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  1. After TBBT ended with it's two part grand finale, I was looking for something else to watch, So I started to watch Will Smith's old times when he wasn't Legend, and I can tell it is a good 90's show for any 90's TV fan, still silly old-style comedy show, it contains 6 Seasons of 25 eppys each one, has lots of jokes in every episode, easily hilarious, a soft and still fresh enough return to rap era beginnings. 1. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air I am eager to know of any other comedy shows you may suggest, the ones you are currently watching or the ones you remember it's names.
  2. Yes sure we can... good to see you're back too subspatial. ...It feels good to be back. I have already tested it, it works well, simply fffffantastic! Thanks, nice work TFMF! u know I already saved a pdf copy of the Forums Rankings post using Opera so I can check it back when I am offline too.
  3. Thank you TFMF my pleasure... Special Thnx goes to you Mr. Fox Imho I think you alone deserve all the credit this time, once again you made an excellent work restoring the forum to this point. congratulations! I am going to assume this eventually is going to be the base for a new generation of crew members and candidates for duty serve at The < USS NiteScifi >, Welcome Aboard! & πŸ––live long and prosper! Remember: infinite combinations for infinite possibilities (That's why we love Gene Roddenberry's legacy).
  4. All right, agreed. I'll be around, Thank You, I also have memories of many of you.
  5. This conversation and having back the whole forum working back again remind me that I still miss #nitescifi irc channel, nostalgia? the question is can we bring that back to the future (now) ? ... or definitely it never gonna happen again... I know that we as Trekkies love time paradoxes so do not take me too serious about this wish. Anyway I am formulating my wish and I just gonna wait if the universe with its magick could make my wish come true and if not well I think I can live without it...🌟 (let see what happen). perhaps a new NSF IRC thread ? πŸ˜‰ What do you think guys, any one has something to say about bringing back IRC b2tf ? ... from what I know IRC is still alive* Have you ever heard or have you ever read sometime something about a swiss internet amateur radio program? now is a free program and it seems has integrated IRC support, and that would be outstanding just to mention how mighty piece of software is (one example). (See more about SwissLog at https://www.swisslogforwindows.com/ ). It just makes me think the military still uses IRC, (See also Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - WikiLeaks ). just to have an idea.* Another thing that I have not seen yet is the ranks list, where is it TFMF?
  6. lol not at all subspatial it is more like ubiquity . It only took me 2 more unexpected replies to tell what I was thinking about Sabrina. right now am feeling a little lazy to put all in just one reply. I am glad to find another soul in subspace. (the forum acts somehow like communicating via wormhole to and from a great great distance)
  7. Download and use the aceftp.rar file instead (if your system wants to tag and delete the exe file as a fake positive virus/malware). aceftp.rar
  8. This is FTP client thread continuation updated 06/12/2018 Here are just the steps. 1. Download both attached files 2. Install aceftp.exe 3. Run program 4. Register using the following user and serial # NUKEM 2A7447-S5YTYP-6M2J3A-L4S2CA 5. you can use this register info Enter your name: TEAM MAGLORD Your registration code: 3BYU3E-N73JLA-VPAM85-FT74N7 5. Replace sites.ini inside installation folder if you want a few FTP sites examples (otherwise address bar will be empty). 6. Enjoy your easy peasy FTP Client. aceftp.exe Sites.zip
  9. If you like lite magick related tv shows give a watch to BBC's Merlin, but please if you are the king Arthur never get married with the servant maid, and never lie about your magical powers if you are the closest friend of an unbeliever but proud warrior king, Apart from that, the series are iconic with much fantasy and Disney like castles, knights, magick and dragons and many ancient Irish/Old English spells. a very enjoyable fictional magic serie. Two funny word facts about BBC Merlin are 1 it has "cam a lot" and 2 there is also "lance a lot" (lances a lot, lies a lot etcetera).
  10. Btw nowaday 3TB is becoming too short hard drive space, but you can buy another 3TB boxed, never used, sealed new or like new HDD for around $60 on Ebay. I can afford it right now, I just have 1TB hdd extra in a 3.5 inches enclosure, and a 320GB laptop 2.5 inches hdd sata enclosure. I have Charmed seasons 1-8 but I stopped watching at some point in 2nd Season, it is more witchcraft and more witches and more of everything but it is not a disney like teen comedy show like Sabrina is, discrete viewing advised.*
  11. I like Sabrina original series I have all 7 seasons in Spanish in my old and reliable WD MyBook Essential 3TB "Cargo Bay" hard disk, watching other (the new series) would be like watching the first five episodes of FarScape again. I do not recommend that to anyone, would be boring and horrible from bad to worst, but I supose I can try watching ep 1, or just a YouTube vdo to know for sure, it won't kill meh either. (but maybe I use it to fall asleep. after all u no...). "...Zzz zzz zzz."
  12. Thanks to the Eye of Agamotto I can see the past, the future and a brilliant present for all nitescifi followers greetz goes back in time 2u2, old but also renewed e-pallies of mine. I am glad to see the site has this newer, fresh version and is one that has not forgotten its essence too, well done TFMF.
  13. We'll be needing Superman time travel and throw away abilities too.
  14. I saw it (in fuzzy screen res but was good enough :p ) and compared to the new superman it was great and inspirational material for 20 mins of so (after I finished watching it, and then I was day dreaming a lil, not a surprise after another film presenting that another 'dream' of a normal cartoon man becoming a super hero in 3d and with CGI action.( I always compare every super hero movie to the 1970? spiderman climbing a building and this superheroes are indeed getting closer with each time to what the fans expect to see of their superheroes. Since Robocop moviez there has not been nothing alike until now with this one) I would say this movie has to be taked more as a good 3d (game?) superhero remake to the big screen. I watched the end part twice (but yup, I have to admit I have been a fan of a few Marvel's chars for a long time) I still remember when I was for 5yo maybe?? and used to watch the old cartoon TV series of IronMan, Hulk, Captain America, and Thor. Tetsuo is right about the exaggerated "luck" of this aparently not so tuff man for that type of evidently fatal accidents. (an MK 'Fatality' should be the right term to employ "MwaHhaHhaHhaHha" :D) That man certainly seemed more like Wolverine when without his armor suite. The jokes were silly but were just like the ones you find in a comic because i don't think it was originally intended to be an Eddie Murphy's comedy :p.... The 'smarter' dummy AI robot, and the corporate interface OS (the GUI behavior, elements and the skins*) presented for the computing equipment was very appealing for opensource ports to be realesed someday hopefuly... (a little offtopic inquiry: Why the 'end-user' can use cyberdelia alike GUI oses like those of the movies or are they not compliant with FCC/POSIX for residential internet navigation capability limits??? or wut? grr). But I'm relieved knowing at least no 'genius' was murdered after its revolutionary warfare invention by the government or the militia or any secret "Shield" agency this time :thinking:.
  15. At least I have demonstrated that here there is one person 'luvin' more or less it's FTP client program. :D