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  1. This may only be for UK users currently. Britbox (a BBC/ITV collaboration - their attempt at a Netflix style platform) have just added 600 classic doctor who episodes for online viewing. https://www.britbox.co.uk/doctorwho I thought this was quite exciting - first major attempt at (legally) deploying the back catalogue of Doctor Who online for streaming. 🙂
  2. Is it really that Borg themed? We’ve seen the cube once but as has been theorised, this could just be 7of9’s toy rescued from when the Borg collapsed in voyagers finale. Lal is a good theory - I just watched that episode of TNG. Great potential there.
  3. I could not be more excited about this. It could be Patrick Stewart sitting in a chair talking for an hour and I’d still love it.
  4. Hmmm, I suppose that is a possibility... but if they could just bring back the Borg completely that'd also be pretty great. 😃 B-4 with all of Data's memories. There is hope!
  5. TFMF

    New Series Announced

    Ok, not exactly the biggest revelation... but exciting!
  6. Hi Tetsuo! Hope you're doing good. 🙂
  7. Yeah, I’m not exactly captivated with the new season. I’m finding it difficult to like any of the characters too and I can’t tell where the story is going. You think after all this time with no ST show they’d manage to come up with something decent. Here’s hoping for Picard.
  8. Is anyone watching the new series yet? I'm holding off until I finish my run of Voyager. Any thoughts so far?
  9. TFMF

    Star Trek Word Game

    Apocalypse Rising Star Trek DS9 season 5 premier. This is the season things proper start to kick off with the dominion, as they infiltrate the Klingon empire. 😎
  10. Ok, 47.5 C is about 20 too high. I’d settle for double digits, though...
  11. TFMF

    Star Trek Word Game

    Optical Data Network Frequently referred to as "ODN" on DS9, but also referred to in Star Trek: Voyager season 1 ("The Cloud") when Chakotay tells Ensign Kim the nebula had knocked out their "Optical Data Network". (Sorry, couldn't think of something starting with "2" 😛 ) Side note: list on page 1 has finally been updated!
  12. Will need to give this a re-watch. Think it's available on NowTV in the UK. I caught the first episode but didn't quite catch on, but trailer for season 2 looks cool. Seems more serious than what I saw.
  13. 2018 has been a fairly turbulent year around the world, but I hope we can all focus on the good things as we look forward to 2019. For me, by far my biggest and proudest moment of 2018 was becoming a dad. 2019 has some exciting prospects and events coming up (And of course there's a lot of new Sci-Fi to look forward to!)
  14. TFMF

    Stargate Origins

    Wow - I had no idea this was in the pipeline. So is this a movie?
  15. Oddly, I last updated this on December 9th 2006. It is now December 9th 2018 and I am updating it once more... Rank table restored!
  16. Actually, I did bring an IRC channel online: https://nitescifi.com/nsf/irc The server/channel are at the top if you want to use your own client. It’ll be empty just now as I don’t have that much time for IRC, but it’s there if anyone wants it. 🙂
  17. The back-up is from around mid-2008. I believe there was approx. 2 years before the forum eventually ceased, but there wasn’t much posting between then other than and the back-up. All content from before the backup should be restored (no gaps), but if you think there’s some content missing I can take a closer look.
  18. All old content from <2008 has now been restored, including all member accounts, PM's, topics, posts, etc. A few notes: If you had an account on the new forums, it can be merged with your old account (Subspatial, dBLOOD, Hayden - you're already done). Some avatars and attachments might not have carried over. I'll fix ranks tomorrow - pretty much everyone is a Captain at the moment... 😃 Please let me know if you encounter any error messages or permission problems.
  19. I've officially got the old forum up and running with 90% of the old content (From 2008). I hope to have a working copy integrated into this forum ASAP!
  20. EDIT: This announcement is rather defunct now that the forum has had all the old content restored. New milstone: 100,000 posts! Congrats, Subspatial for making post #100! Here it is in all its glory: I'm still hopeful I'll be able to bring the old forum database back and we can get back to 100k+ posts, but we can celebrate the little milestones first. 😛
  21. XD XD I only just noticed your last post, dBLOOD. That's hilarious. Please get Netflix again - don't let one show ruin it. 😛 Oh, and some good news dBLOOD; they're being sued: Sabrina makers sued by Satanic Temple over statue
  22. TFMF

    Doctor Who

    I must have missed this Doctor? 😛
  23. Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald is released 16th November and this is one I'm looking forward to seeing (Despite the sketchy reviews). This movie features the full arrival of Johnny Depp's character, as well as Jude Law playing a young and sexually ambiguous Dumbledore! Not sure if there are any fans of the Harry Potter series out there?