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  1. subspatial

    New Sabrina

  2. subspatial

    New Sabrina

    Throughout space and time, yes. How did I miss this Farscape reference. Hilarious!!! [subspatial suddenly regrets remembering Farscape]
  3. subspatial

    What's your view on swearing?

    Wow TFMF! What are your views 10+years later? In my part of the world, swearing is predominantly colloquial language I'll remind you that I'm Australian and... "I f'ing love you [email protected]#!&". But, a lot of it has to do with tone. Intent. Tone, and intent, are hard to interpret in text form. ... Do we need to test the new filter TFMF? I'm happy to oblige 🙂
  4. subspatial

    Miscellaneous thread

    If Picard can return, than so can we... So good to see you back dr_strekge.
  5. subspatial

    New Sabrina

    Are you having a conversation with yourself about Sabrina? 🙂
  6. subspatial

    Welcome Back in Time...

    Holy crap! dr_strekge is back. Lets catch up in 10 Forward...
  7. subspatial

    New Series Announced

    Update: More info on the release date [The Wrap]
  8. subspatial

    microsoft to reduce price of Vista

    And now... 10 years later, we have Win 10 update 1809... Anyone effected? The latest update effects Intel & Windows users...
  9. subspatial

    Welcome Back in Time...

    Section 31 investigates the missing decade...
  10. subspatial

    Miscellaneous thread

    You mean the one that you just re-integrated, you legend! Or do you have an even older one?
  11. subspatial

    Milestone: 100 Posts!

    [tear] Well at least I will always have this faux acknowledgement. I was the 100th post, at some point in the space-time continuum, even if it was just a mirror universe.
  12. subspatial

    Welcome Back in Time...

    Wow! That's fantastic TFMF Well done. ...& thank you There's certainly a lot of trawling through memories to do... I thought I did make it to Captain level, but that's not an issue. I remember that many years ago, I wanted to stay as a Chief (PO). But then that longing thirst for my own command got the better of me 🙂 I'm assuming many posts didn't make it through?
  13. subspatial

    Milestone: 100 Posts!

    The only idea I have right now is to: re-create a legacy forum; then copy some of the data/topics/posts over to the new forum.
  14. subspatial

    New Sabrina