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New? Wondering what Torrent Hysteria is about?

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If you are new the NiteSciFi.com, or aren't familiar with some of the background on the site, you might be wondering what all this 'Torrent Hysteria' is about.


Here is a brief summary of the events over the past few years that might help you make sense of it.


- In 2003, NiteShdw started up a Torrent Site and Tracker, which he used to release episodes of Enterprise.

- Throughout 2004-5, NiteShdw's site grew in popularity greatly. It tracked thousands of torrents and had 10s of thousands of users.

- In 2006, 'NiteShadow' was sued. The torrent site and tracker were voluntarily removed.


This is only a very basic run-through of the events. You can read much more on the history of the site in the NiteSciFi.com Timeline. You can also read through this forum for more information on what happened, in particular, the Facts topic.

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The best bits of ST:TNG are now available on Youtube and other platforms,


If only they were uploaded in HD...

We could easily piece together the episodes.





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