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Welcome Back in Time...


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All old content from <2008 has now been restored, including all member accounts, PM's, topics, posts, etc.

A few notes:

  • If you had an account on the new forums, it can be merged with your old account (Subspatial, dBLOOD, Hayden - you're already done). 
  • Some avatars and attachments might not have carried over. 
  • I'll fix ranks tomorrow - pretty much everyone is a Captain at the moment...  😃



Please let me know if you encounter any error messages or permission problems.

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That's fantastic TFMF

Well done.

...& thank you

There's certainly a lot of trawling through memories to do...


I thought I did make it to Captain level, but that's not an issue.

I remember that many years ago, I wanted to stay as a Chief (PO).

But then that longing thirst for my own command got the better of me 🙂


I'm assuming many posts didn't make it through?


Edited by subspatial
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6 hours ago, subspatial said:

I'm assuming many posts didn't make it through?

The back-up is from around mid-2008. 

I believe there was approx. 2 years before the forum eventually ceased, but there wasn’t much posting between then other than and the back-up. 

All content from before the backup should be restored (no gaps), but if you think there’s some content missing I can take a closer look. 

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Thanks to the Eye of Agamotto I can see the past, the future and a brilliant present for all nitescifi followers :classic_cool: 

greetz goes back in time 2u2,  old but also renewed e-pallies of mine.

I am glad to see the site has this newer, fresh version and is one that has not forgotten its  essence too, well done TFMF.

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13 hours ago, TFMF said:

Welcome back dr_strekge!

Thank you TFMF   my pleasure...

Special Thnx goes to you Mr. Fox

Imho I think you alone deserve  all the credit this time,  once again you made an excellent work restoring the forum to this point.


I am going to assume  this eventually  is going to be the base for a new generation of crew  members and candidates for duty serve at  

The < USS NiteScifi >,  

Welcome Aboard!  & 🖖live long and prosper!

Remember: infinite combinations for infinite  possibilities (That's why we love Gene Roddenberry's legacy). 

Edited by dr_strekge
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Oh, my, GOSH!!!! It's been 14 freaking YEARS since I was last involved with this site, and I was SO sad when it was shut down.  😞

For some random reason I plugged in the site name and found that it is basically back as only a forum site, but still has our profiles and discussions. I can't begin to express how WONDERFUL of a surprise this is to me, especially with how awful 2020 has been. This takes me back 14 freaking YEARS to a MUCH more wonderful time of my life, and I'm SO happy that this forum is back. 2020 just got a LOT better!  🙂


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