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  1. Or rather another Time War as the Doctor himself referred to the the war between the Daleks and the Time Lords as "the last great Time War". That would imply that there had been others before it.
  2. Doctor Who the complete 3rd Series
  3. Picked up the following over the last couple weeks: Doctor Who: The Two Doctors Project: Valkyrie Torchwood Complete 1st Series What Dreams May Come Titanic The 10th Kingdom VeggieTales: An Easter Carol Needless to say, those last three were for my Wife and kids.
  4. Okay, finnally sat down with Catalyst and it is the best of the second run of this series. It is on a par with the best from the first run, The Beautiful People. It is a perfect Leela vehicle. Very nice. Grade: A+ Old Soldiers, the Third Doctor offering, was much better than The Blue Tooth, but still not great. Grade: B Helicon Prime was probably secon best of this set of four. It fits in the same gap as the Two Doctors, wherever that is, and is read wonderfully by Frasier Hines. Grade: A Mother Russia, was a far weaker story than Frostfire from the last round but is a much more traditional First Doctor tale. It is probably the worst of the secon series, but I still like it better than The Blue Tooth. Grade: C+
  5. I'll agree with you on Mother Russia. I've listened to the first 3 of the second season and will comment on them after I get a chance to sit down with the 4th.
  6. Maybe I'll change it because of his comment. :thinking:
  7. Potato

    BFDW100 ... 100

    Rather like 80's Who then.
  8. The one element I liked about these stories was the fact that the second one caused the first one. I always think that things like that are overlooked in Time Travel stories. It always annoyed me that the Doctor seemed to meet old enemies (Davros especially) in order on TV.
  9. I agree that it works nicely to highlight the differences in worldview of the companions, but I listened to it in context with the 5th Doctor releases and Erimem is starting to annoy the hell out of me. Possibly if I was listening in release order and not in Chronological this would not be the case. As it is she's giving Peri a run for her money in the most annoying companion stakes.
  10. Potato

    BFDW100 ... 100

    I too was disappointed. Plus they talk about the Mozart story during the Ceaser storywhich comes before the Mozart one on the Disc, slightly annoying and a bit spoilerish. The best story is the third and it still feels light.
  11. It may help keep me sane. :P
  12. Oh, wow, hey there is someone else posting here. Holy cow! I thought I was all by myself.