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The Wrestling Game

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This is part of a recruiting competition for a free game, so help out a friend. :Hilander72:


Some of you (if any ;)) might have wondered what I've been up to the past month...


I've been playing this free browser based online game, based on Wrestling, which is quite addictive.


Once you're able to join a Federation Roster it becomes even more so, cause there's plenty of role-playing and some of the ideas other players have are quite 'crazy'.


Give it a good try, cause who knows, you might enjoy it as much as I do. :)

And if not, then click the banner to help me earn a little in game money.

(Good try = Train your wrestler stats to 20, which takes about 6 hours, mostly waiting for a stat to level up)

(If I manage to recruit 20 new players, that gets to 20 stats or more, I got a good shot at some great prizes in game)


(Click the banner below to join)


(It's a 'referer' link, which gives me a little money in game, for each uniqe click)

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My "other" was Mass Effect Andromeda.

Ive played 85 hours, of which 80 have probably been MP - I just cant seem to get into the SP campaign. Who knows? Maybe Ill try it again this weekend.

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