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Update Dec 9, 2006 2018: Ranks have been updated and installed for new forum software.

NOTE: Rankings are based purely on POSTS.  They grant no special privileges.  Anyone that has visited other forums knows that most forums have a rank like "Newbie", etc for the number of posts.  This is EXACTLY the same thing.  If you want a higher rank, post more... but don't spam or you'll get banned.

Here you go:

Rank Posts Icon
Recruit 0 recruit.png.f9f15a0d727b94b79057339dd20fcfa3.png
Crewman 10 crewman.png.5d09726b6086affe204a88b974dad2bc.png
Crewman (1st) 25 crewman1.png.f5f6b3bde6f94752f9513efbeef55400.png
Petty Officer (3rd) 45 po3.png.7a75bf0e382ce3897511f482e5ccfdf9.png
Petty Officer (2nd) 70 po2.png.a898ee6a5805b3dd3411f3a42aee992d.png
Petty Officer (1st) 100 po1.png.3709d0b61260a4595b027083a3730d95.png
Chief Petty Officer 135 cpo.png.cdd8729ab74bb3cda1e855d250d26659.png
Senior Chief (P.O.) 170 scpo.png.26e9528cc8a6d7a002a5cc578f9968d2.png
Master Chief (P.O.) 210 mcpo.png.af8718dc03c4d31984ccc3119a2a6b74.png
Master Chief (P.O. 1st) 250 mcpo1.png.5b79e47e7eed70c03911bbdc26535a25.png
Command Chief (P.O.) 300 cmd-mcpo.png.4c87db937d2ae3067be6a90f02170db8.png
Warrant Officer 360 sft-mcpo.png.bc0e2de1efd0dfd45a8d331a39a3bc9d.png
Ensign 430 Ensign.png.f726416e1f5d54fcf521d679fbcd2fae.png
Lieutenant Jr. Grade 500 187050278_Lt_JG.png.96076d565bd2e2a0e22049bfe1eec537.png
Lieutenant 580 Lt.png.919daeec8f4289e0e419a3b1d101ff1d.png
Lt. Commander 680 466525823_LtCommande.png.0cf1bf45232abdd26d26806308f13ca8.png
Commander 820 Commander.png.d0d48142948c98d63aebc3f4bb318f0e.png
Captain 1050 Captain.png.abbf5204c5b52e74b6ba9e0154ebf9ae.png
Fleet Captain 1350 flt-capt.png.9fcb6d9f0762256ce926918813910781.png
Commodore 1800 como.png.c09c05c479bb1ad802f3f042d64746f9.png
Rear Admiral 2400 radm.png.d84307cbd1ff401a722e7ace187ace3a.png
Vice Admiral 3400 vadm.png.bf73b11e05a2f46a00ca773a7c248d15.png
Admiral 5000 adm.png.99e82995f3a5d5ca1974110a6051123c.png
Fleet Admiral 7500 fadm.png.8f6f1cb2d0fbac93f30a7ac38ee4edd7.png

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December 9th: Forum Rankings have been updated with new post requirments. See Above for the number of posts you need.


Remember - having a higher rank does not give you any extra privilages on the forum.

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Oddly, I last updated this on December 9th 2006. 

It is now December 9th 2018 and I am updating it once more...

Rank table restored!

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