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  1. Wow! :) Somehow they always manage to tease us with these awesome cliffhangers and there's so many questions that still needs to be answered of which some has already been mentioned by Ulysses and others, but... "All this has happened before, and all this will happen again." ...must be the question and how the so called 'cycle of time' will fit into all of this and still make any sense remains to be 'discovered'. Once more it's going to be a long and painful break before the next ep is aired (1Q, 2009). :(
  2. Happy Birthday. You might need one of these now, cause it's all downhill after 20... ;)
  3. Far enough... hayden = :Fenriswolf: Hilander we've already been here. But if you wanna play this game, lets dance. PS: Voting is tomorrow night, so you'll have to maul me this evening. :P A threat disguised as a joke? :o Let's hope I don't spoil someone's appetite. ;)
  4. Far enough... hayden = :Fenriswolf:
  5. As Toaster72 I had almost 80 villages, 750k points and ranked 19th (and climbing), when I quit in November last year, cause of 'boredom' (no challenge = no fun).
  6. Well, I'm changing mine... again. My vote goes to: Tablet
  7. Looks like I've got 2 votes against me first... So I'm forced (survival comes first) to change my vote to: QUEENSPOCK Sorry. :Hilander72:
  8. Ooh... Logic fails miserably... :( Kyran changed his vote... and he's on IRC... so it can't be this simple... can it? Hayden & Kyran = Werewolves? It's sad that the votes are so random, cause atm the wolves are 100% safe from being voted out and will be so until a random suspect gets more votes and I hope it's not me. Did I mention that I'm not a werewolf? ;) My vote remains on: Hayden
  9. Hmm... Seems like I just hit a nerve... >:D Nothing personal, but the only way for us poor villager to survive is to randomly select one suspect and put all the votes on the same suspect. The result may be that we vote out a poor fellow villager (odds are that we do), but the alternative is a 0% chance to vote out a werewolf, if we don't. The question is why would I want to try and unite the villagers to vote on the same suspect? That course of action would not be in my best interest IF I were a wolf...
  10. Oh, great... Lost the Seer in the 1st kill. :( As I see it we have to make it very hard for the werewolves to control the voting, by randomly voting for a random villager and every villager should put their vote on the same suspect. (the odds are far from favorable, but they are much better than zero if we start voting randomly and remember that the werewolves also vote) Since there's zero clues to go on and everyone is a suspect, I ask everyone, except the werewolves, to make a leap of faith and cast their votes on: Hayden He might be a villager or a werewolf (odds are that he's a villager), but if we don't vote on the same random suspect, the werewolves will control the voting and that's a 100% guarantee that the one voted out is a villager. Come on fellow villager and pick up those pitch forks and torches. :Hilander72:
  11. Hilander72 gives USWhoFan his pink spandex uniform with matching pink fluffy tutu... ;) I'd settle for a rank of Lieutenant fresh out of the Academy and begin a new adventure. :)
  12. Razor is a parallel story about officer Kendra serving on Pegasus. The timeline spans from the fall of the 12 colonies to roughly the end of season 2, with a lot of flashbacks. If you like stories about the ugly human side then this is a must see, but it's not necessary in order to continue with season 4, except maybe for one 'little' detail... the harbinger of death... :-x