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  1. Yeh but no one ever seemed to even get half way through a drink on a starship, everytime anyone sits down to drrink anything that isn't Earl Grey they are called to emergency stations, leaving behind their drink for jaw dropping shock value that whatever emergency they were in was so utterly dire that it would implicate the extreme action of abandoning a glass after just a few sips.
  2. well it beats vomiting for the sake of feeling better the next day.
  3. They found an excellent alternative to the Harrison Ford 'I know,' with 'About time.' Classic Olmos. Slightly contrived but not ashamed to admit that it left me wimpering somewhat. She is dying after all.
  4. I think that decapitating Wesley Crusher would be appropriate television for Christmas morning.
  5. It basically looks like there are propositions for 'up to 3' TV film sresulting out of the probable delay until the conclusion of the season next year, and the cast, crew and sets still being available. It looks like another example of the Writer's Strike actually extending the run of shows scheduled to conclude which were considered to be in danger of not being completed, the other key example being Scrubs, which has now been extended to an 8th season. And of course 'Caprica' would probably not have got off the ground without the lack of scripts during the strike. However, plans to divide the final season of BSG predated the strike and it may be that they would have come to this conclusion either way. Relevant issues concern the availability and pay of certain characters and the fact that any TV films would need to be seperated from the shows concluding arc, either being set in the past and or involving different settings, much like 'Razor.' I would say that a concern is that they do not liberally balls up the continuity, Razor arguably did to an extent, what with the old Cylon basestar having never been reffered to etc, but can be forgiven overall, but any more on this line may start to stretch credibility. I would say that its extremely likelytthat this will evolve into the first Cylon war miniseries idea. When they realise that its a great way to make use of the sets and cheap unkown actors, and not have to weave in any difficult retroactive continuity surrounding heavy story arcs. The guy they got to do a young Eddie Olmos in Razor was arguably strong enough to hold it together. Oh yeh, and anything involving Lampkin would be excellent, chances are that he turned out to be such a strong character that they'll be bending over backwards to involve him, I doubt he's that overbooked either. Maybe they could do a nice tie in with the guy they've cast in 'Caprica' as Joseph Adama in some dodgy age make up flashbacks. Overall I think its good news, if Razor is anything to go by. Sources: http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/entertainment_tv/battlestar_galactica/index.html http://galacticasitrep.blogspot.com/2008/05/wicked-cool-rumors.html
  6. Anderson can just about still do whimsical but pretty much has lost his bite. Kind of like John Cleese in his later years. I'd still like to see him, if they can tailor the role to his remaining assets.
  7. I don't know if this is an injoke or actual mistake or nothing, but you know when quiz machines/ ticket machines go wrong and display a windows box: Apologise in advance for any issue of showing caps, seems minor though. See my avatar for the best Galactica related goof of all time.
  8. It was absolute sheer brilliance. The strongest, most cohesive of the season so far, up there with early season 2 almost with the New Caprica eps. Nuff said.
  9. I think that through attempting to make up for the failed imposed episodic nature of the previuos season they have actually swung too far in the other direction. Its beginning to feel like a very well scripted stagey BBC serial like I Clavdivs or something. I actually found myself far more engaged in this week's episode of Lost.
  10. Moore has stated that the issue of the second mixed race baby will become significant.
  11. very strong sense of cabin fever to whole thing. Or it may just be that when it airs means I always watch it when badly hung over.
  12. oh yeh, but it developed differently with the whole society of fascists people they encountered etc along the way, sort of thing they've held back from in this one and could easily have used to extend it by a couple of worthy seasons.
  13. I'm sure interest will dissipate when they start actually regulating what people use it for!
  14. Would very much agree in it not quite matching up to season opener standards, like those of 'Scattered' or 'Occupation,' suitably well picked up from where we left off but a bit anticlimactic. It may still be the case that the fleet they encountered are 'final five' cylons separate from the others, which I was beginning to doubt after it became apparent that it did open into a battle scene. May be the case that the show becomes too bogged down in preordained quest elements and mystery traitor themes which were always the lower brow aspects of the show. The search for Earth could probably be tackled with a bit more well thought out curiosity, with maybe a few small societies found along the way etc, rather than the sensationalist elements. The show has clearly taken on a mythical quest set by a supernatural being theme. Although it is nice to through in some classical narrative techniques I can't help get the feeling that this has always been made up on the fly, as has the basic premise of the show. All that said. Its still the best thing ever, regardless of whether you may be talking about TV shows, food, emotions, concepts etc. Even if it hasn't been the sensation it could have been and if the prequel doesn't get picked up I predict it's going to achieve MASSIVE cult/mainstream status in reruns and DVD sales. Through word of mouth and the desire to consume large amounts of serialised fodder. I would say that it will see some kind of resurgence sometime in the next decade when the current run expires. We're talking TOS proportions.
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