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  1. An artist already waves his or her arms about painting, or with a chisel and mallet sculpting... in terms of creativity - I reckon this here tablet has TREMENDOUS possibilities. How LAZY are you anyhow? :p
  2. Meh - this wasn't one of the most special BSG episodes ever. Boxing + Soapie drama, executed BSG style??? Nah, not my cup of tea. Sure, it did a good job expaining some back story etc... but it didn't offer much more than that as an episode.
  3. Either that, or they just shouldn't have made Nemesis in the 1st place...
  4. No. And NO. N.B. Abrams has already put paid to the Matt Damon as Kirk rumour.
  5. From http://theomegasector.com/index.php?showtopic=4659 comes this interesting tidbit... and found at http://trekweb.com/articles/2006/11/23/JJ-Abrams-Pleased-to-Have-Both.shtml it seems that Abrams himself is talking about Shatner & Nimoy being involved in the film. Curiouser & curiouser!!! It's looking pretty definative though, don't you reckon? But why'd they have to go and leave Takei out, huh? :p
  6. Oh I'm sure our good friends the linux developers could deliver a user interface for the thing, no worries!
  7. That's some MAD COOL technology - trulely the stuff of science fiction! I WANT ONE!!!
  8. Oh yeah... Scouting, staying relevant to the youth of today!!!
  9. Nah it's all good. The Pet Shop Boys rock! Anyhow, for me at the mo, I'm in the mood for some old school hip-hop: dj kool - let me clear my throat house of pain - jump around
  10. Have u seen the movie yet? Seriously Daniel Craig is one of the BEST Bonds yet, and Casino Royale is an excellent, fresh take on the Bond franchise - looks to me like a reboot. And it's great to see Bond humanised - but not in a crappy overdramitised way, or such that it detracts from his "Bondness", its just that he's more complete now, more real and credible and less like the caricature that 007 had become in the last couple of decades of Bond movies.
  11. You have to keep in mind that Sci-Fi is a pop genre, and as such, just like pop music, you can't expect all of it to be innovative and fresh. But just like a Britney song that sticks in your head, shows like Stargate's more recent seasons don't need to get all intellectual or creative to have a place on our screens or viewing lives. Me, I still love to come home from work or whatever and chill out to the latest SG: 1 episode. Of course, you'll find the real meat, and a great deal more satisfaction with shows like Battlestar Galactica, Serenity and Farscape (damn I loved how that show took Sci-fi TV to psychological places its never been before! And toyed with the conventions of Sci-Fi!). What I'm getting is that all of the different made for TV Sci-Fi programs in recent history have their own time and place, and their own particular value. Comparing them I reckon, can be a bit like comparing apples and oranges. They're all tasty, it just depends what you're in the mood for. Of course, I'm a science fiction junkie, so what else would you expect me to say!!!
  12. Sulu IS the definitave Helm officer! Though I must say, I've got a soft spot for Ro Laren!
  13. Yeah, if I saw the corpulent contemporary Shatner on the Big Screen for ST XI, I just wouldn't be able to help myself - I'd just have to say it out loud: Denny Crane! If you get that - then you just don't watch enough Boston Legal, which really is your misfortune! :p
  14. So basically the Stargate franchise is just going to sit it out until the Battlestar Galactica season is over, huh? Fair enough.
  15. So all races agreed to go separate ways and take a corner of the world each? Not to mention we share something like 98% of our genes with the chimpanses. One explanation could be that we brought all species of animals and plants to Earth with us when we came here, like Noahs ark, but still there are fossils in the ground millions of years old. Unless of course, the colonies were founded with spores/genetic programming whatever, so that a whole ecosystem, humans included, would "evolve" on each world... but that that on Earth, the documents, teaching tools/whatever which housed the Articles of Colonization and the human cultural inheritence were somehow destroyed and lost to Earth humans. I dunno, it sounds a bit far fetched I know... but whatever explanation they come up with is going to have to be equally absurd, because the fact is that they'll have to reconcile how Humans independantly evolved on earth, but such that it can also be said that they actually "colonized" Earth, along with 12 other planets somewhere far far away. Either that, or they can just ignore the real physical and genetic evidence that Humans came from Africa.
  16. So when is Stargate returning to tv? I'm missing it already... :(
  17. I've got one bug with the show though - what's with Nikki and her "superpower" of violent schizophrenia??? I guess they're gonna go somewhere with that though...