this, but if they then go and change it, makes a moot point.
  14. Well I listened to Mother Russia, which as an audio book is quite alright, though it is an audio book rather than an audio drama. You have Peter Purves as Stephen Taylor, narrating the story and most of the voices. The "twist" or ending was obvious (to me any way) fairly early on but a nice story and a nice addition to anyone who wants more Hartnell stories I haven't got the first season stories mentioned, but might try to.
  15. paniq

    BFDW100 ... 100

    Its strange if you listen to all the commentary tracks - you get the feeling that they wanted something "BIG" but had to settle for a mixed bag of writers who they obviously sing the praises of (and it'd be their first choice if questioned, obviously) - so classic anniversary style stories you got in 80's who :D