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microsoft to reduce price of Vista

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Just as IBM has been bested I think Microsoft will suffer the same fate.


Microsoft has allowed its overhead to grow far too big for it's own good. They no longer innovate and set industry standards. I think the company spends much of its time doing security fixes and maintaining a buggy system rather than wowing audiences with new and better products.


Who would a high-tech professional rather work for? The answer to this question alone I think would show Microsoft's weakened position over the last few years. That being said I would be ok working for such high-tech giants regardless of the high overhead. Microsoft is supposed to be one of the top employers in North America, possibly the world. The only thing is that I think they've moved from making these impressive products back in say 1998 to doing boring redundant tasks in 2008. Am I wrong?

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And now... 10 years later,

we have Win 10 update 1809...


Anyone effected?



The latest update effects Intel & Windows users...



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