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  1. If uninhabitable Earth is set in the distant future, it would be cool if the Colonials found someplace else in our solar system to stay. Mars and Europa come to mind. BTW, did they show our moon in the ep? Hmm... Maybe there are survivors there. :cyclops:
  2. So if that's really Earth and the whole planet is uninhabitable, what do you think the Colonials will do next? Go back to New Caprica, Kobol? Commit mass suicide? What?? :D
  3. No, I was referring to Ragnar Station... Probably different type of radiation, though.
  4. Weren't the Cylons vulnerable to radiation in the miniseries?
  5. I hope I don't fall asleep. :-\
  6. I really liked this episode. Roslin's storyline was slow, but touching. Lol, Madam President is starting to believe in Baltar's preachings. Maybe Roslin is THE final 5 after all. It was also nice to see Kira again. Oh, DS9! I thought the Demetrius storyline was pretty good this week. Cylon killing red shirt, Cylon killing Cylon. Colonials and Cylons working together for a common goal. So the final 5 come from the thirteenth colony, eh? What does that mean? They were created there? They've been there, and then returned to the twelve colonies to guide the Colonials to Earth in a time of need? Argh, more questions! Now let's see how long that captured Base star will last. ;)
  7. Not much going on this week. Build up episode heavily focused on the Demetrius and Baltar's expanding new religion. Sluttish and demented Starbuck can't find the path to Earth by herself, and fails her crew. Messiah Baltar continues to recruit final 5s. Let's see if he can convince Tigh to join him and his groupies. ;) Weakest season 4 episode so far, imo.
  8. No problem. This week's episode was kind of boring. :D
  9. I've never watched Smallville regularly. Sometimes I watch just to check out the babes. That's about it. :-\
  10. A miniseries would be more realistic, but yeah, I agree that DS9 should be continued in some form. Best Trek show ever, imo.
  11. Dualla, Gaeta, I dunno... I don't think Starbuck is the fifth, though. She could be a hybrid. Probably under the influence of the Ship of Lights beings, etc., which would explain a lot of things.
  12. Baltar is Jesus, imaginary Six is an angel, and Count Iblis is God? >:D
  13. Yeah, things are not so great when the Cylon side of the story is out of the picture. Still, I thought Escape Velocity was a very good episode.