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Playstation 3 Firmware update available 2.17

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Firmware 2.17 is available via internet system update.


Connot find it for download via playstation.com for USB stick installation.


Wonder whats in this update?

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the operating stability of some online PS3 titles has been improved.[br]Posted on: March 13, 2008, 04:32:41 AM

maybe in a day or to the ps3 site will show the update

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You can now select [Type 3] as an option under [settings] > [Music Settings] > [bitmapping]. > See details.

A new pattern has been added for the visual player. > See details.


DivX and VC-1 (WMV) have been added to the types of files that can be played. *1

Blu-ray Disc Profile 1.1 is now supported. *2

[bD Data Utility] has been added. *3*1

- To play VC-1 (WMV) format files, you must go to  (Settings) >  (System Settings) and set [Enable WMA Playback].

- Copyright-protected files or files that were encoded by using DivX 3.11 cannot be played.

- Files that are 2GB or more cannot be played.


You can now use the "Picture in Picture" feature that enables playback of two videos at the same time with some Profile 1.1-compatible Blu-ray Discs. Features available vary depending on the disc.


Management data that is used by the Blu-ray Disc is saved here.



New for 2.17: System stability during use of some PLAYSTATION®3 format software has been improved.


You can update your system software by any of the following methods:

System Update »

Update using the PS3™ system's [system Update] feature.

Update using a PC »

Download update data using a PC and save on storage media* or a USB Mass Storage device. Copy the update data to the PS3™ system's hard disk and perform the update.

*An appropriate USB adaptor (not included) is required to use storage media with some models of the PS3™ system.

Update using disc media »

Update using update data that is included on a game disc.


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