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  1. when i read the episode synopsis i thought "oh, great a boring episode". but actually i really enjoyed it - some quite funny moments. kept my attention throughout! wish it wasn't ending this season!
  2. just finished watching it, not the best of episodes but it beat the boredom :P looking forward to sg1 (forgot it was on sky one now and watched atlantis instead)
  3. enjoyed this episode loads more than the past few episodes. hope its getting back on track :)
  4. happy birthday to you niteshdw - hope u make it a good one :)
  5. i've also just noticed that they aired 3x15 instead - I wonder why they changed the order?
  6. it definately has aired, but not to be seen. just incase anybody wonders here is a statement from the station airing it - with all the air dates: From Movie Central: There was a hiatus in the programming brought to our attention by MGM. We are simply following the delivery/programming schedule provided. The new episodes will return in November 20 with the second half of the cliff hanger (The Return Part 2). Another hiatus will occur in December with the episode "Tao of Rodney" being the last episode airing on Dec.18. In January, the series will resume with "The Game" and that will air January 8 and then the series will then continue to the end of the season. So that gives us: Stargate Atlantis - S03E11 - The Return (Part 2) - 20-Nov-2006 Stargate Atlantis - S03E12 - Echoes - 27-Nov-2006 Stargate Atlantis - S03E13 - Irresponsible - 04-Dec-2006 Stargate Atlantis - S03E14 - Sunday - 11-Dec-2006 Stargate Atlantis - S03E15 - The Tao of McKay - 18-Dec-2006 Stargate Atlantis - S03E16 - The Game - 08-Jan-2007 Stargate Atlantis - S03E17 - The Ark - 15-Jan-2007 Stargate Atlantis - S03E18 - Submersion - 22-Jan-2007 Stargate Atlantis - S03E19 - Vengeance - 29-Jan-2007 Stargate Atlantis - S03E20 - First Strike - 05-Feb-2007
  7. aaarrrrggghhh where is it? i'm bored need something to watch :p
  8. just had a quick look on google - try this: http://www.intel.com/design/motherbd/software/dcc/index.htm
  9. did the episode actually air last nite? it says here "http://www.geos.tv/index.php/episode/sta/053" that its aired but i cant find any record to say that it did!
  10. according to moviecentral.ca atlantis 3x12 aired last nite (27th nov) at 10pm - i cant finf the episode on the net anywhere though!
  11. an audioblog from radio1 (uk radio station), its from a show called the scott mills show - its basically one of the workers on the show having her teenage diary read out by her sister live on air, it really is hilarious!!!!
  12. theres another tool available that'll sort it, its called "smitrem" run it in safe mode and it'll sort it out in a matter of minutes
  13. the only thing keeping me watching is gwyn and my love for the welsh accent :P
  14. according to gateworld atlantis will resume on november 27th (episode 11 - return part 2), airing in canada on moviecentral :)
  15. sugar puffs (cereal in the uk)