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    Doctor Who

    dBLOOD FYI: I did watch it and it gave me some hope. But why have they moved a Late season 'story' episode earlier. Do we have to wade through many more episodes until we find the true super narrative..... C'mon! Lets just solve the problem Doctor!
  2. subspatial

    Doctor Who

    I'm a hardcore Doctor fan. And like you dBlood I love the fact that the Doctor is female - I mean, what difference does it make. But I have to admit it has been too safe and littered with way too much exposition by the overburden of too many companions. Seriously... A token to a Planet. C'mon - just leave already. I've actually stopped watching one of my favourite shows because its driving me to spontaneous outbursts and disillusionment in Chibnel's reign. But your post dBlood is the trigger I've been waiting for to start watching again. Lets just hope that ep.6. doesn't drive me bat-shit-crazy with the (overly expositional) dialogue again........
  3. If you're wondering why I haven't commented on the Episodes yet.... Its all just sinking in. And I'm breathing a sigh of relief, while I await a couple of episodes to tie things in. Also don't want to add the spoiler tag yet 😉 But I will say: Picard & Star Trek are Back baby!
  4. With only a couple of days to go, here is no doubt the final Star Trek: Picard Teaser. PICARD will air on CBS All Access (US), Space (Canada) and globally on Amazon Prime (for the rest of us). SO EXCITED!!!!! Hold on to your Com Badges people, this is going to be brilliant. BTW: Season 2 is already confirmed 😲
  5. Merry Picardmas!!! Here's a new Teaser:
  6. The best bits of ST:TNG are now available on Youtube and other platforms, e.g If only they were uploaded in HD... We could easily piece together the episodes. #whattoosoon?
  7. Taking Picard Fan Fic to the EXTREME! Plus a big rumour....
  8. Yeh, there's that clip of Seven in the Trailer, holding a dead Starfleet Officer. - It's too young to be Chakotay, so it's got to be Icheb (Voyager Borg boy). And that is probably a Flashback too. Maybe one of the big questions is how 'Threaded' are the stories? e.g. 7of9 may only be in one episode. Even the Borg. Although with all the Con videos I've seen, it does seem that Hugh Borg stays around for longer. But who (or Q) knows. I think the biggest rumor may be correct: A sect of the Romulans have opened a Borg research lab. They have somehow acquired Noonian Soong technology too. They have really old Romulan Warbirds. The two big threads in this theory are are: BORG + DATA = Picard must investigate. Episode One.. Engage!
  9. There are three main theories about the GIRL character. FYI: Her name is Dahj. 1. Dahj is the Borg Queen. 2. Lal returns (Data's daughter). 3. The daughter of Shinzon (Picard's clone in ST: Nemesis) I'm sure we could come up with some more theories... I really hope its going to be Data's daughter, but with the obviously Borg themed season, I would put my money on BORG, for now.
  10. There is so much to unpack in the Official Trailer... The story, characters and settings are finally unveiled. And what about this... Androids!?! They have Data's eyes.
  11. Official Release Date: January 24... ENGAGE! 🙂
  12. Are you after Sit-com series specifically dr_strekge? How about something like: The Good Place Or a little darker with: Santa Clarita's Diet If your after something similar to TBBT try: New Girl
  13. I somehow think that the scene with Seven & Picard in a Chateau is a misdirection, as is the Borg Cube we see. Picard could obviously be on a holodeck - or haver a themed cabin. And with Seven saying "What the hell are you doin' out here..." could mean he is already far from home. But hey.. who cares..... With the new Borg Resistance + The Homeless Romulans + Picard... I think these stories will be very good! Do you want to place your bets on who the 'Girl' is? Here's some funny examples: Riker and Troi's Daughter? Seven & Chakotay? Picard & ...?! Q??! The Borg Queen!?!
  14. Wait! I only just realised it's delayed until 2020. [sigh] But I do have a prediction: Seven (of Nine) is the Captain of the cool new (blue) Borg Cube. Also, that is probably not Data in the clip. I think it's B-4. But it does create a 'revive Data' storyline... and I love that idea! I can also confirm that Hugh the Borg is back.
  15. Once more unto the breach.... Woohoo!!! "Age has not changed his resolve, it's just changed the circumstances of his life." Alex Kurtman
  16. The lawyers are stalling and dragging on Abdin. Who will have to cave eventually. They've even started questioning their own arguments to stall for more time. The best thing I can think of is: Go and buy TARDIGRADES
  17. Have you heard about the STD Lawsuit? There's barely anything about in the media. Anas Abdin. Creator of the point and click adventure game TARDIGRADES. Is suing CBS for stealing his idea and turning it into ST: Discovery. Here's the back story. It's been going on since last year... See the rest of the Nerdotic vids for the continuing story. The CBS lawyers are basically stalling, hoping he gives up - or is financially ruined by the cases.
  18. Hi TetsuoShima. Wow, it's been a long time. When TFMF finally merged the old data into the new forum, I too was lost. Lost is memories 🙂
  19. Yes. WATCH DUST! It is probably the best collection of Sci-Fi shorts anywhere.
  20. They seem to have removed the video... so here it is from Amazon Prime Brazil:
  21. The end is only the beginning...