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Suggested (Retro) Comedy TV shows

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After TBBT ended with it's two part grand finale, I was looking for something else to watch, So I started to watch Will Smith's old times when he wasn't Legend, and I can tell it is  a good 90's show for any 90's TV fan, still silly old-style comedy show, it contains 6 Seasons of 25 eppys each one, has lots of jokes in every episode, easily hilarious, a soft and still fresh enough return to rap era beginnings.

1.  The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I am eager to know of any other comedy shows you may suggest, the ones you are currently watching or the ones you remember it's names.

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Are you after Sit-com series specifically dr_strekge?

How about something like:  The Good Place

Or a little darker with: Santa Clarita's Diet

If your after something similar to TBBT try: New Girl


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