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  1. Forgot you text me about this thread the other night. Good idea for a thread though mate. Hopefully one of the mods can get it pinned at top of the page.
  2. i liked battle toads, its just that it got very frustrating after awhile. turtle games werent the best, but i still liked them. My favorite one is probley the one that was at the arcades
  3. My question is this: What is the best sub-1k gaming laptop? i want to take it with me to work since I would use it for work but would like the ability to play games too. I do not have that much money to work with hence the sub-1k. That said, it should be portable so not an alternative ship anchor please.
  4. My "other" was Mass Effect Andromeda. Ive played 85 hours, of which 80 have probably been MP - I just cant seem to get into the SP campaign. Who knows? Maybe Ill try it again this weekend.
  5. Victorias Secret said they were coming out with a Mens Line of Panties for Men called "Manties" it was an April Fools Day Joke
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