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  1. Drunks, I can't stand sloppy drunk girls. Although getting sloppy drunk with your girl is a huge turn on. I remember once me and my ex when we first became an "item", got disgustingly drunk, so drunk that we just kept riding the elevator of her building up and down while we were going at eachother. Now that was fun cause we just didn't care where we were or who was watching; not to mention neither of us could barley stand up.
  2. Bonus first day report Today, I'm going to pick on a special breed of scrawny old white men who I call "baseball cards", those of you who have ever been stuck in traffic jam know exactly what im talking about. So, your stuck in a traffic jam and you turn on the news radio to see whats going on. However, all you find out is that there is no constrution, no police activity and no accidents of any kind. What do you do, you pop into the left lane and slowly begin to creep up to the front. About 19 lifetimes and a couple of sharp lane changes later you reach the front. What do you see, but a cream colored caddy and a sky blue minivan driving side by side at 3 miles per hour with no traffic infront of them. If your a jerk like me, then you already started playing bumper tag with the caddy in the left lane. As the caddy slowly idles into the right lane, you can't help but take a peek into the minivan. What you see is nothing more then some geriatric white guy who you could bench press with two bum elbows and a broken hand. The most peculuar part however is that he's got his lips puckered like he's trying to make god-damn motor boat noises. I mean seriously dude, what, do you have to make up for the lack of noise coming from your car or something? Kinda reminds me of when I was a kid and would clothes pin a baseball card to my bike. Well, if the bike isn't fast enough on pedal power, at least I can make it sound like a fast motorcycle. What the hell is wrong with these people? Their walker moves faster then they drive, and without all the dumb noises coming from their face. So, as I pass him, I roll down my passenger window and throw him the one fingered asphalt salute. Peace old man, have a nice week driving to your neighbors house.
  3. So for my first installment of "The World Can't Drive Drive For S###" we're going to pick on our female buddies from east asia who just can't seem to master the art of crossing a road. So, i'm driving around my campus the other day (and almost everyother day before) and suddenly, about 50 feet away on my left was a person on the sidewalk, frozen in broad daylight like a freaking deer in headlights. I mean come on, whats with the dumb terrified look. Its a freaking car driving down the road that your still over a minute away from waddling across. Your people manufacture them like rabbits reproduce, its not like you've never seen one before. SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SO AFRAID OF!!! So the stupid thing has dents shaped like human extremities, but that doesn't explain your identical reaction to the schools brand new 1mph golf carts. So now I feel bad and I let her cross the road, like a chicken with the flu. Right, good someritan, I sit there wasting my $4.00 a gallon gas while you take your sweet ass time approaching the curb; but then she adds insult to injury, she stops, smack in the middle of the crosswalk, gives me this stupid grin and waves. I'M ALREADY LATE TO CLASS, you don't need to take 50 minutes to wave. She could walk and wave at the same time, but no, hold up traffic...Great. And this my friends, is why I give the one fingered asphalt salute to our female friends from east asia who can't cross a road. This was the first installment, I truly hope I have offended you, cause its freaking true. If didn't offend you today, then maybe tomorrow! Just what ever you do, don't take offence to the fact that I'm singleing people out. Eventually I will hit every single ethno/gender/age/weight/etc.-graphic group, including my own. Everyone has their flaws, and I intend to exploit all of them. Enjoy the sick twisted thing I call humor PS GhostShadow, this thread is for biased bashing of specific groups of people If your gonna rip on the people you speak of, you have to specifically label them as blond caucasian MILFS in their early 30's. (and you know im right about her description) Ill get to these creatures another day.
  4. OK, i've always wanted to write a newspaper column about how different types of people have a stereo-type which pisses me off when it comes to using roads (on foot or in car). This is going to be my column, and I will offend you. If not now, then sometime in the future. I will add an "article" to this at least once a week, each one describing a different person. Eventually, I will piss you off. I promise. My friends seem to enjoy hearing these rants verbally. I only hope I can express them just as well in words. Enjoy my sick humor.
  5. read my post in general torrent discussion titled "10000 fists in the air" RIAA is going to wish it never started this legal game because we finally found the loophole...and its one big ass loophole. Its only a matter of time before a multi-billion dollar class action suit starts.
  6. Doc Holiday, activate ECH and you get one nasty hologram
  7. So what came first, metabolism, the proverbial chicken or the means to store and replicate to information to metabolise. Lets look at the scenario. We are comparing a primitive closed system, a mycelle of fatty acids with some low level organic molecules trapped inside. To what is most likely RNA. Considering the spontanious formation of fatty acids is far more probable then the formation of nucleotides I will have to say the chicken came first. While my look on this picture is that the necessary componants of both the chicken and the egg formed together. However, a functional organic mycelle probably formed one day trapping an inactive and useless RNA molecule. It took many random attempts of this till a translation matrix formed in this cell which would have to had simontanously happened with the RNA mutating to something legible. The RNA, now containing useful heritable traits self replicated, as RNA does regardless of what it codes for, eventually coding for the entire functional aspect of this new Cell. At this moment our egg formed, but for millions of years nature was probably already playing with the metabolic funtiions within. At some point down the road, one of these cells mutated to code for a primitive Reverse Transcriptase, forming the double stranded helical DNA that we traditionally represent now as the Egg. Possibility two - capsule proteins amazingly formed without assistence from a metabolic body. This protein capsule trapped a molecule of RNA forming the first retrovirus. Regardless of what some experts say, virii is alive, and even if it did not a host to invade yet, it was still there first, again...the chicken. Ockham's Razor says - stick with possibility 1, complex proteins do not form spontainously.
  8. I got an I/O magic Light Scribe burner. It has already burned over 500DVDs since I got it and it is still working fine.
  9. The last episode I watched was Voyager 7x26, End Game II. At 2:01AM EST today, I officially completed watching every Star Trek episode ever made. That is 732 episodes and 10 movies if you include the animated series and the New Voyages. I calculate it at approximately 444 hours and 20 minutes of viewing time. This is a fine day for me, and as much as I love Star Trek, I'm happy the past nine monthes are over and I have my life back. Good luck to the rest of you currently still on that amazing voyage. I definately reccomend ending with Voyager, it felt as if I was arriving home with the crew. Together our journeys ended. Nite, thank you for making this all possible. I'm sure I will find something else on this site to amuse me, but until then; Live Long and Prosper This is Lieutenant Xtremeskiing to USS NiteShdw, setting a course for sector 001, I'm heading home.
  10. Damn it Jim, im a doctor not an exo-biologist. How do you expect me to treat this pointy eared freak. Gotta Love McCoy
  11. 2380, hmmmm, the alliance of the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire built from the Reman Insurgence at Romulus
  12. currently up to voyager the muse, 6x22. I got 31 episodes before I have seen every single star trek episode ever made in chronological trek order (ent first). then im going to watch the two new voyages just because, so 33 episodes to go!!!!!
  13. a friend of mine who I force to watch trek pointed out to me that they got these awesome ships...just everyone sucks at their job. Computer this, computer that, when the computer dont work, no one knows what to do. Note that kirk, sisko and their respective crews were the true elite of the federation. Kirk didn't even need LCD displays to be feared, and sisko could mess up a whole fleet with some busted @$$ cardi space station
  14. The picture didn't post, so here it is as an attachment...then again, the picture is too big. Someone help me solve that and I'll put it up
  15. It has occured to me that no one, here, at my school or on TV has put any thought into words regarding the events 4 years ago. So, for those lost, for those away from home, for those with broken hearts and for those who put their sweat into the recovery and rebuiding; please take this moment to think: Where were you 4 years ago yesterday, what did you think, and how has that changed. Take a moment of your time and place your thoughts to those who have suffered. The day I forget is the day the world ends.... Pindell: 9/12/01, repeated 9/12/05 Risen From Ashes...Resiliency of America [Taken by myself while on coffee break from rebuilding 7 WTC, 8/26/05) You may post your thoughts, please keep them appropriate and clean.
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